Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 19 Sep 14

High Noon Justice (Psalms 37 Novels Book 1)

by Shakira R. Thompson

Christian. Fiction. Romance

A Psalms 37 Novel

Pastor-Elect, Carson Eugene Montgomery IV has just issued a blistering decree upon his wife’s life. In order for him to ascend to the throne and take over his family’s church, Carson believes his wife, Scarlett no longer fits the role to stand by his side. In a tyrannical rant, he pressures Scarlett into leaving her beloved Christian church, Wondrous Works Tabernacle Fellowship where she has served with Carson faithfully in ministry for five years so he can marry his latest conquest, Rebekkah Hudson.

Trust the Lord and Do Good

Scarlett’s parents, bible quoting Minta and funny man, George Watson are preparing to live out their retirement dreams when she shows up for a visit at their new home in Jordan, Mississippi to regroup.

Determined to chart a new path in life, Scarlett begins to experience what it means to trust in the Lord with all of her heart and lean not to her own understanding. She learns early on that purpose has to be born and sometimes the greatest triumphs are birthed out of severe adversity.

Faith Without Works Is Dead

In an attempt to process her new way of life, Scarlett discovers she has a knack for merging faith and fitness together.

In teaming up with cardiologist, Dr. James Hartgrove to improve the health conditions of the citizens of Jordan, Scarlett finds herself wondering if Dr. Hartgrove’s ability to heal people’s hearts goes beyond his successful medical practice.

Will Justice Be Served?

When the pews of Wondrous Works calls Scarlett back home, will it go down like a showdown at high noon?

SAMUEL, A Life Study And Commentary (Outstanding Men of the Bible Book 2)

by Joseph Jordan

This is a life study of Samuel; Prophet, Priest and Judge. Samuel was the last of the Biblical judges and it was his God-given task to oversee the transition from rule by God-inspired judges to a monarchy for the children of Israel. There are many things we can learn from the lives of Samuel, Saul, David, Jonathon and others in this studyl To God be the gloryl

A Daily Walk to Understanding God

by Forest Getter

For some time now I have been writing a blog called “Understanding God”. It contains the God inspired messages that I felt God leading me to share with others. I take no personal credit for the writings and give the Glory and honor to God, Jehovah Jireh our divine provider lord Jesus Christ. I have compiled these writings in this short book.This is an exciting new Devotional that will help you to come closer to God and open your eyes up to what it means to be a christian.

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