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The Secret of the King’s New Clothes: An Illustrated Funny Story for Children

by Rohi Shetty

The Secret of the King’s New Clothes is an extremely funny illustrated fairy tale for children. It contains 43 full-color pictures adapted from vintage comic book illustrations.

King Conceitus, ruler of the kingdom of Sikofant, is extremely fond of clothes and spends all his time dressing up in new clothes instead of looking after his people. He also spends all his money buying new clothes because he doesn’t wear the same clothes more than once.

Two clever rascals called Tallslick and Shortslick pretend they can weave a magic cloth that can be seen only by the wise and cannot be seen by fools. King Conceitus is fooled by them and tells them to make new clothes for him for his birthday.

Tallslick and Shortslick pretend to make the garments, using gold thread and silk. Everyone including the king’s ministers are fooled because no one is willing to admit that they can’t see the cloth.

The rest of the story describes what happens when King Conceitus wears the “magic clothes” during his birthday procession.

For all children aged 6 to 106 years.

When The Stranger Came (Novella)

by John Meany

One night, in a small, rural town in upstate New York, fifteen-year-old Dylan Hellenbrand, who is home alone, hears the doorbell ring. Upon inspecting the peephole, the wary teenager decides not to answer. The guy standing on the porch is wearing a dark jacket with a hood. Something about the mysterious, unexpected visitor doesn’t feel right.

A minute later, as Dylan tries to pretend that no one is home, he hears, in the backyard, his German shepherd Murray barking and growling fiercely. Then, to the adolescent’s horror, he hears the sound of a loud boom, reminiscent of a firecracker exploding. Suddenly, the dog squeals like a stuck pig.

Oh no! What just happened? What was Dylan suppose to do now?


Yes. Hide. That was about all he could do. Especially since Dylan had forgotten to lock the back door.


by Stephanie Xu

In the town of Chickenville, many secrets lie hidden beneath the ground. It was peaceful and joyous throughout the town, until intruders tried to attack. Among the panic and fright, two heroines arise. One heroine is the leader of the town, while the other is just a young chicken. But, throughout their adventure, many more troubles interfere. Spies, friendship, and family issues all mix in. How will they determine what to do?

Minecraft: The Ender Invasion: A Minecraft Novel (The Endless Nether Series Book 3)

by Marco Bellerari

Introducing the new Minecraft Endless Nether Series from Marco Bellerari!

A MUST READ MINECRAFT TALE! Part 3 of the Endless Nether Series!

The Endless Nether Series is the start of a new series of Minecraft books for preteens. Full of action, adventure, and excitement!

Synopsis of this book:

The mines have been closed in the village of Bishop’s Rest. Theodora and her brother, Leto, looking for adventure, delve into the mines. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the darkness of the mines, until an earthquake happens and the cave collapses around them. Little do they know, underneath the nearby lake, something long-buried has shifted loose.

What starts as a bit of exploring quickly turns into a battle against creatures from The End that are willing to burn the whole village down to get what they want: Theodora.

Be sure to read books 1 & 2 before reading THE ENDER INVASION




Book 4: Expected Release FALL OF 2014!

Tee Ball Timm’y First Home Run!: Game Day

by Inge Bowman

“T-Ball Timmy’s First Home Run!” Inspires Children to Follow Their Dreams

“T-Ball Timmy’s First Home Run!” tells the story of a boy who gets his first chance to enjoy the thrill and excitement of making a winning home run for his team. From the start, T-ball Timmy loves to play t-ball more than any other activity. He plays constantly and dreams of the day he can become a real baseball player just like his idol, Mickey Mantle. This daily practice pays off on game day with a spectacular hit, a slide into home and the gratitude of all his teammates for helping them win the game.

T-Ball Timmy is an inspiration to young children who are involved in or thinking of joining a T-ball team. This children’s story book not only describes the joy of contributing to the team’s success, but it also shows how devotion to a pastime can pay off in personal satisfaction and pride. The moment of triumph is a wonderful reminder that children can accomplish great things when they immerse themselves in an activity they truly enjoy.

The book unerringly describes the wonderful emotions children feel when they get their first opportunity to shine. From the crack of the bat to the slide into home, young children can relate to Timmy’s excitement and revel in his victory. A fine example of children’s fiction, “T-Ball Timmy’s First Home Run ” taps into children’s youthful energy and enthusiasm in a positive way

Horsefly Hank and the Osage War Shield

by David L. Roper

It’s 1945 – World War II has just ended and Henry Rosser’s family is looking for a new life in town after his dad’s farm failed, leaving them with a heap of bank debt.

But trouble follows the family to Red Eagle, Oklahoma, where Henry’s parents have taken jobs in the local school. Someone has stolen the famous Osage War Shield from the high school trophy case and Henry’s dad is the only suspect! It’s up to Henry and his new friend Joe to dodge the town bullies – the meanest kids in Red Eagle – and solve the case of the stolen Osage War Shield.
Reading Level: 3rd Grade
Discussion Topics: Native American history, race, racial stereotypes, bullying, Oklahoma history, Oklahoma social studies

Minecraft: Journey Through Winterland (Tales of Minecraftia) (Book 2)

by Andrew J.

This is book 2 of the “Tales of Minecraftia” series.

Book 1: Minecraft: Steve’s Adventures

Book 2: Minecraft: Journey Through Winterland

Book 3: Minecraft: Legend of the Enderthing

Book 4: Minecraft: SpringLand

Journey through Winterland is an tale of adventure through the world of Minecraft. Join Sam, Erik and Steve as they journey through the deep north, fighting through the perils of the cold to expose the evil elder Tom. A great story for the Minecraft lover!

Abracadabra Tut

by Page McBrier

When Fletcher Perry mysteriously wins the bid for a genuine mummy’s coffin at a magician’s tag sale, he decides to use it as a prop in his upcoming magic show at school. Then Fletcher and his new assistant, the mega-popular Arielle Torres, find themselves unexpectedly transported via the coffin back to King Tut’s temple, where Fletcher’s modern-day magic tricks attract the attention of the young king’s guardians. Thinking Fletcher must be a powerful sorcerer, the guardians press him into service as the king’s special protector. Fletcher and Arielle, however, know that Tut is destined to die in his teens, and so the race is on for them to decipher the message on a mysterious amulet, locate their missing coffin, and get home before Fletcher’s magic is revealed to be just so much hocus-pocus.

This action-packed adventure is unstoppable. Abracadabra Tut pulls readers into an exciting journey filled with stage magic, mystery, chariots, cobras, and historical intrigue.

Robot Wants A Rocket (Beginner Reader – Level 1 Book 2)

by Cassie Willows

Beginner Readers are a great way to build reading confidence and skill. “Robot Wants A Rocket” uses only kindergarten sight words. Your beginner reader will love being able to read this book all on their own. In this story a young robot wishes to travel to the stars. All he wants is a rocket, but his Dad says “no.” Will the robot find a way to make it to the stars?

Dream Robbers (Sky Elves Book 1)

by RC Scott

Greedy thieves have stolen the children’s dreams! And not just any dreams, mind you, but the Dreams of whom they are meant to become. With this loss children everywhere are becoming cross and more misbehaved by the day. They are driving their parents mad.

Only the rarest of Elves can do anything about it. These small, scarcely seen, Nature Elves in their remote Gypsy Village are hidden from the rest of the world. But the greedy Dream Robbers found them before committing the foul deed. Under the Robbers’ spell, the adult Elves have left the Village and don’t know their children’s Dreams have been stolen.

It’s up to twelve, brave, Elf children to undertake a hazardous journey and try to get their Dreams back. They must hurry though. The seeds within every child on Earth, the seeds these special Dreams nourish, are hardening. And, alas, hardened seeds can never sprout.

If these young Elves stick together, they may have a chance, for they are not ordinary children. Within them, Nature’s awesome powers bud: Thunder, Lightning, Rain, Snow and Fire.

The Saga of Elf and Troll

by N. Reed

The Wood Elf and the Mountain Troll are the ones to do it! Bring messages from the Kingdoms of the north and the south. Through the Forest of Fears, these two heroes travel through this mystic land, encountering both good and evil forces. The giant talking Eagle named Gaston is just one of these magical creatures they encounter and find help with on their journeys.

All six books of the “Adventures of Elf and Troll” are included here in this 200 page volume. The last chapter and conclusion are not to be had anywhere else in your realm or other. So find out what happens when the Elf and Troll finish their journey and deliver the messages to the King and Queen and save the Hero Valmarr in the cave of the Evil Dragon. A celebration to be remembered for generations to come.

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