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Natural Remedies: Natural Remedies that Heal, Protect and Provide Instant Relief from Everyday Common Ailments

by Kasia Roberts

Discover Homemade Natural Remedies that Heal, Protect and Provide Instant Relief from Illness, Infection and Everyday Common Ailments

Natural remedies in this book look to soothe and cure common problems such as headaches, coughs, colds, toenail fungi, rashes, constipation, depression, anxiety and so many other ailments. Because the ingredients listed in this book are plant-based and natural, they do nothing to irritate or create future problems. In fact, they are generally good for the rest of the body as they enact on the very particular, affected area. Heal your body with fresh, healthy ingredients that work for better over-all health. Something as simple as a flower in the field, a garlic clove, or a bit of honey can stretch a long way in the terms of overall health and wellness!

Make the ultimate switch to prevent future problems, eliminate the surge of chemicals in the body, and supercharge the body with health. Live a fulfilled, longer life. Alleviate headaches, arthritis pain and tension with natural techniques, and calm the mind with homemade remedies so you can rest assured that you are doing all you can to take care of your physical and mental health!

Learn to Make Homemade Natural Remedies For:

  • Common, Everyday Ailments such as Headaches, Menstrual Cramps, Heartburn, Yeast Infections, Join, Tendon, and Ligament Pain
  • Skin and External Body Ailments such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Rash, and Sunburn
  • Gastrointestinal Ailments such as Diarrhea, Nausea, and Constipation
  • Mental and Neurological Ailments such as Insomnia, Anxiety, and Depression
  • Infection Ailments such as Colds, Cough, Sore Throat
  • And Much, Much More!

    You will also learn how to make your own First Aid Ointments!

    The benefits of natural remedies are endless! Not only are they safe and effective; they do not produce harmful side effects that prescription and over-the-counter medication does. In addition, you can also find most of the ingredients in your own kitchen. Preparing your own natural remedies is easy and can save you hundreds of dollars a year!

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    The Ultimate Anti-Aging Cure: Look & Feel Younger In 30 Days – The Secrets Of Medicine, Super Foods And Skin Care Made Easy (Hormones, eye cream, vitamin, … book, books, face, night cream, organic,)

    by Carolynn Holgate

    A Medically Proven Formula To Significantly Slow Down And Reverse Your Aging Process

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    You’re about to discover how to reverse the effects of time and dramatically reduce the signs of aging, both physically and mentally. Far too many people suffer from insecurity or anxiety as they get older, suddenly we’re discovering more wrinkles by the day, our energy seems depleted and we just doesn’t look as fresh and sparkling as we used to do. If you’re reading this right now chances are that you’ve felt this way too. Luckily there are proven, successful formulas for stopping the aging process and even reverse it. You, too, with the methods described in this book, can get that younger version of yourself back.

    Truth is we all know that person who just turned 40 but looks like 30, or that newly retired couple who doesn’t look a day over fifty. How do they do it, the secret is to work both externally and internally, take a look inside and discover the secrets. This is also a perfect book to read along with your spouse for a long and active life together.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Causes And Cures To Premature Aging
    • How To Use The Secrets Of Food And Super Foods
    • How To Use Skin Supplements To Cure Signs Of Aging
    • The Best Products To Beat The Aging Process
    • Diets For A Younger Face
    • What Vitamins To Eat
    • Motivational Help On Your Journey
    • A 30-Day Challenge
    • Much, much more!

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