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The Glen: Suspense Thriller (The Glen Series Book 1)

by Carla Coon

There’s something different about Jackson.

There always was, but when the savant six year old begins to suffer catatonic trances, his mother fears he may be seeing the same demons that haunted her hidden past. When the tiny family relocates to a remote piece of land in Ithaca NY, Clarice discovers THE GLEN, a sylvan paradise, whose borders call to her spirit, touching every extrasensory nerve she ever denied. With no idea destiny has drawn them there and completely unaware of the satanic cult plotting to kill her son, Clarice must learn the purpose of THE GLEN before it is too late for her son. But will discovering the reason her son needs THE GLEN prove as perilous as delivering him to it?

Both a mystery to unravel and a suspense thriller to excite, THE GLEN is filled with biblical clues that foreshadow the apocalyptic riddle, THE GLEN is a classic Horror tale of good versus evil and the first in the Glen Trilogy by Carla Coon.

This series is great for those who like believable suspense thrillers with a touch of paranormal and the occult. Also a fine choice for the Judeo-Christian reader who looks for clean writing, free of foul language and adult themes.

READER’s FAVORITE rated The Glen five stars: “THE GLEN is a decidedly well-written story of good triumphing over evilâ?¦Not without blood and gore,â?¦The Glen is a highly recommended read for believers and non-believers alike!” (Reader’s Favorite)

Philanthropist: a novel

by Larry Hill

Fred Klein, a rich 75 year-old San Franciscan, accidentally kills a young woman the day he learns his cholesterol was high. He flees the scene, remaining at-large for less than 48 hours, is arrested, incarcerated, bailed out, and not long after suffers a catastrophic health event of his own. Philanthropist explores the upper crust of the City by the Bay, with a magnifying glass on its legal and medical establishments. Combining tragedy, suspense, and comedy, first time novelist Larry Hill, a physician with more than 35 years of experience in the office and hospital, including 17 years abroad with the Peace Corps and the US Foreign Service,dissects not only poker-playing penny-pinching, Klein but his young second wife, Jennifer, her lover Ernesto, Fred’s 3 professional sons, the widower and young daughter of Fred’s victim, and many others. The story reaches not only San Francisco, its hospitals, court rooms and jail, but also Africa and South America.

At the heart of this story is Aging: its highs and lows, its wonders and sadness, its loneliness, the continuity and eventual ebbing of its sexual vigor, and above all, its inexorable nature.

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