Free reference Kindle books for 19 Sep 14

Dissertations made Manageable. How to Research and Write by a Prolific Author

by Conrad Jones


If you are taking an advanced educational course which includes a dissertation or research project of some kind then this practical guide will turn a mountain into a molehill. For many students this process can be a terrifying experience, especially if writing is not your forte. The author of this guide is a prolific writer and he uses his proven system for each novel. If you follow this plan then your dissertation will be panic free. This simple guide will provide a system of producing a dissertation with minimum stress and frustration. It covers such areas as choosing a subject, planning the project and how to research it. It is a guide written by a writing professional, published over a dozen times.

Know Your Monster

by Taylor Thatcher

Know Your Monster is about a boy named Jake suffering from anxiety. Jake views his anxiety as a Worry Monster which follows him around. Each time Jake experiences anxiety through stressful situations, the Worry Monster grows. He eventually learns how to cope with his worries by paying attention to his thoughts and being mindful of his feelings. Each time Jake uses one of these coping skills the Worry Monster shrinks. In the end, Jake learns to use acceptance in order to become friends with his anxiety and to become a better person for it!

The Ultimate Guide to Making Friends in College

by Nathan White

I believe you are interested in this book because you are about to start, or have already started college, and want to make many friends. Well, you chose the right book for this purpose. College life can he heaven if you have a big group of crazy friends. College life can sometimes also be boring and depressing if you are lonely, or have a low social value.

Getting to know people comes before making friends. The best and only way to have a high social value is to know as many people as you can, and have them know you too. Leave a good impression so that they remember you for the rest of their lives. Also, knowing many people in college can help you with your career in the future.

I, for one, had an amazing college life. About sixty percent of all people in my college knew me well and I had a group of about 50 guys. They were all crazy people and thanks to them, my college life was nothing less than a joyride. In this book I will tell you about all the techniques I personally used to make friends. I hope this helps you too. Good luck, and have fun!!

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