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Living By the Bible: The 30 Sayings of the Wise from the book of Proverbs broken down

by James Boulay

Bible Verses, Can YOU Understand them?!

Reading the Bible can be confusing, especially books like Proverbs,

so living by the Bible can be tough. It can be even tougher for children.

This book takes care of that! Living By the Bible breaks down the “Sayings of the Wise” giving children from 2nd grade through High School

better understanding of the Bible.

Getting your child to read the Bible can be tricky, this book makes the Sayings extremely easy to understand!

A portion of proceeds from each sale will also help benefit local churches!

As a Christian, it should make great sense to not just be wise or have wisdom but to have biblical wisdom!

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The Fountain’s Daughter

by Andrew Robbins

Don’t drink the milk.

Perpetua’s life is a comfortable blur of math homework and piano practice until she finds those four words scrawled across her stomach in ink. When she obeys them, her quiet, secluded life becomes a tangle of suppressed memories and shocking revelations. The room she inhabits at La Fontaine, a crumbling mansion in the Everglades, begins to resemble a jail cell, and her caretaker, a deranged woman known only as Mother, her captor.

Mother and Perpetua are not the only inhabitants of La Fontaine. Perpetua hears eerie cries rising through the plumbing, and catches glimpses of half-human, half-machine creatures lurking in the shadows. Thankfully, a boy Perpetua’s age lives at La Fontaine as well. Michael is eager to share the house’s history and rekindle a relationship that Perpetua longs to remember. Together, they plan their escape.

Departing La Fontaine means sacrificing a connection to her past, however, and if Perpetua has any hope of solving the mystery behind her miraculous regenerative abilities she must first unearth her long-forgotten childhood. Clues lie tangled in the memories of a father she barely knew, and the truth, if she can live long enough to unravel it, promises to change her world forever.

Minecraft: Age of Apocalypse (Part 2) (Minecraft: Based on True Story)

by MineGeek

Part 2: Age of the Minecraft Apocalypse

Legend of Herobrine & The Gods of War

Herobrine stood still in cold silence in the minecraft world. At the moment he has to discover alone how to survive and how to face the dangers of the Apocalypse. He gathers materials, learns how to make useful tools and fight with courage when he is attacked.

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by Thomas R. M. Webbe

Ghost is a short story set in British India. Ghost hunters come accross a lot more than they had bargained for when they go hunting for ghosts.

“Surprise, suspense and chilling.”

50% of royalties earned are donated to charities.

Legend of Steve: A Minecraft Novel (The War Revolution Book 1)

by Adrian king

The War Nobody Is Talking About

Read about one of history’s most Epic Wars” on the The War Revolution

It is a dark time for the world in this final adventure. The epic war between human players and super mobs reaches a thundering crescendo: Neo, aided by courageous volunteers, desperately battles to hold back the Mob invasion as the evil army of mobs tunnels into their dimension. In facing total annihilation, the Minetizens of the last bastion of civilization fight not only for their own lives, but for the future of the Overworld City itself.

Minecraft: Return to Minecraft City: A Minecraft Novel (The Escape from Earthmod Saga Book 4)

by Marco Bellerari

Introducing the new Minecraft Escape from Earthmod Saga from Marco Bellerari!

A MUST READ MINECRAFT TALE! RETURN TO MINECRAFT CITY is Part 4 of the Escape from Earthmod Saga!

ESCAPE FROM EARTHMOD is the start of a new series of Minecraft books for preteens. Full of action, adventure, and a team of kids out to grief the bullies of this world…and the world of Minecraft!

While fleeing the dangerous Mrs. Wolfe and the Programmer, Dom and his friends have left Earth for the real Minecraft, hoping to find safety and fun. What they find is…rules. Rules, rules, and even more rules. More rules than they had to deal with on Earth!

Even worse, the Earth and everyone on it are in danger of being deleted to prevent the spread of a virus. The fastest way to save it is to play through the tournament ranks of the famous Minecraft game, spleef. But Dom and his friends don’t know how to work together – and Rose doesn’t know how to play at all!

Will Dom and his friends, joined by the real Minecraft player OK, be able to save the Earth in time? And will they be able to escape the attentions of Mrs. Wolfe, the Programmer, their powerful new ally…


250 Fun Things to Do With Your BFF (Best Friend Forever)

by Katelyn Perrier

***** SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER: Only 99 cents! *****

Are you always trying to thing of new things to do on the weekend?

It can be hard to thing of fun things to do with friends, beyond the standard “go see a movie”, go have lunch”, or “go shopping”. But that gets boring! Get inspired with this fun book.

This book is packed full of 250 amazing ideas of things to do with your BFF or all of your best friends.

It includes:

– over 180 TOTALLY FREE activities

– ideas: new skills you can learn quickly

– fun people watching games

– quick and simple food recipes

– ways for teenagers to make money

– things to do on the internet

– where to go to find even more cool ideas

much, MUCH more!

All this can be yours for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

In this book you will find some activities you’ve never thought of doing before, guaranteed.

Be adventurous! Try new things. Buy this book today to get started.

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