Free fantasy Kindle books for 31 Aug 14

Hella Kills (Dawnland Book 2)

by Karen Carr

Meet Hella Paige. She kills zombies. Well, technically her virus kills zombies, the one that she contracted after being bitten by her undead neighbor. In the much anticipated sequel to POCKETS OF THE DEAD, Hella overcomes her fear and controlling nature to battle both living and undead foes. Hella finds her way through the mysterious town of Pittsboro, once a sleepy haven for hippies and now run by a secretive and magnanimous leader named Hipslow. She moves on to fight her way through Durham and rescue her friend Saudah, battling the evil forces of Mace Duce’s army.

While Huck captured her heart in love at first sight, she now questions those feelings as she’s thrust into the action with Zeke. Having Zeke by her side, the strongest fighter on her team, makes her feel invincible. Will Hella be able to escape the clutches of Mace Duce or will she be turned into another experiment in his reprehensible lab? Will she be able to find love with Huck or with Zeke or will she leave love by the wayside to save the world?

HELLA KILLS is the second book out of seven planned novels in the post apocalypse series called DAWNLAND.

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