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Laughing IS Conceivable

by Lori Shandle-Fox

Laughing IS Conceivable is “One Woman’s Extremely Funny Peek into the Extremely Unfunny World of Infertility.”

What happens when a professional humor writer and former stand-up comic goes through months and months of fertility treatments? She uses her comedy background to help her cope with it all of course.

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Laughing IS Conceivable was almost entirely written while the author was in the trenches going through IUI and IVF right alongside the reader… uncertain of the outcome. It uses humor to de-stress infertility sufferers, their families and medical teams.

It’s relief for those who feel they just can’t deal with infertility one minute more and that nobody truly understands.

It’s a fun and cheap gift for those friends and relatives who still don’t “get it”.

It’s a glimpse over the reception desk and at the other end of the examination table for medical professionals and their staffs who meet and treat infertile patients every day.

It also has been widely read by those who know nothing or care nothing about infertility but enjoy the humor in life’s daily angsts that we all can relate to.

The Terrible Twos: A Parenting Guide: Taming Tantrums and Modifying Behaviors

by Christopher Hoffman

A guide to the “Terrible Twos”. Learn how to deal with Tantrums and Modifying Bad behavior. Taking the troublesome child and turn them into an angel. Follow the tips and guidance in this E-Book and raise well behaved, well mannered, respectful kids.


by Talkeetna Coggins

I’ve done many things wrong in my life as a single mother. My kids have suffered for it. This book is a stark, truthful look at those mistakes and how you can avoid making them. There are many things in this memoir that were difficult to discuss, and might be difficult for you to read.


I turned 18 on October 4th, 1995. Three days later I peed on a stick and it turned pink. Rewind a couple hours from there and you’ll see me in a Walgreen’s stealing a pregnancy test and stuffing it down my pants. I was broke of course. I was 18 and just started living on my own. Every penny was necessary for survival. But mainly I was embarrassed and mortified that someone would see me buying the test. Fear and shame kept me from returning to said Walgreen’s for the next 10 years. So, sorry Walgreen’s.

Anyway, I took the test home, drank a ton of water, and waited about an hour to make sure I really had to go. The box, which I read before tearing it open and looting the contents, had said that it takes 3 long minutes for the results. That’s not necessarily true. I could see my destiny absorbing its way to that indicator box. The strongest pink line I’d ever seen in my life showed up within seconds.

So, faced with the decision of a lifetime – what to tell my Mommy, I realized that if I didn’t tell her right away I’d be one of those girls busted for trying to hide a pregnancy. So I called my mom, who luckily lived very close, and she came right over. I pointed down the hallway to the bathroom.

“If you called me all the way over here to kill a spider” she complained as she headed down the hallway. Months passed that only looked like seconds on my clock, before she walked back toward me. “Are you keeping it?” She asked.

SLEEP BABY SLEEP: The No-Cry Solution To Get Your Baby Sleeping Now (DR. SUMMERS’ THE SIMPLE GUIDE)

by Dr. K.L. Summers

Congratulations on your newborn and welcome to the world of sleepless nights!

Millions of parents and caregivers seek quick and stress-free ways to get their babies to sleep faster, and keep them sleeping longer because they recognize that sleep is very important to their well-being. Although there is no magic wand to make your baby fall asleep in two seconds, there are 50 scientifically proven and fun tactics that can get your baby sleeping peacefully within a short time.

SLEEP BABY SLEEP – THE NO-CRY SOLUTION TO GET BABY SLEEPING NOW is a fun guide with 50 quick and easy tricks that will get most babies sleeping peacefully within a short time.

Answers to Educators’ Top 30 Questions About Reducing Autism Challenges in the Classroom: A Follow Up to PD Training, Understanding and Responding Effectively to Challenging Autistic Behaviours

by Jackie McMillan BES Asperger’s

A requested speaker at venues ranging from Toronto Sick Kids Hospital to the national Autism Canada conference, Jackie has been demystifying autism for over 20 years.

“We had the privilege of having Jackie present four workshops at our YWCA Cambridge Child Care Staff PD Day. It was a rare opportunity to learn from someone with firsthand knowledge of Autism. Our staff came away with an understanding of what someone with Autism experiences physically every day and strategies that will be useful in a child care setting to help support learning and reduce pain and stress for those children in the Autism Spectrum. The day was invaluable to our staff and they continue to benefit from Jackie’s information.”

– Vicki Warren, Director of Child Care Services, YWCA Cambridge

“I have learned so much from you and I am grateful that you are able & willing to host these seminars.  I love that you are able to speak from personal experience.  You are a living example that your methods & research work.” 

Jan Klassen, Special Education Specialist, Guelph Ontario

Most autistics are:

– average or higher-than-average in intelligence, despite appearances

– highly curious and self-teachers (if given a helpful environment)

– highly stressed – a peace-making classroom enables our learning like nothing else!

If you’re an educator looking for both short-term and longer-term best practices which manage and diminish disruptive and challenging autistic behaviours in the classroom, welcome! These and other toxin and stress-reduction strategies not only create a positive atmosphere, they also increase tolerance and learning for everyone affected.

A single caring mentor can make a tremendous difference in the health and learning outcome for any child or student, regardless of the rest of that child’s environment. These materials are intended to equip each of you to create such an oasis in your classrooms.


Jackie McMillan has autism, and has spent the years since 1976 – a year of dramatic gains and losses in physical, mental, and emotional function – figuring out what helps, what hurts, and the science which explains this inside-out view on autism recovery.  

Since there’s not much point keeping this information to herself, she has been avidly developing skills and tools to communicate her ongoing gleanings since her first, informal diagnosis in 1988 (the formal one came 20 years later).

Hope-inspiring – Engaging – Accepting – Empowering – Enlightening – Change-making







101 Ways Teen Girls Can Say No to Sex

by Dawn Martin

Gives girls great reasons to say “No” to sex.

A Bath Time Rhyme

by Shachar Yariv

Does your child hate baths?

Do you have the same argument every night at bath time?

Then this book is just for you!

It’s not one of those long and boring books.-oh no!

This book is short and fun to read ,with lots of rhymes and humor and big , colorful illustrations.

Bath time for Little Lou’ is about a small, naughty girl who likes to be wild and get dirty.

She learns that having a bath can also be enjoyable.

This book will help convince your kids, that bath time can be fun.

If we can’t make a perfect world for ourselves, let’s make a better one for our children

Pregnant In 90 Days the 7 Steps You Need To Know: Your Easy and Natural Guide To Having a Happy Healthy Baby to Love

by Sara Stone

A holistic 7 step solution to help you get pregnant in 90 days.

The main problem with the medical procedures, including drugs and surgeries, is that they attack the symptoms rather than tackle the root cause of infertility. This leads, more often than not, to increased complications, hence worsening the problem rather than improving it. This is of course a serious issue, which in the long run, can cause a lot more problems for a couple; rather than becoming able to conceive, they may end up with added diseases, stress, and frustration.

Addressing these issues, this book will help you tackle the infertility problem, and serve as a guide for you when you are trying to have a baby. In doing that, first we will discuss the reasons for infertility. This will be followed by a discussion of the natural methods and traditional treatments. Thus, giving you, a holistic 7 step solution to not only reverse this issue, but to greatly improve the likelihood of conceiving a baby; all without the health risks associated with drugs and surgery.

What this book will teach you:

1. Getting Pregnant the Natural Way Vs. Medical Treatments

2. The Different Reasons for Infertility in Women

3. The Different Reasons for Infertility in Men

4. Understanding Your Body

5. Getting Your Body Ready To Conceive

6. Foods to Add to Your Diet When Trying to Conceive

7. Optimizing Your Health

8. High Stress Levels and Infertility in Women

9. About Sex: When, How Often and What Position Is Best

10. Trying For A Boy or Girl?

11. The 7 Natural Tips for Getting Pregnant in 90 Days

Get Your Ex Back Fast – Step By Step Guide To Getting Your Ex Back

by Ryan Michaelsen

* Limited Time Price!*

Getting your ex back seems like an uphill climb doesn’t it? Seems almost impossible? Well, what if there was a way to get your ex back? What if it was possible to have a healthy, prosperous relationship that was better than ever before?

This eBook will pinpoint the most effective strategies for getting your ex back right now. Learn how to get your ex back immediately and without all of the problematic suggestions that have been given to you before!

Get over the pain you are feeling. It is time to take action using this comprehensive guide that explains what is required through a step by step process. It has never been easier!

SPORTS 2 LIFE: A Girls Guide to Sports and Life


Everyone should feel the thrill of victory. Playing sports helps girls build their confidence, self esteem, drive, and passion for the game, as well as life. This book guides you through how to help your special young lady get started and maintain her enthusiasm for all sports. The benefits she will receive during this time in her life will help her to become a healthy and strong woman throughout her life.

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