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Love Heals Broken Hearts (Christian Romance, Shelter For The Lost Series #2)

by Katie Ingersoll

Cassie has just been stood up at the altar. To recover, she decides to take her sister’s suggestion to take the paid honeymoon to go to an island by herself, hoping the solitude, sun, and beaches will help her to rejuvenate. But life has other plans. Once there, she runs into a handsome man who turns out to be a movie star. Cassie is very suspicious of Devin, but he is very attracted to Cassie and decides to pursue her. When she agrees to spend a little time with him, she finds out that even movie stars can have extreme difficulties in their private lives. Though he seems to be sincere, she decides she cannot and will not become involved with Devin. Her life is already too complicate. She plans to leave the island unattached and return to a normal life back home.

More about Love Heals Broken Hearts

This is a story about two people coming together at a time in their lives when they are both at a crossroads. Both are trying to make the best of difficult situations in their lives. As they share their private thoughts with each other, and reach out to God for help, unexpected things happen.

The author invites you to put up your feet and enjoy this fast moving and pleasurable read that has a satisfying and sweet ending.

Note: This book can be read without having read book one in the series.


Devin looked at her with shock, but then his eyes glinted with humor. It made Cassie feel good that he accepted her brand of humor and didn’t take it literally. Too many people were uptight and took offense too easily.

“Are you saying that you’re defeated even before we get started? I promise, the hike is worth it. All you have to do is put in the effort.”

Cassie frowned at him. How did he get to come off as all-knowing and smug when he looked like he was going to faint himself? Even if he did have the body of Adonis, there was only so much exercise a person could do in this heat.

She moved to catch up with him, to throw another snarky comment at him, but an unseen rock had other plans and she flung herself forward, certain that she was about to plummet down the mountain.

The feel of arms going around her, the knowledge that she’d come to a stop and that she was safe was relieving, but only for a moment. That was how long it took for her brain to factor in that she was suddenly too close to Devin.

“Are you okay?”

His breath on her skin was too much. Because she knew her heat exhausted complexion would be hiding the blush she could feel spreading over her face, she pushed her hands on his chest. Once again, she gained the physical space she needed from him.

“I’m fine, but I swear this trail is dangerous. Are you sure we’re even on a trail? I’ll bet we’re in the middle of nowhere and you don’t have the faintest clue as to where we are.”

Devin lifted his chin at her, and she caught the glint in his eyes. She knew he’d been aware of how close their bodies had been. Unlike how she’d responded, he had seemed to want her to be against him for far longer than she was inclined.

They’d been on the trails for over two hours before the invisible rock she’d tripped over nearly sent her down the cliff they were edging along. She wanted to turn to him and tell him that he’d better get her out of hereâ??and quick. Before she could even move, his arm was snaking around her waist again, pulling her through a cluster of large green fronds.

“Look, Cassie.” He swept his free arm at something that he apparently wanted her to see. “I told you the hike would be worth it.”

It seemed as if she was opening her eyes for the first time and feeling the magic that was the gift of the world. She’d never seen anything as breathtaking, or as incredibly spiritual. The waterfall before her, falling down into a deep blue and green pool, roared in her ears and rattled around in her bones as she stood rooted to the spot in awe. Thousands upon thousands of native flowers greeted her, growing in every color known to man…..

The City of Sacred Bones: A Mara Beltane Mystery Book 2 (Mara Beltane Mystery Series)

by Katie McVay

Are the remains of Saint Peter buried in Rome, beneath the basilica that bears his name? Novelist Mara Beltane thinks they might be in Jerusalemâ??the place of his birthâ??and she hopes to find the evidence to prove it.

Just coming off the success of a best-seller about the death of Jesus, the former chick-lit writer is in need of material for a new book, and she thinks a thriller about Saint Peter’s tomb would prove she’s not a one-trick pony. In Rome, she teams up with Uri Nevon, a handsome Israeli professor who helped her research her first book. Together they set out to crack the case, a journey that will have them living la dolce vita in Italy, stumbling through ruins of sacred churches in Israel, and carefully navigating a mutual attraction that threatens to derail their mission.

But a foe lurks in the shadows: members of a clandestine group with a chain of command that extends all the way to the Pope himself. They have reasons to keep the truth of Saint Peter buried. So as Mara and Uri dig deeper, the group resorts to desperate and violent measures, proving that they’ll stop at nothing to prevent the truth from being revealedâ??a truth that could put the whole world in jeopardy.

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