Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 18 Sep 14

Colours Made Easy: A Jungle Pop-Up Book for Children: A pop-up book for 2-4 year olds to learn about colours the fun way

by Peter Shufflebottom

Colours Made Easy: A Jungle Pop-Up Book for Children is a fun interactive children’s book that will seek to inspire children to learn about colours in an interactive way. From the best-selling children’s author, Peter Shufflebottom, Colours Made Easy seeks to use a range of techniques to teach about colours.

The Night Ones: Legacy of the Night Ones: Book One

by Gwen Bristol

In one selfish act, twelve year-old Lily unleashes an army of Night Ones, monsters who are rumored to eat children.

She struggles to set her world right and save the empire, but not everything she’s been told about the Night Ones is true, and the emperorâ??the only person who can control the Night Onesâ??is missing.

To save her people, Lily must find a lost treasure, uncover the truth about the emperor, and foil a plot to kill an entire suppressed minority race. In the process, she discovers who she isâ??but can she complete her quest before thousands of innocent lives are lost?

The Verses: a lyrical offering

by Shalini Goel

Small Words…Big Thoughts

The deeper i went into understanding the complexities of all life phenomena, the simpler everything became. It was as if the absolute truth about the universe could be heard in the deepest silence of our soul.

My little poems are the small attempts at expressing the grandest of wisdom hiding in the most simple occurrences of life.

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