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Something You Should Know – Sampler Edition

by Melissa Hill


First five chapters of SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW, by the bestselling author of THE CHARM BRACELET, A GIFT TO REMEMBER and more.

‘Hill has managed to combine elements of romance with the page-turning benefits of a thriller. One to read.’ U Magazine

‘A great read with some unexpected twists and turns towards the end’ Woman’s Way

It was her secret, but now there was no going back…

Just when everything was going so well for Jenny and Mike, Roan Williams comes back into their lives.

Four years earlier, while her closest friends were falling in love and heading for happy ever after, love rat Roan had broken Jenny’s heart and completely shattered her life.

Harbouring a terrible lie, Jenny struggled to pick up the pieces of her life, but now that Roan has returned the truth will out.

It would ruin everything, but Mike had a right to know….

Smokestack Lightning

by Randall Luce

Delmore and MaceoĆ¢??a white policeman disappeared, and a black activist lynched, both on the same night in a Mississippi Delta town. Sam Swain, ex-Chief of Police and Delmore’s uncle, believes the two events are linked, but it’s 1956, and the police will not investigate what role a missing white man might have played in a black man’s murder. Reluctantly, Swain agrees to look for his nephew and, at the request of Maceo’s family, to look for Maceo’s missing body.

Swain’s investigation takes him back five decades to a seminal event in the history of the county, and also into present-day controversies. He must contend with an agent of the segregationist Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission, who threatens Swain and his family to put a stop to his investigation. Swain must also face his own guilt for putting his family at risk.

Set during a time of political and social upheaval, Smokestack Lightning is a tale about the persistence of truth and the necessity of forgiveness.

Anticipatory Pause: Part One: The Virus

by Melissa T. Liban

Unidentified objects have entered the atmosphere, but that soon gets overshadowed by the mysterious C9 virus.

Seven hundred and fifty-nine teens get the virus, so far none have survived.

A couple of months fresh out of rehab, sixteen year old Conner Domingo catches the C9 virus. Quarantined to the house, the Domingo’s face their imperfections as a family and what seems like Conner’s inevitable death.

Ordinary Beauty

by Cameron Carpenter

Ordinary Beauty is the first published short story by 16 year-old author Cameron Carpenter. It is the heartfelt tale of a young man trying to find his place in life.

The story follows Walter, an introverted, socially disconnected high school student. Walter spends his days bored and alone, until his fun-loving best friend Marv shows him that there is beauty to be found, even in everyday life.

Author Carpenter conveys the feeling of being young and lost with such genuine emotion that readers will laugh and cry along with the characters.


by Nancy Bristol


“Page Turner”

“I was literally at the edge of my seat”

“Intense to it’s core”

When a mother is sent to prison for the brutal murder of her husband and three other people, the lives of those she loves the most are forever changed and intertwined in ways never imagined. And on the day of her death, she must reveal the biggest and most heart shattering secret to the one person she loves and adores the most. Will the shocking truth shatter the lives around her, and will her defiled mistakes destroy the generations to come?

This is the page turning, debut Novel by Nancy Bristol. This is the mind bending brilliance from a Writer who delivers suspense, thrills, chills, love, and compassion all in one book! A must read! and this is one page turner you will not want to walk away from. This story will grip you for years to come!

Tales From The Leeward Lounge

by I. C. Talbot

A collection of eight short stories from author I. C. Talbot. These are tales of normal women dealing with some of life’s hardest lessons.

It has been speculated that I. C. fictionalized stories she heard from her customers at The Leeward Lounge, a small tavern she owned and ran from 1971 to 1987.

Born in 1923 in the little town of North Kingsville, Ohio, and growing up in the Great Depression. I. C. Talbot went to a little school where she knew everyone for all twelve years. She graduated Valedictorian in a class of 13 students. She then went on to the Ashtabula Business College, the first woman in her family to seek higher education.

Her first job was as a typist, then she worked as a secretary for a firm of lawyers until the firm dissolved during WWII. From there she went to work for City Hall, until she landed a job with the New York Central Railroad. When it merged with the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1964, the Reclaimation Plant closed. From there she went to work for Union Carbide in their Linde` Division until she retired from there.

When the economy went south in the 1970’s she bought and operated a tavern from 1971 to 1988, until she retired a second time. After her first retirement, she and her husband traveled in an RV, where she did the bulk of her writing. They finally settled in Kentucky when they could no longer travel and did not care to battle the northeastern Ohio winters.

With the help of her daughter, she decided to e-publish her collection of over 350 short stories. She said of her writing: “I write pulp fiction. My stories are pure entertainment for women.”

I. C. Talbot passed in January of 2014. Icy Road Publishing was formed to continue publication of her work.

The absolute skin of her fragance: (Short stories in several languages)

by M. A. Guerrero Ramos

This book contains five short stories of romantic and erotic themes and some with an evocative and poetic nuance. Five stories primarily in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and some others in Italian, Danish, Croatian and French.

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