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How To Elect Republicans: Your Election Campaign Management Handbook

by Craig Copland

If you are a concerned conservative citizen who is thinking about running for public office, this book is for you. It will teach you how to be electable – perceived as competent, qualified, attractive and caring – and will empower you to defeat your liberal opponents, and win!

If you are a volunteer, helping your conservative colleague in his or her election campaign, this book is for you. It will show you, step by step, how to plan, organize and deliver a winning election campaign for any public or state office.

If you are tasked with raising funds for a conservative campaign or ballot issue, HOW TO ELECT CONSERVATIVES will show you all you need to know about political fundraising.

In a close election, getting out the vote makes the final difference between winning for conservatives or losing to the liberals. This How To book tells you what will work and what will not.

HOW TO ELECT CONSERVATIVES is not about campaigning for the White House. It is all about winning the election for school board, town councilor, mayor, judge, county commissioner, sheriff, auditor, constable, and all the other – over 600,000 of them – public offices in America.

Only when conservative consistently win all these other offices will we irresistibly ascend to the federal level and build a permanent conservative majority throughout America.

Government is a Racket: Withdraw Your Support

by Benjamin Woodason

People willingly support their government, because they have
been convinced that government is a necessary tool for society to function; they
have been convinced that government provides them with security, peace, freedom
and prosperity. However, this is a narrative based on lies and deception.

Government is, in practice, nothing more than a large group
of people that claims it has the right to steal from, enslave, and murder in
order to advance its agenda. It exists to benefit the very few at the expense
of the very many. It is, in short, a racket, and it does not deserve the
support of society.

Benjamin D. Woodason, a former U.S. Air Force pilot,
resigned his commission in protest upon learning the true nature of government.
In this quick read, he exposes the evils of government in a way that is easy to

Whether you’re a political expert or indifferent to
politics, this book will forever change the way you perceive government.

PROPERTY RIGHTS: The unmoved mover of Justice

by Jose Benegas

This is a essay prized in second term in the contest “Caminos de la Libertad” in Mexico. It contains my thoughts about why private property is justified.

Property is theft! Stated Joseph Proudhon in 1840 referring to land. But if there is a theft should be a previous legitimate owner. Who? All of us may be? Why?

That is what I try to answer in the pages that follow.

CANCER -Exercising Your Warrior Spirit- How to deal with Depression and Loneliness (Cancer,Cancer Books,Depression,Cancer Recovery)

by Inge Bowman

Discover how to deal with Depression and Loneliness en dealing with Cancer

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You’re about to discover proven strategies on how to deal with the Loneliness and Depression that comes with this disease. Life does not have to be like that. You are not alone. There are many support groups and resources you can turn to . The truth is if you are suffering from Cancer or know someone who is, this could be very helpful in their recovery and overall well-being.

This book provides some simple ideas along with some inspirational words to help you or a loved one get thru a difficult time. Believe me, YOU ARE A WARRIOR!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • – Provide consistent psychological and emotional support to the affected person.

    – Take proper care of your loved ones, and encourage others to do the same.

    – Grief, anxiety, depression, and feelings of guilt should be shaken off.

    – Take all prescribed therapies and medication.

    – Practice various forms of yoga and asana, which can greatly improve mental and physical well being.

    – Show sympathy and affection to the affected person.

    – Accept help and guidance from trusted resources, and practice as much as possible.

    – Avoid any unnecessary or undesirable actions.
  • Much, much more!

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Fundraising for Conservatives

by Craig Copland

An invaluable handbook for conservative organizations and election campaigns explaining everything hyou need to know to raise money for your candidate or cause. It covers all the basics of personal face-to-face fundraising, telephone fundraising, fundraising events, Inter net fundraising, direct mail and the effective use of fundraising consultants. An absolute necessityfor conservatives to have on your desk when raising funds for your cause.

An Icebreaker: A True Story Of Survival (Soviet Union Books)

by Leonid Tokarsky

This true story happened in the 1960s, at a time when the USSR was in a Cold War with the western world. The Soviet Navy obtained a new “sophisticated” weapon – the nuclear submarine with its short range rockets, which allowed access to the US coast, by way of the North Pole, from under the ice.

A group of young people, who had just recently graduated from the Leningrad Shipbuilding College, were taken by the Soviet navy (involuntarily and unknowingly) on a suicide mission. The navy needed technical professionals able to take care of the imperfect and dangerous new submarines. The young people were assured that there was no danger in those operations and were ordered, by their commanding officers, to treat nuclear reactors as safe normal radiation mechanisms. There was only one sailor-technician from this group of involuntary die-hards, who survived: The author of this book.

This incredible and true story of survival involving Soviet submarines, nuclear disasters and escape from the claws of the Soviet Secret Police has become a case study in a specialized branch of the Israeli Army Intelligence Corps. The book was written and published first in Russian, then translated and published in Hebrew and now translated into English. The Russian version won the “Olive of Jerusalem” Literary Award and medal in the category of “Personal Courage” for 2011.

“I read your book and what you went through is enough for ten

people to get shell-shock.”

-David Ivry,

President Boeing Israel, VP Boeing International, Former Israeli

Ambassador to the United States, General-commander of the Israeli

Air Force (IAF) and Director of the Israeli National Security Council

“….The title in Russian – by Leonid Tokarsky became a bestseller and will certainly require a couple of more editions in the long run.”

-Michael Beloshevsky,

Gen Manager, Sputnik Publishing House Ltd.

Sex Secrets: How to Conquer the Power of Sexual Attraction (Nonverbal Communication, Body Language, Human Sexuality, Charisma, Sexual Intimacy) (Attract … Self Discipline, How to Attract Women)

by C.K. Murray

It’s Time to Conquer Sexual Attraction

Whether seeking a naughty night of fun, craving a meaningful relationship, or wanting nothing more than to attract men and women with relative ease, everybody has room for improvement.

So stop squandering your days! The time is now to make your mark.

Sex Secrets: How to Conquer the Power of Sexual Attraction (A Preview):

Human Conceptions of Love and Lust

Bodies and Fluids: Rewriting the Science of Sexual Attraction

The Sex Code: How to Master Strategies for Seduction

PROVEN Attributes of Attractiveness

Act on the Fact: The Strangest Truths of Human Sexuality

Tags: understanding sexual attraction, how to attract, men and women, human sexuality, science, guide, sexual performance

Prepping Your Home For the Holidays (Organization, cleaning, decluttering, and more!) (Homemaking Made Easy Book 4)

by Penelope Hoyt

Apple pie.


Mixed nuts.

It’s all a part of the holiday magic.

You know what’s not always magical, though?

Trying to survive the holidays long enough to enjoy the food.

If you’re worried that your house isn’t going to be clean enough, that you aren’t going to have enough time to decorate, or that your relatives aren’t going to have a good time, this is the guide for you.

Prepping Your Home for the Holidays is designed to give you the tools you need to survive the holidays with grace. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering with just a few friends or you’re going to be having your entire family over, it’s time to start getting ready, and this book is going to show you how.

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