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Missing Wives, Missing Lives: True Stories of Missing Women (True CRIME Library Book 5)

by JJ Slate

True stories of thirty missing women/wives/moms who are also missing justice

When a wife goes missing, her husband is often the prime suspect in her disappearance. But what happens when she is never found? In some of these cases, the husband was found guilty of murder, without a body.

Missing Wives, Missing Lives focuses on unique cases in which the wife has never been found and the undying efforts of her family as they continue the painful search to bring her home. The book covers decades old cases, such as Jeanette Zapata, who has been missing since 1976, to more recent and widely known cases, such as Stacy Peterson, who has been missing since 2007. Keeping these women’s stories alive may be the key to solving the mystery and bringing them home to their family.

JJ Slate’s debut book depicts thirty shocking true stories of wives that have mysteriously vanished, presumably at the hands of her husband. Countless cases like these have played out under the public spotlight, and many of them have been solved after the wife’s remains have eventually been found. But some of these women remain missing years later, denying the families their right to bury their loved one. Many of these families continue the gruesome search for the remains of their daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, or mother years, even decades, later.


    Name and Date Missing

    Jeanette “Jean” Zapata – (October 11, 1976)

    Kathleen Durst – (January 31, 1982)

    Ruth Homberg – (November 4, 1983)

    Annette Craver Vail – (October 22, 1984)

    Gail Katz-Bierenbaum- (July 7, 1985)

    Marlene McDonald – (December 13, 1986)

    Shirley Gibbs Russell – (March 4, 1989)

    Maria Guadalupe “Lupe” Montano – (July 7, 1990)

    Alice Hummel – (October 6, 1990)

    Ann Mineko Racz – (April 22, 1991)

    Rachel Aquino Thomas – (September 12, 1991)

    Betty “Fran” Gladden-Smith – (September 28, 1991)

    Rhonda Kay – (November 6, 1992)

    Janet March – (August 15, 1996)

    Kimberly Green-Medina – (October 29, 1996)

    Patty Vaughan – (December 25, 1996)

    Arlene Fraser – (April 28, 1998)

    Beth Kutz – (July 27, 2000)

    Michele Harris – (September 11, 2001) 9-11

    Kathy Stobaugh – (December 29, 2004)

    Everilda “Evie” Watson – (July 13, 2006)

    Lihau Cao Ekaireb – (October 26, 2006)

    Lisa Stebic – (April 30, 2007)

    Stacy Peterson – (October 28, 2007)

    Rosa Margarita Lisowski – (March 24, 2008)

    Dawn Viens – (October 18, 2009)

    Susan Cox Powell – (December 6, 2009)

    Venus Stewart – (April 26, 2010)

    Lori “Woody” Blaylock – (October 28, 2010)

    Alethea Taylor – (January 19, 2012)

        “A riveting read that paints a vivid picture of disappearing wives whose lives converge toward what the reader knows is a horrifying conclusion. Well researched and written.” â??Crime Magazine

        “A compendium of some of the most notorious cases where women have disappeared. Too many husbands are literally getting away with murder. We must remember that many of these women were moms as well. The subject of this book is fraught with emotions for the reader. Thousands of women and girls are missing and every day more and more simply vanish. We need more books like this for public awareness. Congratulations to the author on this her debut book. Highly recommended.” â??Missing Justice Gender Advocacy

        “Captivating …. concise research and comprehensive facts, Slate’s debut book will intrigue most all readers, not just true crime.”

        â??Publisher’s Weekly

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    A Stroke of Luck: A Girl’s Second Chance at Life

    by Juli K. Dixon

    At a critical juncture during brain surgery, Alex Dixon, age 12, had a stroke. . .

    Alex was a normal, bright, and healthy little girl, when the sudden onset of a mysterious illness began to take over her life. Months of physical therapy and medication failed to provide relief from acute pain and muscle spasms. Doctors across the country were at a loss for answers. A last-ditch attempt at treatmentâ??brain surgeryâ??ended up stopping the spasms but with unexpected, dire consequences.

    A Stroke of Luck is the remarkable true story of a close-knit family that meets challenge after challenge with resilience, hope, and love.

    Saint Francis of Assisi: A Life Inspired

    by Wyatt North

    St. Francis’s call is a call to return to the basics of Christianity. It is a call to Christians to reach back to their roots so that their spiritual lives can draw strength from the pure waters of the Gospel instead of being choked by manmade traditions and worldly concerns. In the words of G. K. Chesterton, the coming of Francis “marked the moment when men could be reconciled not only to God but to nature and, most difficult of all, to themselves. â?¦ his whole function [was] to tell men to start afresh and, in that sense, to tell them to forget” (124).

    While St. Francis of Assisi is one of the most beloved saints in history, the relevancy of St. Francis for our times in light of the election of Pope Francis has yet to be explored. This book is written with the intention of filling that gap. While it is biographical in nature, it also freely explores themes that relate to St. Francis but are not a part of his life. This book is about more than the life of St. Francis of Assisi; it is about the impact this beloved saint has had through his imitation of Christ, his love of poverty, the Franciscan movement, and his profound influence on Pope Francis.

    Beyond the Shadow of 3000 Pairs of Shoes: A Story of Hopelessness, Persistence, and Survival

    by Merjjena B. Hemp

    “I cannot express enough the admiration, respect, and love that I have for my husband as well the veterans, active duty personnel, and the rest of the military community. It is not easy to comprehend until you walk my path and theirs.”

    Beyond The Shadow of 3000 Pairs of Shoes: A Story of Hopelessness, Persistence, and Survival is a memoir. Not until she sat down to begin writing did she realize that her life is the story of a woman who overcame poverty and homelessness, married the love of her life, and embraced the struggles of being a military wife. She never thought that her days living on the streets of Manila as a runaway would provide her with incredible strength, something that would prepare her for military life, where her husband was often away for long stretches of time. She grew up in the Philippines during the Marcos Regime. Dictatorships have a way of making one feel extremely small and insignificant. It didn’t help that she had a tumultuous childhood where the idea that she was ugly and unwanted was something that she grew accustomed to hearing. One day she finally had enough and ran away from home. She wanted to take her life back and rule her own destiny. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that this would lead her to her husband, or that she would become a citizen of the United States, visit beautiful places in Europe, and later return to school to earn a PhD.

    She hopes that this book evokes more than just sadness, but allows those who think that their life is hopeless to realize that one of the most effective resources for dealing with the immense hardships and never-ending challenges of life is yourself; keep taking action and never give up.

    Crying Soul

    by William Armstrong

    CRYING SOUL a volume of American Haiku prose. The author has created referential Haiku poetry in beats (YO or syllables) of 5-7-5 and 3-2-4.

    Not Your Legacy

    by Samantha J Wright

    After a chance meeting at the age of sixteen, Sam leaves behind her father and her reformed alcoholic mother and moves to Northern Ireland to set up home with a man she barely knows.

    The two of them continue to practice the religion they were both raised in but scratch below the surface and life’s not what it appears. This story documents her battle with depression, abuse, the aftermath of suicide, a troubled marriage, and most of all her disastrous involvement with the Jehovah’s Witness church.

    It’s a journey that cost her dearly and as many of her readers have already discovered, Not Your Legacy is far more than just a series of real life events. It tells the story of one woman’s metamorphosis of mind, body and soul.

    The Virgin Memoirs: The Present, The Past, The Future

    by Miah Gamati

    She thought he loved her, just like all the many men in her past. Thinking he was different, although he was clearly the same as all the rest. Giving her heart to an NFL player, thinking it would be different than the time she gave her heart to the rapper, and the R&B singer, and the dope boy. They were all the same, and once again she was heartbroken. But why was she choosing them? Was it the molestation in her childhood? The rape at thirteen? Getting pregnant at sixteen? What was it that led to years in the strip club, the alcoholism, and the men who tarnished her name, turning her into a convicted felon, a side chick, and a woman scorned? The Virgin Memoirs is the journal of Miah Gamati, as she digs deep into her past to see why she continues down the same destructive path, and her search to find freedom from the shackles of the industry and the men who dwell in it. A story of a little girl lost too soon, who grew into a woman that lived a life that most dream of, assuming that it’s full of the glitz and glam that the cameras portray. What it looks like on the outside isn’t always what it is on the inside.

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