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Looking Good, Cody Greer (Winning Sarah’s Heart Book 2)

by H.T. Night

Book #2 in the Winning Sarah’s Heart Series

As his sixth grade year comes to a close, Cody Greer will discover who is true friends are, and who are his enemies. Mostly, he will get closer and closer to to winning Sarah’s heart.

A coming-of-age story in which Cody Greer, a sensitive, romantic minded sixth grader who loves and adores his friends, discovers just how quickly he can go from being a boy to becoming a young man. And as his feelings for the new girl, Sarah Davis, grow stronger, Cody will do anything he can to win the heart of the girl who has stolen his own heart.


“What a fun ride! Night displays an uncanny knack to capture the thoughts and language of youth. Cody Greer is heroic, funny, and most of all, real.”

â??Summer Lee, author of Kindred Spirits and Beach Angel

“Cody Greer is pitch-perfect. More than anything, the author is a natural born storyteller. Think Nicholas Sparks meets Judy Blume. The story itself is inspiring and hilarious and will stay with you for some time to come. Night captures the thoughts and feelings of six-graders everywhere in a wonderfully touching and moving tale.”

â??J.R. Rain, author of Moon Dance and The Body Departed

“This is why I love reading! Cody Greer is hilarious, thought-provoking and poignant!”

â??Elaine Babich, author Relatively Normal and You Never Called Me Princess

“Sweet and heart-warming. I absolutely fell in love with Cody Greer.”

â??Ella Quinn, author of The Glass Secret and Beautiful Force

Grant Hill: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Most Resilient Forwards

by Clayton Geoffreys

Learn the Incredible Story of Basketball’s Seasoned Veteran Grant Hill!

Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device!

In Grant Hill: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Most Resilient Forwards, you’ll read about the inspirational story of basketball’s star, Grant Hill. Grant Hill was once the go-to man as a member of the Detroit Pistons. Despite several potentially career ending injuries, Grant persevered through countless surgeries and evolved his style of playing basketball to become a consistent contributing member of the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Clippers in the latter half of his career. While he never truly panned out to the contract expectations of Orlando Magic fans, his recovery from injury is an awe-inspiring one of perseverance and grit. Many never thought he would ever grace the courts with his play after his first major injury as a member of the Pistons.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Early Life and Childhood
  • High School Years
  • College Years at Duke
  • Grant’s Personal Life
  • Grant Hill’s Impact on Basketball and Beyond
  • Grant Hill’s Legacy

An excerpt from the book:

There are few sports leagues today as grueling as the NBA.

The NFL may be tougher per individual game, but they play just 16 games, with a normal rest of 1 week between games. Soccer’s Premier League may test its athletes to the limits with its lack of commercial breaks and constant activity, but even they just play 38 games in a season which lasts from August to April. The NBA plays 82 games, with teams sometimes playing back-to-back games and few days of rest over the course of a season. Then there are two additional months of playoffs, where a championship team will play somewhere between 16 and 28 additional games.

Given the physicality of the NBA as well as the strain of the long season, the most important quality an athlete can possess is the ability to stay healthy. It does not matter how high you can jump, or how well you can shoot or pass, if your body is unable to handle the strain of the NBA. That simple fact has left a dark and saddening stain on the career of Grant Hill, a potential all-time great whose brilliant career was derailed by an ankle that would not heal.

The particularly tragic part of Hill’s injury is that it could have been avoided. If he had listened to the screams of pain from his body which warned him that it could not take much more, he could have avoided the ankle injury which destroyed his career of greatness. But Hill chose to keep playing – partly out of pride, but partly out of a desire to avoid being hated.

In a sense, Hill’s high moral character ended up destroying his career. But at the same time, that same character enabled him to persevere where others would have lost themselves to despair. Hill worked and worked to prove that he still belonged in the league, and managed to carve out a respectable niche for himself even after his many surgeries. It was yet another sign of how great he could have been if his body had been a little kinder to him.

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Tracy McGrady: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Greatest Shooting Guards

by Clayton Geoffreys

Learn the Incredible Story of Basketball Superstar Tracy McGrady!

Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device!

In Tracy McGrady: The Inspiring Story of One of Basketball’s Greatest Shooting Guards, you’ll read about the inspirational story of basketball’s superstar shooting guard, Tracy McGrady. T-Mac rocked the basketball world in the early 2000s by quickly blossoming into a perennial All-Star with the Orlando Magic. While he struggled later on in his career with injury problems, fans remember Tracy McGrady for his incredible explosiveness and thrilling ability to get to the basket.

He may not have ever won an NBA Championship, but T-Mac certainly left a lasting legacy in the NBA, as other greats such as Kobe Bryant cite Tracy McGrady as one of his toughest matchups to ever play against.

Here is a preview of what is inside this book:

  • Early Life and Childhood
  • High School Years
  • Tracy’s NBA Career
  • McGrady’s Personal Life
  • T-Mac’s Impact on Basketball and Beyond
  • Tracy McGrady’s Legacy

An excerpt from the book:

Can there be such a thing in basketball as too much talent?

Outside of the basketball court, we frequently talk of those who are too talented, too quickly. There are people who grow up to be natural geniuses. However, these geniuses coast on their talents and never become diligent or mature enough to fulfill their potential. Sometimes, they get surpassed by those of lesser talent but who have learned to work hard thanks to their lack of talent.

When we look at Tracy McGrady, you could argue that he was the most talented shooting guard ever – even above Jordan and Kobe. There was nothing McGrady could not do. While McGrady’s high school career was not very distinguished, the potential that he showed at a single basketball camp was so immense that he went straight from high school to a NBA lottery pick. McGrady eventually developed into one of the premier superstars in the NBA, and led his teams to regular season wins and the playoffs season after season.

But while McGrady was blessed with more natural talent than almost all NBA players, he was cursed to have some of the worst teammates for any NBA superstar. Despite McGrady’s impressive numbers over the years, his defining legacy was his inability to get past the first round of the NBA Playoffs. For years he struggled on teams whose other stars were injured and lacked the role players to make up for it. And right when it appeared that he would be on a championship squad in 2008-09, his body broke down from years of carrying poor basketball teams.

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