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The Ultimate Vietnam Travel Guide: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Travel Through Vietnam From North To South (Asia Travel Guide)

by Hoang Pham

Plan Your Trip Through Vietnam With The Ultimate Vietnam Travel Guide

Have you always wanted to see Vietnam with your own eyes? Are you unsure which activities you should add to your bucket list? Do you wonder what the must see and must do are in Vietnam? Would you like a travel guide with tips on how to make the most of your trip? Are the resources available too much of a hassle to go through?

You have come to the right place! With this short travel guide, you’ll immediately know what you should look out for when wandering in this mysterious country. From an insiders eye, you’ll be guided through the streets and cities of Vietnam. After reading this book, you have enough resources and information to start planning your trip!

Here Is A Preview Of What Is Covered…


  • Have all your available options to book your accommodation
  • Experience the common way of travelling
  • Discover Vietnam’s exotic cuisine
  • Get a feel for what Vietnam is known for
  • The attractions you should go for to exceed your physical limits
  • The places to enjoy for the night owles
  • And lastly, a bucket list with the must sees for you to tick off

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Impressions of Egypt

by Douglas Misquita

In November of 2010 I spent a little over a week in Egypt. I was fascinated and humbled by the history and culture of the country.

This book isn’t a picture-book; there are far better pictures available on the internet and in travel magazines than the thousand plus I clicked with my point-and-shoot.

This book is all about the impressions, emotions and implications that no picture can convey, but something that can only be experienced when you bask in the glorious Mediterranean sun in Alexandria, are belittled by the sentinel pyramids at Giza, come to terms with the engineering feat of relocating Abu Simbel, appreciate the historic grandeur of the museum-city of Luxor, or relive the romance of the Nile as you drift past gently-swaying date palms and white-sailed feluccas.

The Best of England for Tourists: The Ultimate Guide of England’s Sites, Restaurants, Shopping, and Beaches for Tourists! (Travelling, Travelling Guide, … Sites, Adventures, Beaches, Restaurants)

by Getaway Guides

The Best of England for Tourists: The Ultimate Guide of England’s Sites, Restaurants, Shopping, and Beaches for Tourists!

Best of England! Get this Amazon Travelling book for just $2.99. Regularly priced

at $5.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Here Is A Preview Of What is inside…

  • Best Restaurants
  • Best Beaches
  • Museums
  • Best Parks
  • Historical Landmarks
  • Shopping Districts
  • Much, much more!

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Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Africa

by Omay Cruz

Wish to know more about Africa, just want to refresh your memory or see how many facts out there you haven’t heard of before? This book walks you through some amazing facts and figures about the African continent.

You are definitely going to have a new found appreciation for the continent, after going through these facts.

Who knows, this might just be a window for you to discover a whole new world out there.

Get you head buried in, will you!

Top Ten Sights: Bremen

â??Top Ten Sights: Bremen’ is the ultimate guide to a fascinating city, giving you the background and history on the top ten attractions. We focus on the essentials; there are ten chapters of text, one on each attraction, all written by our team of experienced travel writers.

With so many different monuments, historical sights, restaurants, shops bars and nightlife to see, make sure that you experience the best of everything Bremen has to offer, and don’t miss a thing – â??Top Ten Sights: Bremen’ is the only guide you need!

RV Living 101 – Life On The Open Road

by Thom Archard

RV Travel Is One Of the Most Fun and Exiting Ways To See World. Discover Tips and Tricks For Making The Most Out Of Your Life On the Road

Get this Kindle book for just $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Living in recreational vehicles can be fun! You do not have to worry about huge mortgage or energy fees. In addition, you can even trim down your travel expenses. With an RV, you can easily move from one destination to the next without commuting or leaving your personal belongings behind. You do not even have to rent a hotel room because your vehicle is your house!

If you are skeptical about this type of lifestyle, inside you will find the benefits of living in an RV.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The benefits of living in an RV
  • Types of vehicles that will suit your needs
  • Maintaining your RV
  • Organizing your new home
  • Budget tips
  • And more….

Learn about the RV life today. Download “RV Living 101” now for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

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Visit Philly for 3 Days like a Local (Even If You are Completely Hopeless and Need Your Hand Held for Everything) 2014 ed.: This is how to do Philly right.

by Brad Podray

It is possible that this is the greatest Philadelphia travel guide in existence. For less than one dollar, you can be part of a growing cultural phenomenon by reading this exceptional work of travel literature. Written by a man who’s birth was marked by the death of a star and an earthquake in the South Pacific, you will find yourself both mystified and horrified by the treasures that Philadelphia holds.

The Wall: One Man’s Reflections

by Bill Maier

Bill Maier was educated in archaeology and resource geography. He attended an all boys high school as a youth, and following that suffered a heavy loss of acquaintances in the Vietnam war. Mr. Maier first visited the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in 1985. The result of that heart wrenching and memorable encounter is what this book is all about. The Wall, One Man’s Reflections, is a must read for those of you who have visited this memorial, and becomes an eye-opening dissertation for those who have not as yet encountered the monument. Mr. Maier’s reflections are indeed both profound and enlightening. Come along and reflect with him…

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