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The Great Love of Queen Margaret: The Wars of the Undying Series (Grim’s Labyrinth Series Book 1)

by Grim’s Labyrinth Publishing


Once a queen, born in Anjou in 1430 and choosing vampirism to protect her mad husband’s lands during the War of the Roses, Margo slakes her thirst for blood, sex, and adventure across seventeen lifetimes. Follow her as she guides Columbus and inspires Shakespeare and Swift, becoming the muse of many of the world’s most iconoclastic ideas and loveliest poetry. From the shepherd youths she seduces and feeds upon to Steven, the love of her life, whose foolish brutality leads to his death, Margo’s amours are as passionate and tempestuous as she is.

Margo leads the lives of a queen, a farm wife, an explorer, and a society fashionista as she seeks knowledge and love with equal intensity. When Steven’s death brings her to the breaking point, Margo must battle the consequences of her bloodlust or lose her immortality to a monster of her own making.

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by Julius DeAngelus

A Union soldier relives and regrets his role in a vicious battle over a worthless slice of land.

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