Free religious fiction Kindle books for 19 Sep 14

Returning, The

by Ann Tatlock

Andrea knew when she married John Sheldon that her love was not returned, but they both stayed in the marriage for their own reasons. Now John is returning home from a five-year stint in prison, and while Andrea wants him home, she knows his return will upset the life she and the children have adjusted to in his absence. But she hopes his homecoming will offer them a second chance at marriage.

John is apprehensive about how he will be received, but he is returning a different man. While incarcerated, he committed his life to Christ and wants to hold fast to his newfound faith. Andrea is wary of his conversion, son Billy is delighted, and daughter Rebekah is skeptical. Six-year-old Phoebe doesn’t remember her father and is withdrawn. Can John and Andrea mend the rifts that have torn their family apart?

Desert Rains (Tales of Balia)

by Jill Penrod

Enter the land of Balia, a world not so different from our own. Explore lush landscapes and rich cultures as Balia’s creator, TrueGod, moves through many times and places to find lost and broken people to call his own.

In the ancient desert town of Alagor, nobody is more lost and broken than Banar, the lame beggar, unless it’s Anna, the royal slave, or Alandro, the wounded baker, or even Malia, the lonely noble daughter. When TrueGod unexpectedly weaves their lives together, he creates unlikely alliances that will not only save the city from the secret plans of a power-seeking magistrate, but may also heal their individual lives as they step out of their ordinary roles and do things none would have dared alone. If they fail, lives all across Alagor will be lost, including their own. Christian romance/historical fantasy for adults and teen readers.

Custodian of the Luima Legacy (Luima Legacy Series Book 1)

by Gabrielle Poplar

A Young Man at the center of Political Intrigue. A fine Epic Fantasy!

“I highly recommend this title to fantasy fans and anyone who enjoys a great story. Get swept away today by Custodian of The Luima Legacy” â?? Brian Barber

“Filled with royalty, mystery, and action…brings you from the death of a queen to the revelation of a mystery” â?? R.Ponder Weiss

Fastian was the First Minister of Estruchi. He had no living relatives or dependents, except for Meryl, the son of his house keeper, who lived in his house and served as his ward. To the outside world, his life was uncluttered and devoted to serving King Arpad of Estruchi.

King Arpad was determined to free his kingdom from servitude to neighboring Bahadi, and he charged Fastian with the task of obtaining the Light sword that he intended to use to press his claims for freedom. Fastian and his ward traveled to Bahadi to steal the Light sword, but in the course of carrying out the King’s orders, Meryl’s life was threatened. In a bid to save his ward’s life, Fastian revealed that Meryl was not a servant’s son, and that he was the custodian of an ancient legacy.

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God Does Laugh: A Life Interrupted

by Trebor Fairwell

Trebor Fairwell was never normal. Normal boys don’t want to be priests. God reveals to some saints his Divine Mercy, to other saints his Divine Justice. To Trebor Fairwell God chose to reveal his Divine Humor.

Time Stands Still (Dogs Love Romance)

by Kyra Alexander

Dogs Love Romance short stories explore remarkable bonds we share with our canine companions along with heartfelt human connections, finding the one, and falling in love.

Cally and Tom were childhood sweethearts. They had their lives mapped out; Cally, Tom, and Tom’s inquisitive border collies. One tragic afternoon, in just a few seconds, all their lives changed forever. Cally has moved on. Or rather, tried to move on after Tom pushed her away. When she is faced with letting her guard down, will she allow Tom back into her life?

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