Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 19 Sep 14

God’s Children

by Pertti Pietarinen

Charming Picture Book About God’s Love

God loves you, because He created you as His own image.

He loves us so much that he gave His only Son, Jesus Christ.

God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

And every child’s best friend is Jesus Christ. This book tells about His love with beautiful pictures and Biblical words.

In The Beginning: God Creates The Heaven and The Earth (Children Bible Stories Book 1)

by Oluwole Elehinte

In the Beginning, is a book designed to cater for christian children and adult alike with the aim of arousing the interest of children mainly in the Bible. In the Beginning detail the story of creation, the things God created, light, animals, man and the likes. Children will get to enjoy the story of creation more with images that tell the story, which makes it real and fun to read.


Children Bible Stories is a series of all the wonderful stories of the bible. More Bible stories are on the way. Happy Reading!

Sensational Science Projects For Kids: Awesome Experiments From Erupting Volcanos and Frisbee Science to Oil Spill Cleanups and Trick Candles

by Ellen Weisman

Sensational Science Projects For Kids

These fun and exciting science projects are sure to spark your child’s interest in science as well as provide a fun family activity. The book is geared towards elementary and middle school students, but can always be adjusted for more complex high school projects.

From erupting volcanos and Frisbee science to oil spill cleanups and trick candles, this collection of over 40 “kid approved” projects are guaranteed to light up your child’s eyes and spark their imaginations.

Pick up a copy today to create fun family memories!

Jackson’s Aviation Adventure (Jackson’s Adventures Book 2)

by Rita Goldner

This is a whimsical and funny story about Jackson, who loves art and uses painting to explore his world and his imagination. He’s anxious about a flight he’ll be taking alone. His problem-solving method is painting to learn about the history and science of aviation, and thus calm his nervousness.


by Julia Dweck

Jack’s little heart began to thump,

As he prepared to take a jump.

He swung around and then he flexed.

His thousandth jump was coming next.

Then tightening his coils, he sank,

And listened to the music crank.

He sprung out free, no longer trapped.

His rusty spring broke loose and SNAPPED!

What’s a Jack-in-the-box without his home? Poor Jack has never jumped out of anything before, but his worn out box. Can Barker, the neighborhood dog, prove to Jack that there are many more exciting jumps outside in the great, big world? Young readers will find lots of giggles in the rhyming text and wondrous jumps that Barker and Jack discover together. The full screen art by illustrator, Brian Allen, positively leaps off the page. The author, Julia Dweck, has done a wonderful job of weaving in the subtle message that it’s important to believe in yourself and to think outside of the box in order to realize life’s wondrous possibilities. This bouncy tale from Sleepy Sheep Productions will leave young readers jumping for joy! Leveled for young readers ages 4 – 8, but relevant to readers of all ages.

Myth Catchers Book I: Dad’s Pants

by Alan Riehl

It is a Children’s Fiction Novel about a troubled young boy named Curtis Armstrong who misses his father so much that he hangs on to the only thing left to remind him of his dad; a pair of jeans. His adventures are just beginning as he and his mother and sister travel to Myth, NM where he begins a new semester of school. It is also the place where he meets his arch enemy and develops a hatred for anything with one single horn.

Is it the maiden voyage of his imagination that sets things in motion, or is there really something going on that he can’t explain. What is the secret of the pants? What part will his arch enemy play in his quest for reality? Will he ever see his father again? How much of a part will Curtis’ imagination play in all of this? What other creatures can the pants “catch”?

This is the first book in a series that will delve into Curtis’ experiences with the wonderful and sometimes scary things that he catches with his father’s pants. Watch as the story slowly unravels with surprises at every turn.

Tiny the Dinosaur

by Otto Cohen

A baby dinosaur learns that it’s important to be himself when he realizes that he’s different from all the other dinosaurs.

Therianthropy (Paradox Child Series Book 2)

by J Yates

About the second book in the Paradox Child Series

Therianthropy is the second book in the Paradox Child Series.

Lilly continues her time travelling adventures from the secret floor underneath The Pitt rivers Museum Oxford City UK.

There are new characters and some of the old ones that fell in the first book, may a comeback.

There are new magic spell, new steampunk items, and new romance.

As well as the much loved characters Mandy and Buster the spaniels.

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