Free science fiction Kindle books for 29 Aug 14


by Joshua Wright

IF YOUR LIFE passed before your eyes when you died, would you change anything? Providence Westinghouse decided to change something — he said “hello” to a girl on a bus — and it changed everything. This simple, seemingly innocuous exchange of pleasantries unraveled an avalanche of consequences that would affect friends and strangers alike.    In this work of Twilight-Zone fiction, the fate of dozens of bystanders hangs in the balance, to be decided by a few people who have been granted the ability to posthumously relive and change their past. The book revolves around a calamitous car accident on a major bridge in Seattle. Amidst the chaos of emergency, several characters relive their lives with an opportunity to change past events.
    Until his car plunged off a bridge just north of Seattle, everything had gone swimmingly for Providence in his young life. Or so he had thought. He awoke within his car, upon an enigmatic and deserted sandy plane of existence. A place where he could relive his past. His life becomes a fungible canvass, and he begins to repaint it.
    Meanwhile, hundreds of feet above Lake Union, rookie police officer Garth Harbinge finds himself struggling against all odds, and a cantankerous partner, to save an elderly woman with an infamous and fascinating past. His failure would lead to an explosion of new purgatorial possibilities. As if playing a game of Jenga with their memories, characters begin changing past decisions, affecting interminable timelines.
    DRO2WN is a new novel by first time author Joshua Wright. The book’s character-driven stories paint with a descriptive brush, allowing the reader to share in the trials, pains, hopes, and dreams of those struggling to find their way within a puzzling purgatory. Josh’s background in computer science (not coincidentally, he works on indie publishing at Amazon) and passion for metaphysical philosophy gives him a distinct voice to explore the questions we often ponder but lack the courage to confront.
    Pronounced simply “drown”, the book’s title is a play on the words “Downing In Oxygen”, which is the title track of a new CD from Josh’s band, The SAWG; an independent rock album that tells the same story as the book.  

    Mixing love story and philosophy, with plenty of surreal speculation, and a dash of action, DRO2WN is sure to take your breath away.

Sol. Terra – The Leap

by C. A. Harland

Following a devastating attack by the Agroaki Battle Fleet, planet Earth finally agrees to ally itself with the Intergalactic Union and becomes designation Sol.Terra. Pia, a Terran girl, desperate to get off-world, bargains her way onto a Union bounty hunter’s ship to get a ride across the galaxy. Cal, the ship’s pilot, from the planet Lomara, isn’t so keen on rounding up illegal immigrants, as he is on trying to uncover the biological link that connects more than half the Union’s registered species, including humans. Together the pair discover that the secrets of life in the universe go far deeper than either could have imagined.

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