Free sports Kindle books for 30 Aug 14

How To Street Fight: Survival Fitness Fight Training Manual

by Sam Fury

Imagine the person on the cover is you and there is no other escape…

Could you fight your way to safety?

2+ books in 1 makes How to Street Fight the only street fighting training book you will ever need!

Contains all the information from;

  • How to Win a Street Fight: Stand Up Fighting Techniques to Destroy Your Enemy by Sam Fury
  • Ground Fighting Techniques to Destroy Your Enemy by Sam Fury

And adds to itâ?¦

  • Weaponry
  • Multiple Opponents
  • Strategic Guides
  • Training Methods

â?¦ and much more! (Look Inside and view the contents to see what else)

All presented with easy to follow instructions accompanied with simple and clear pictures.

Also includes exclusive access to bonus materials that cannot be found anywhere else;

  • Target Charts
  • Access to Instructional Videos
  • Securing an Assailant Report
  • Getting the Most from Your Mind Report

Get your copy of How to Street Fight today and learn everything you need to dominate any opponent!

Screw Cardio: Why Cardio For Weight Loss SUCKS, And What YOU Should Do Instead (Exercise For Weight Loss Series Book 1)

by Stephen Reed

DISCOVER: Why Running And Cardio For Weight Loss Is So Inefficient!

Want to improve your life, your body, and your health? Struggling to lose weight with your cardio workout plan? I’ve been there too. I used to run 50+ miles a week, and I could never get as lean as I wanted, or lose that paunch around the belly.

TAKE ACTION: No Cardio + Nutritious Food Choices + Effective Training = Success

Exercise is just poor for weight loss, FULL STOP. This book will explain why, and give you all the information that the fitness industry, fitness magazines, and everyone else with a vested interest in your money won’t.

If you’ve been misled about the effectiveness of cardio for weight loss for your whole life, then this book, ‘SCREW CARDIO’ is a must read. Amusing, personal, and written in a way that makes the concepts simple to understand, Stephen Reed, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author for his book, ‘The Lean Fast Diet‘ shares research, studies, calculations, and other ‘cool stuff’ that clearly demonstrates WHY cardio for weight loss is just so damn awful.

Simple Habit Changes = Big Results + A Leaner YOU

Losing weight can be overwhelming. The vast array of diet and exercise books on the market ensure you have no idea which way to turn. Complicated exercise plans and chronic cardio, food combining, high carb, low carb, Atkins, Slimmers World? Which is best? Screw Cardio untangles the web of terminology, concepts and strategies that the fitness and diet industry like to keep to themselves. 

This book will teach you the following and more:

  • Why Cardio As A Central Strategy For Weight Loss Is So Inefficient
  • Why The Math Just Does Not Add up
  • How Chronic Cardio Can Be Detrimental To Your Health
  • Calories, Metabolism, And Energy Expenditure 101
  • What To Do Instead

‘Screw Cardio’ – A Detailed Book That Is Science Based

“When I first met Stephen Reed, I was adamant that I needed to do more and more exercise to lose weight, weight which I hadn’t been able to lose, running 4 times a week, and doing 3 spin classes too. Stephen cut back on my training, got me eating properly, and the weight just fell off. I’ve had to totally re-evaluate my views on exercise for weight loss”. -Leah B – USA – Aged 34 years.

After reading this exercise for weight loss guide you will know more about how to lose weight effectively than the majority of the population. You won’t be scared, confused, or lost. You’ll be inspired to jump in, change your life, and help others to change theirs too. The advice is practical, simple, and you will certainly experience some ‘aha moments’. Whether you want to lose weight now, or want to help a family member or friend, ‘Screw Cardio’ will help you make the best use of your time and efforts.

What to Do Instead Of Cardio If You Want To Lose Weight?

Never Be Overtrained And Miserable Again, And Lose Weight Consistently With These Simple Steps:

  1. Understand How Fat Loss Occurs
  2. Understand How YOUR Body Responds To Diet And Exercise
  3. Learn About Food Choices And How To Maximise your Results and Minimize your Time Commitments

Ready To Start The Journey To A Leaner, Healthier Version Of YOU?

Download Screw Cardio NOW and start your journey today. Scroll to the top of the page and click the ‘BUY’ button.

Tennis Mental Game Secrets. How to be Motivated, Confident and Prepared on the Court.

by Jan Stanski

The role of psychology in tennis and how to advocate its use are practiced by world-class specialists in mental preparation, coaches and tennis players. This book presents a passionate look at tennis people who are aware of this. People who constantly search for ways to work with players even as the sport continuously evolves. These include: Jim Taylor, Antoni Girod, Lan Bale, Jack Broudy, Tom Veneziano, Ed Tseng, Andy Dowsett, Johan Kriek, Mark Holdstock, Allistair McCaw and Patrick Mouratoglou. This book is also dedicated to the journey of world tennis, not only for fans, but for the psychology of sports enthusiasts and those who want to be a combination of these two disciplines, seeking to know more.

The Man in the Crowd

by M. Sydnor Jr.

Every young players dream, their first major goal in pursuit of a basketball career, is to be part of the High School State Championship Game. The event where all eyes are on the main stage, focused on the dedicated players from each team who pour their heart, soul, sweat, blood and tears onto the court. This is the day where stars become Legends.

All-American Jeremiah Pierce has finally led his St. Bishop Knights to the California State Championship Title Game after three years. Before the start of the game, he gets a call from an unknown voice threatening him to lose the game or else.

Bande di resistenza per Six Pack Abs: Scopri come semplici bande di esercizio può trasformare tutta la High Intensity Training Session

by James Paul


Strength bands – or resistance bands – are as a personal trainer my favorite “secret”, if you would, piece of exercise equipment. Exercise bands (another name for them, even though they’re all the same) were my personal favorite piece of workout equipment in my own workout programs, and I always have a pair in my trunk or briefcase as they are the best tool for any quick and sporadic 5 minute workout! An extremely versatile tool, I saw first hand what they can do to transform any:

high intensity training session

workout program for six pack abs

aid in helping recover from injury

add muscular size for bodybuilding

And so many more insane benefits from these easy to use, easy to transport strength bands! Having a pair of resistance bands is one thing, knowing what to do with them especially for six pack abs is another thing.


Inside of this short book you are going to discover information about how YOU can use strength bands to:

Reduce your waistline

Improve your speed

Increase your core strength

Make six pack abs pop onto your frame

Increase your range of motion

Get stronger

Get healthier

And more, including how to pick the best strength bands, choose the amount of weight you need to get going with resistance bands, and a brief history on them!

Use the exercises in this book to add some umph to your boring high intensity training program, power up your isometric exercise regiment, and so much more.

Grab this book now and give your body the best low investment, high value reward you can!

Maximizing Your Potential: Strength and Conditioning

by @AdviceBBall

In this book, @AdviceBBall teaches athletes how to maximize their potential through strength and conditioning. A player will never reach his/her maximum potential if they don’t work on their strength and conditioning to the best of their abilities. In more detail, this book includes:

  • A two week cycle workout plan
  • Explanations of every exercise
  • Dynamic and Static Stretching Routines
  • Information about Strength and Conditioning
  • Information about Diet & Sleeping Habits
  • And a lot more!

The point is that you are getting a lot of information from this book! This isn’t a program that will lecture you about the science of muscles and claim that you will get a 45+ inch vertical ( we don’t lie). This is a book that will show you how to maximize your strength and conditioning potential. I have used the techniques described in the book with myself and with others and we still use them to this day. We never want to stop because we are constantly getting results . Overall, if you want to become an elite athlete to match your elite skills, this is the book for you!

Without Hound (The Rabbit Hunter Book 1)

by Shaun Meehan

A challenge issued, wounding pride and demanding response.

One, a hunter with confused aspirations. The other, a student diligently working on her studies. Between them, spare time was at a premium, with each possessing a vastly different opinion than the other regarding how that time should best be spent.

After insult and plea, Ian submits to the argument of his girlfriend, bringing her along on a cold January morning rabbit huntâ??intent on disproving her accusation. Though initially appearing to proceed in his favour, the hunt’s significance shifts, strengthening their bond, teaching each of the other, and altering the course of their lives.

What had begun as a playful challenge, would end in a lesson so powerful it would unveil the true nature of both participants, and provide a new perspective on each other as well as the world around them. Ultimately, what Ian recognizes in his partner elevates her to the highest regard, while Marcy’s new appreciation for Ian manifests into a gift offering his life fresh direction and new beginning.

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