Free religious fiction Kindle books for 18 Sep 14

Bible Women

by Michele McGrath

Four remarkable women

Living in biblical times

This book contains four short stories about women who appear in the Bible or whose existence can be imagined. The stories start with the birth of Christ and continue until his death.

They are:

  • Rivka
  • The Bride of Cana
  • The Carpenter’s Bench
  • Claudia

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The White Savages – Miracles Of The Hawk Crosses

by Dennis A. Hooker

General George Washington directed his troops to “Break the backs of the Iroquois.” The Senecas lost not one life during 6000 troops chasing 6000 Senecas. The Senecas knew a strong medicine – “aggressors cannot see clearly”. A burned-out minister and a brother and sister of the Senecas conflict then bond with this intense man in the woods of New York. It is a blending of courage and faith.


by Sandra Olson

Over twenty-two years have gone by since Reverend Forester sent men out to “hunt” for wives. Now with all the single young men in his snake-handling church congregation ready to start families, he organizes another hunt. But times have changed in twenty years. The men aren’t prepared for the way the world outside their sheltered community does things. And when one man finds and falls in love with a spunky Mormon girl, his world is about to be turned up-side-down. *** It has been five years since Elizabeth Franklin’s lifesaving brain surgery. The connections she shares with her adopted family fill the void in her life since the murder of her father. But the bond she shares with five year old Melinda Lakes borders on the mysterious. *** Everyone has connections in their life; be it family, friends, religion, or work; it influences and directs our actions.

FYI: Elizabeth Franklin’s story of her illness and father’s murder are told in the novel REBIRTH.

In A Garden Eastward In Eden: Understanding God and His Responsibility As Our Father From The Garden of Eden To Today. Includes An Apology From Adam and Eve.

by Will Spann

This book re-examines the story of Adam and Eve and God and the serpent in the Garden of Eden. It is a book about God and parental responsibility in the Garden of Eden and in the world today. What it discovers is relevant and important to our understanding of God, our relationship with God and each other.

A Sense of Self (Stephanie Book 3)

by Juliet Ashwell

Stephanie suddenly had a sick feeling in her stomach. How would James react when she told him about her mother? Although she knew he wouldn’t hold her accountable for her mother’s sins, she had a nagging feeling that it would somehow change his opinion of her. And how could she explain it all? Start with the facts. “My mother has been arrested for murdering my father.”

James chuckled. “So just an ordinary day, really.”

Stephanie was silent.

In this, the third short novel in the series, Stephanie finds herself facing some challenges that make her question herself.

Thieves of Calvary

by R. M. Grey

This is an original story based on the two thieves that died next to Jesus. It is a story of Aaron and Joseph’s lives and the bad decisions they make that cause them to end up on a cross.

Of course one of the thieves repented and one did not so the story includes one thief heading to heaven and one heading to hell.

Their journey concludes at the judgement throne where they must both bow before Jesus and hear their verdict for their final destination. This story has a mixed bag of tragedies and triumphs, it includes their romances and losses combined with the pair witnessing a couple of Jesus’s miracles themselves.

There is no bad language or sex scenes contained in this book, but it has many gruesome scenes depicting hell that is only appropriate for a mature audience.

Contains a rather controversial testimony at the end.

The Queen of Steel and Fire

by Steven South

When her father is murdered, sixteen-year-old princess Claire Erinn must become the first female ruler of Keldaren. As soon as Claire takes the throne, enemies arise on her borders–and from within her own court.

Claire knows she’s not ready to rule. But that’s a secret she has to hideâ??from her enemies, and from her own people. Claire must act like a strong queen if she hopes to survive long enough to become one.

As war looms, Claire struggles to save her kingdom, and herself. A rival queen and Claire’s half-mad brother are both coming for her crownâ??and her head.

With Death herself hunting her, Claire must become the warrior her kingdom needs. She’s willing to face Death to save Keldaren. But the price of victory may be even higher than Claire’s life.

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