Free sports Kindle books for 29 Aug 14

Soccer 101: Falling In Love With Soccer After The World Cup 2014

by Bambino cooper

Like falling in love in real life, where you have to be in constant contact, communication and serial dates with your love interest, falling in love with soccer is like that. This book is dedicated to those falling in love with soccer after the World Cup 2014, or those who could not be bothered to gain knowledge enough to understand the game during the recent soccer World Cup. There are simple basic soccer rules, and especially, a “How To?” revelation on falling in love with, develop interest in and understand soccer so naturally you will enjoy it through the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and will be the ‘professional’ spectator in Russia 2018 and subsequent World Cup tournaments. It is an improvement from the ‘couch guide’ version of this book, and has retained the narrative nature of the basic guiding rules of soccer to make it simple but engaging.

On The Road Again

by Marvin P. Ferguson

The boys were like the average kid on the block. In sport shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes, they played with splintered bats and tattered baseballs on corner lots. There was nothing unusual about them until they played the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Cars jammed the streets. Baseball fans raced to get a good seat. Bulging eyes watched baseballs rolling over the grass and flying through the air in all directions.

Like winning a popularity contest, the boys were an instant success. Large crowds gathered wherever they went.

On the road again they traveled through many small towns. Baseball was in their blood. Nothing could stop them. Even when their manager was falsely accused they continued to fulfill their passion to play ball.

Like watching your favorite team, the action is spell binding. It is a great baseball adventure. They were “the talk of the town.” And can you blame them?

Swimming: The Go-To Guide for Water Exercises for Seniors, Themes for Pool Parties, How to Host a Fun Pool Party on a Budget and Much More

by John Thompson

A single source for water exercises for seniors, themes for pool parties, how to host a fun pool party on a budget and more.

Sunshine on Boerewors: The 17th Man in South Africa 2014 (The Diary of the 17th Man Book 6)

by Dave Cornford

Who will come out Number 1 after Three Tough Tests?

Daily Wit and Wisdom from The 17th Man

Follow the 17th Man as he witnesses the epic struggle between SA and AUS for Test Cricket Supremacy. The series unfolds day by day via the quirky and insightful pen of The 17th Man, the last player picked in the Australian cricket squad

South Africa started as warm favourites, but like England before them, were blasted off the park by the Australian pace attack.

All the triumph and controversy is here – bruises and broken shoulders, sausages and stonewalling, big game and big games. Relive it all in Sunshine on Boerewors

Ë?Ë?Ë? The Latest From The 17th Man

After Dust to Dust – India 2013, Ashes Diary – Summer of the 17th Man, Ashes Diary 2 – The 17th Man’s Summer of Shove and 10 Ashes Tests in Tweets

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

The Intelligent Gambler: How to Win Big Betting College Football

by Jack Goldman

“Finally a real proven system that produces college football winners!” – Timmy D.

“Unlike anything I have read before, this book only describes methods proven over time.” – Scott O.

Amateur gamblers love to bet on College Football. Unfortunately, most bettors lose consistently over the long run. They fail to have a real system they follow and are unable to beat their bookmakers. This book exists to turn that around.

Unlike anything ever published before, Professor Jack Goldman has spent years pouring through scholarly journals searching for proven methods to pick winners in College Football. The results included in this book are rules that will produce a winning system.

As an added bonus, the author has included his top ten predictions for the 2014 College Football Season!

Running: The ultimate guide to start running with easy to follow training plans for beginners (running for beginners, running books, marathon training, … training, 3k training, 5 and 10k training)

by Mark Wilson

Are you ready to start running

Start to run today! This book is for people who want to run anything between a 5k race and a marathon, but don’t know how to go about it. This book offers advice on how to run, choose the correct shoes, avoid injuries, and train for a specific race. It also provides simple and effective tips on how to make running your lifelong exercise habit. It is written specifically for beginners who are new to running. But long-time runners can also benefit from this book, especially if they haven’t received professional coaching.

Learn how to start running, and reap the tremendous health benefits now. Let this book be your one-stop how-to guide as you complete your first races.

tags: (running for beginners, running books, marathon training, run, 5k training, 3k training, 5 and 10k training)

Sports Training: Benefits of Sports Training, What To Expect From Sports Training and More

by Vince Judson

The ultimate guide on sports training, benefits of sports training, what to expect from sports training and much more.

Skiing: The ultimate guide for Skiing

by Russell Simmons


Skiing is a sports enjoyed by so many people across the world. The condition under which persons are having fun on the ice can prove to be potentially dangerous if they are not careful.

 In dealing with what this sport entails, you will be exposed to what beginners need to know about skiing. Learn about the perfect motion control technique; as with everything practice is the key to becoming competent with this technique.  Discover bump skiing the right way, as the name implies maneuvering over bumps! But how important is it that you improve your traverse skills. This one is extremely important as it is base on the terrain the skier will be challenged with. There are also helpful tips on the traverse style as well. Learn about the easy way to side sliding and stopping quickly. Discover how you can polish your skiing capability. Do you know how to turn your skis smoothly? For you to be successful at skiing it is important that you learn about the skiing style, balance and falling, as you will fall several times. There are slope rules which you need to know as everyone has to be safe and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Skiing presents a lot of fun and entertainment to viewers. Many persons look forward to going to those ski slopes to watch every year and that should tell you something about the sports!

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