Free horror Kindle books for 30 Aug 14

Ascension (Eva’s Ascension Book 1)

by Aimee J Scott

A new threat looms over the human world. A threat unlike any other the immortal enforcers have faced in their constant battle to maintain the balance between Avalon and the Underworld.

Can Eva and her fellow enforcers save Ascension and the world of the humans when even the Gods have turned their backs?

Join Eva and her new vampire partner Silas as they battle through the worlds in a race against time to challenge the Gods and delay the extinction of mankind.

The Abyss Above Us Book 2: A Horror Novel

by Ryan Notch

In this conclusion to the terrifying Abyss Above Us: Book 1, the darkness begins to constrict around Collin and Jack. Evil building like an infection within and without everyone they know. Trapping them in a living, breathing nightmare.

Shaw finds himself a hunted man, the only survivor of histories two largest mass suicides. His only explanation something no rational person could believe. Fighting the guilt of unwittingly releasing this horror upon the world, he now finds himself the only one who has a chance of stopping it.

All building to the confrontation between one man and an alien God of darkness.

Fearful Day: Voices of Hell Prequel

by Catherine Stovall

Living in a perfect world, thirteen-year-old Iyzebel, knows nothing of the evil that lurks behind the facade. In a single night, her life changes, and a new Hell begins when a demon chooses her to be his prophet. Detailing the demise of the girl, and the rise of the demon, Fearful Day: the Voices of Hell prequel, will prepare readers to take a journey into a world of demons, angels, and mobsters.

Exclusive Preview of Voices of Hell Included.

I, Agapé and Ophelia: The Unchallenged Central Commission of Forethought -or-

by Frater AMN

I, Agapé and Ophelia is a stage-play focused on the lives of a small group, living in a strange place. The town in which the characters reside is a place between existence and fantasy; a world where nothing is quite static. Relationships flourish, but those dwelling within the borders of Parentheses are not quite as settled as they appear. When one of them leaves unexpectedly for a higher realm, everything begins to change, and not for the better. While the inhabitants try to remain hopeful about their place in the world, there’s no denying that things will never be the same.

The Unchallenged Central Commission of Forethought -or- I, Agapé and Ophelia is a dramatic play and work of fiction, not a how-to manual. That said, those interested in Qabalah, Hermetics, Thelema and/or The Tree of Life will find a compelling story set in an interesting portion of existence. For those who don’t count these among their interests, you will still find an interesting story in a unique setting where you can let your imagination run wild in the fertile realm of the story.

Opus Covetas:: Succubus Summons(Demon Dating Site or Lusty Encounters of the e-kind!)

by Branford Hubbard

Virgil is an average college kid looking to shed his innocent demeanor – he’s tried everything humanly possible, his loneliness drives him to click on what he’s sure is a scam of a dating site, but can he be sure of that? Virgil soon learns that his idle investments in this site, and its mysterious ebook, the ‘Opus Covetas’ may not even be of this world!

Virgil resigns to rewatch one of his favorite movies with his two friends, but when the electricity goes out and he finds himself face to face with the girl he met online. There is something…supernatural about her, but he finds himself unable to resist her, even with his two friends in the room.

This story contains ancient texts of evil, a foursome, a succubus, and much more!

The Charlatans (Remnants of America Book 1)

by J.T.R. Brown

It’s 2098, and the American South is now the National Congregation of Theocratic Christianity, one of six autonomous nations created from the former United States. Shuttlesworth and Claybrooke are out-of-work psychiatrists who immigrated from the Northeast to make their fortunes in the Theocracy by pretending to be exorcists, secretly treating the “demon possessed” with black market psychotropic medicationsâ??for a hefty price.

Shuttlesworth, conflicted about swindling the Theocracy’s poverty-stricken citizens, stumbles upon an underground revolutionary group, Kingdom Come, and becomes fascinated by their charismatic leader Raziel. On the eve of the revolution, Shuttlesworth and Claybrooke arrive at an exorcism to find the last thing they expectâ??a real demon. The creature is hellbent on destroying Raziel and the Kingdom Come movement, and he intends to use the two conmen to do it. To defeat the demon, they’re both forced to attempt the riskiest cons of their livesâ??with an entire nation at stake.

Run and Hide

by J. K. Hatchett

Hannah Joy a little girl caught up in the Nightmare world of a Zombie Apocalypse as everyone around her is killed and their flesh torn from their bodies. Hannah has only one hope the Demon Monster Bloody Mary who lives inside her and makes her do evil things.

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