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SPARTAN VENGEANCE: The Sequel to the New York Times Best Seller The Last True Spartan

by Mike Rogers

The Sequel to the 2013 New York Times Best Seller The Last True Spartan

The much anticipated and long awaited sequel to the Last True Spartan is here…

With all of Greece now safely within its domain, the Roman Republic breathes a collective sigh of relief. For the time being, Rome is free of foreign enemiesâ?¦which leaves only those within.

When young Alexander’s mentor and surrogate father is murdered, he swears an oath of vengeance against the murderer: Lucius Mummius Achaicus, Consul of Rome. Yet Alexander cannot kill the most powerful man in the world on his own. He will seek the aid of his true father, the legendary Spartan exile known as Eclectus Megalos.

When father and son unite to exact vengeance, deadly reprisals are in orderâ?¦

The Compromised Countess

by Anne Millar

England, in the years following the death of the hero king Henry V, offers a harsh climate for love.

In a country riven by the rivalries of the Plantagenets the minority of a boy king affords little protection from the avarice of these descendants of Edward III. Particularly to a vulnerable young heiress with the misjudgement to fall for an embittered veteran of the Hundred Years War.

For Richard Saxton and Elizabeth Hawley nothing can extinguish their attraction, not even their own refusal to acknowledge the spark that smoulders and flares between them. Richard and Elizabeth may quarrel and bicker to express their feelings, but they don’t care about the social distance between one of the most eligible heiresses in Plantagenet England and a low born captain of archers. But the land and wealth that Elizabeth’s marriage carries with it are of critical concern to those who would exercise power.

A fact she’s managed to disregard while she enjoys her position as lady in waiting to the dowager Queen Katherine of Valois. Elizabeth revels in the froth of the Queen’s household, her days a golden whirl of hunting and hawking, horses and dogs, dancing and frivolent mummeries. The Queen’s friendship protects her from unwanted suitors, at least until her uncle decides which marriage he intends for his ward.

Into this milieu erupts Sir Richard Saxton, a man who has found his metier in the savage fighting of the Hundred Years War in France, where the only maiden he was like to encounter was the one the French called Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans. Richard might by taciturn, scarred by his war service, but he is not immune to grace and beauty, particularly when it comes in the form of the high spirited Lady Elizabeth Hawley.

Elizabeth can forgive Richard his bluntness, lack of deference, his scorn for the frivolity of court. But not his resentment that his service should by rights have been rewarded by marriage to an heiress instead of being relegated to the Queen’s court for disobeying his commander. To cap his offence Richard doesn’t trouble to hide his disapproval of certain aspects of her life: her friendship with the agreeable and polished Owain Tewdeyr (or Tudor), and her loyalty to her royal mistress.

Even as a powerless dowager Queen Katherine is affected by the baleful rivalry between the royal Dukes of Gloucester and Bedford and their uncle Cardinal Beaufort. This has not reached the state of open warfare that the next generation of Edward III’s descendants will know as the War of the Roses, but it still impinges on the Queen. Elizabeth finds it incumbent on her to help Katherine where she can, though she is only too aware of the political and personal risks involved, even without the benefit of Richard’s advice.

Elizabeth knows too the thin line she treads as heiress to her uncle. Her value to him is as a matrimonial pawn, nothing more. If she could ever doubt that, her family history serves to make the matter only too clear. Elizabeth will never put behind her the trauma of seeing her mother drown in the course of her trial for the heresy of witchcraft. She can never forgive the stepfather who caused her mother to be accused in order to take her lands.

So Richard’s criticism of the frivolity of her life at court doesn’t sit well when the merriment and ceaseless activity are the means she uses to keep her dark thoughts at bay. Every time she considers Richard’s feelings for her Elizabeth cannot help but think of his desire for his own advancement, too reminiscent of her ruthless stepfather. If the two of them are to fulfil their love the road will not be easy.

Dead Men’s Teeth (Dead Men’s Teeth, a collection of stories from voices past Book 1)

by Jamie Rhodes

This story was inspired by a post about early dentistry. In the British Library collections there are original advertising posters from London’s dentists in the early 19th century. For a long time human teeth were the best possible solution when making dentures, and after the battle of Waterloo so many young men with decent teeth were killed that the dentures market became flooded with new ‘Waterloo Teeth’. Soon, any teeth harvested from battlefields became known as Waterloo Teeth.

This is a grim tale about the macabre adventure of a young woman recruited by a dodgy but dashing surgeon to pull teeth after the battle of Waterloo.

Sorrow’s Gate

by Diana Bard

Totally deceived by the Nazi lies, two high-society, teenage girls, thinking an unplanned pregnancy is a desperate situation, blunder into the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto on the advice of a fast-talking boyfriend, who is a guard at the gate. Their plans for a quick trip to the doctor disintegrate when the boyfriend is executed for conspiracy. As they try to leave the ghetto, the pregnant girl is mowed down. The other is rescued by the leader of the Jewish resistance, Lendl.

Lendl changes the girl’s name to Hannah and initially tries to help her escape. When those plans fail and she is injured, they slowly learn to trust and depend on each other. The horrors of life in the ghetto, which are unbelievable even as she watches with her own eyes, leave their imprint on Hannah’s soul. She must decide whether to try to escape again or stay and help the people and man she has grown to love.

She doesn’t have much time to decide because the Nazis are coming to burn the ghetto to the ground and the traitors on their own side are sabotaging every effort. Will they survive the most daring escape attempt ever, during the height of the Jewish uprising in the ghetto?

Sorrow’s Gate is a touching love story set in one of the darkest chapters of recent human history.

The Desert Sands: Book 1, Wells Worthy Adventure Series

by Sheila Callaham

After purchasing an antique brass tube in a small shop in old town Cairo, sixteen year old Wells Worthy and those close to him find themselves in mortal danger. Narrowly escaping the Egyptian capital, Wells and his grandfather must seek the safety offered by a mysterious benefactor to avoid becoming the collateral in a covert operation. Set against the backdrop of the Arab Spring, The Desert Sands delivers a heart-pounding adventure and is the first of three novels set in the Wells Worthy Adventure Series.

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