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Laws of Alpha: Powerful Ways to Attract Woman, Gain Massive Success & Live With Confidence (100% Alpha Rules)

by Andre Manson

***Laws of Alpha Males – Unlock Your True Potential And Awaken Your Inner Alpha!***

Are you lacking confidence? Do you have a hard time approaching beautiful woman? Are you just not satisfied with your currently life situation? If so, you need to pick a copy of this book today.

The Laws of Alpha will help destroy all self-doubt and help you live with ultra-strong conviction and confidence. Being an alpha male is not about being arrogant or a jerk, instead it’s about living life to your true potential. It’s about self-discovery and self-mastery!

This Short Book Will Help You Tap Into Your Inner Alpha:

  • Learn What It Takes To Become An Alpha
  • How To Build Bulletproof Confidence
  • How To Win At Dating
  • Destroy Your Deepest Fears
  • Getting Massive Success
  • And Much Moreâ?¦
  • Becoming an alpha male is more than superficial needs. Sure you’ll look great and feel great. But more importantly, becoming an alpha will make you happier. Once you learn the laws of becoming an alpha, you’ll literally unlock all life’s treasures. You’ll become more confidence and bold. These simple mindset shifts will transform your life. Get started now!

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    Freedom: How Free Are We Really? (Big Brother Is Always Watching)

    by Shaun Redding

    You’re Being Watched As You Read This

    You’re probably sitting at your computer desk right now or browsing through your kindle trying to find a book that interests you, the funny part is someone is looking over your shoulder.

    Don’t look now, because you can’t see them, it’s a one way street.

    “Big Brother” AKA the government has eyes on us at all times, no matter where we are, no matter what we’re doing, we’re always being watched. According to Edward Snowden, former NSA employee, if you have sent out a nude photo before government employees have seen it. They catalog it and keep it in their own personal collections…

    How disgusting is that? It’s time to wake up America. We should be up in arms about the state of our country. So I’ll ask you, how free are we really?

    What You Will Discover Inside

    • It Is Not The Right To Enslave People
    • Importance Of Freedom In The Lives Of People
    • What Is The Optimum Freedom Level?
    • How To Enjoy Freedom And Protect It?
    • Freedom Expected By An Individual In A Society
    • Free Will
    • Growing Up With Parent’s Free Will
    • Types Of Freedom
    • Structure To Create Freedom

    Would You Like To Know More?

    This book contains some serious thought provoking concepts. The question is will you choose to learn them and truly understand the power our government holds or will you wake up tomorrow still oblivious and careless?

    If you are ready to take back your freedom and constitutional rights than scroll up and grab your copy of Freedom: How Free Are We Really? (Big Brother Is Always Watching).

    Our Commitment Is to Our Communities: Mass Incarceration, Political Prisoners, and Building a Movement for Community-Based Justice

    by David Gilbert

    In the 2014 Certain Days calendar, David Gilbert wrote that the “War on Crime” which began in the early 1970s was in fact a conscious government counterinsurgency strategy to decimate and disrupt Black and other people of color communities across the United States. In this pamphlet, interviewed by Bob Feldman, David uses this observation as his starting point to discuss the ongoing catastrophe that is mass incarceration, connecting it to the continued imprisonment of political prisoners and the challenges that face our movements today.

    About the Author

    David Gilbert, a longtime anti-racist and anti-imperialist, first became active in the Civil Rights movement in 1961. In 1965, he started the Vietnam Committee at Columbia University; in 1967 he co-authored the first Students for a Democratic Society pamphlet naming the system “imperialism”; and he was active in the Columbia strike of 1968. He went on to spend a total of 10 years underground, building a clandestine resistance.

    David has been imprisoned in New York State since 10/20/81, when a unit of the Black Liberation Army along with allied white revolutionaries tried to get funds for the struggle by robbing a Brinks truck. This tragically resulted in a shoot-out in which a Brinks guard and two police officers were killed. David is serving a sentence of 75 years (minimum) to life under New York State’s “felony murder” law, whereby all participants in a robbery, even if they are unarmed and non-shooters, are equally responsible for all deaths that occur. While in prison, he’s been a pioneer for peer education on AIDS and has continued to write and advocate against oppression. He’s been involved with the annual Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar since 2001 and has written two books from prison that are available from Kersplebedeb and PM Press: No Surrender and Love and Struggle.

    Prepper Bug Out Bag: Bug Out Bag – Learn What You Need To Survive For 72 Hours When SHTF (Prepper Essentials Book 3)

    by Jason Alters

    Prepper Bug Out Bag

    For a limited time only, you can get our copy of Prepper Bug Out Bag for only $2.99 instead of $4.99. Get it today and start prepping for when SHTF.

    Your Prepper Bug Out Bag (BOB) can be your savior

    In a SHTF, your bug out bag helps you to survive the initial 72 hours of a crisis. As a prepper, you need to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario and how to survive in the long haul. As most preppers have a bug out location set up for weeks, months or possibly even years, the question of how to get to said bug out location remains. The prepper bug out bag is the main tool that helps the prepper to make it to his bug out location unharmed.

    Are there dos and don’ts when it comes to bug out bags?

    Since bug out bags are meant to help survive initially, are will in most cases have to be carried on foot, there is absolutely no space for heavy equipment. While a water purifier is a piece that no prepper can do without in his bug out bag, a diesel generator sure has no place in your 72 hour survival kit.

    This and other information that will be necessary for your short term survival in a SHTF scenario can be found in this guide.

    Purchase your copy of Prepper Bug Out Bag today and start prepping immediately. You can become a prepper and assemble your Bug Out Bag.

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