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I am Alive … Period!: A Cancer Recovery Handbook

by Janet Kempe

What have long-term cancer survivors done differently to outlive their cancer diagnosis? How can these successful and victorious examples of surviving cancer be replicated?

Based upon Kempe’s experience with her own recovery from an ovarian cancer diagnosis along with her observation of thousands of cancer patients, I am Alive … Period! A Cancer Recovery Handbook, introduces what she and other long-term cancer survivors have done and continue to do as they outlive their cancer.

In this forward-thinking book Kempe explains the process she uncovered that triggered her to create the mindset of a long-term cancer survivor. This book offers self-help steps, she and other long-term cancer patients have taken, to create the essential mindset that facilitates healing; the mindset that alters the course of cancer inhabiting the body.

Organic Herbal Antibiotics And Essential Oils For Beginner’s Box set – 2 in 1 Organic Herbal Antibiotics + Essential Oils For Beginner’s Box Set (Herbal … Antibiotics, Essential Oils For Beginner’s)

by Lillian Hall

Organic Herbal Antibiotics and Essential Oils For Beginner’s Mastery Box Set Discounted

2 In 1 Organic Herbal Antibiotics And Essential Oils For Beginner’s

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We often undermined what natural resources we already have and the benefits that we get from those resources. In effect, we abuse to the point of destruction these natural resources not knowing what we are about to lose. With the present generation where in advancement to almost every field of science is at the tips of our fingertips we are led to believe that effectiveness should be equated to a result of a scientific process or experimentation.

Many people feel intimidated when the subject of essential oils comes up. Why? Is it because of having no belief in its medicinal purposes? Or is it because of lack of exhaustive information available for it? Information on essential oils was rarely ever available to everyone before.This information can be used as a tool to improve our daily lives. Like what essential oils do. Essential oils are compounds that come from plants, trees or herbs that has medicinal properties.

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  • Organic Antibiotics Benefits
  • Natural Remedies
  • Natural Healing
  • Organic Protection
  • Ancient Antibiotics
  • Essential oils Recipes
  • Essential Oils Purposes
  • Essential Oils Protection
  • Efficient Uses of Essential Oils
  • Ways of Healing illnesses

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Unrestorable Habitat: Microsoft Is My Neighbor Now

by Lois Phillips Hudson

Lois Phillips Hudson was a novelist, essayist, professor at the University of Washington, environmental activist, and mother of two daughters. She was born in 1927 in Jamestown, North Dakota. Because of the Depression, her family was forced to move back and forth between North Dakota and Washington State. In 1937 her family finally settled on a twenty-acre homestead in the rural Sammamish River Valley near the town of Redmond, Washington, population, then, only about 300.

Unrestorable Habitat: Microsoft Is My Neighbor Now recounts how that valley was transformed over the course of Hudson’s lifetime, roughly the sixty-five years from 1937 to 2003. The Sammamish River Valley was for her what Walden Pond was for Thoreau, what the Lake District was Wordsworth, what the farm at Port Royal, Kentucky, is for Wendell Berry. It was both her home land and it was the womb of her imagination. Day after day, year after year, she rode her bicycles, first along the county gravel roads of her youth, then along the asphalt pathways of the Kings County Park and Trail System. As she rode, she observed the natural order and its cycles; she observed the human habitation of this world and how it changed the natural order; she saw rivers where salmon had once been plentiful now dammed for power generation and straightened for flood control. Parking lots covered wetlands. Golf courses and soccer parks replaced farm fields. Suburban housing developments overran apple and cherry orchards. Hudson’s rural habitat of small farms, salmon streams, forests, and the human community closely tied to the natural world were transformed into the suburban technological-capitol of the world, the headquarters of Microsoft, Hudson’s new “neighbor.”

Unrestorable Habitat: Microsoft Is My Neighbor Now was not published during Hudson’s lifetime. Hudson left a manuscript that is substantially complete, but not fully finished. The book tells a unified story. It has a clear beginning, coherent development of ideas, and a satisfying conclusion. But it is obvious that Hudson had not done her final editing. There are many parenthetical comments within the text where she reminds herself to recheck sources, to verify facts, and to delete repetitions. We are able to observe Hudson’s thought process as she makes suggestions for further revision of her book. Also, there are a few typographical mistakes. However, the text is being published as Hudson last left it, without editorial corrections.

The sustainable management of commonland

by Trevor Price

This essay looks at the oft forgotten role that common land has within the sustainability debate. Acting as รข??green lungs’ for urbanites, commons are seen perhaps as relics from our past, famously used by Hardin (1968), to convey ideas of contemporary tragic unsustainability. Here lies two detailed case studies of well- and ill-managed commons which serve to highlight the potential benefits, but also the practical realities, that our commons present. Recommendations leave the reader with views on how to improve our commons, thus improving these mainly neglected reservoirs of environmental sustainability, peace and tranquility.

The Beekeeper’s Guide: Fun and Simple Steps to Apiary Success and Self Sufficiency

by Trevor Darby

The Beekeeper’s Guide introduces the new beekeeper to the exciting world of keeping bees.

In this book you will learn:

How to get your hives set up easily and quickly.

What equipment you need for success.

Where to place your hives for maximum production.

How to care for your bees.

When to extract your honey harvest.

And much, much more.

If you are an urban homesteader looking to create a sustainable food source for your family and loved ones, this book is perfect for you. Order your copy today and you could have your own hive up and running before you know it.


by Beverly Greary

Do you or someone you know suffer from heart disease?

The Complete Healing of Heart Disease is a comprehensively written book full of detailed information on naturally healing and preventing heart disease quickly, naturally, and permanently! The author speaks from her heart in this up to date and comprehensive book about heart health. This is a must read for people of all ages who want to be healthy, and remain healthy through knowledgeable and wise consultative advice on taking care of your heart!

Noah’s Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

by Mario Alves

The project offers the chance to get some real hands-on experience helping many different species of South Africa’s wildlife. Noah’s Park operates a policy of never turning an animal away , this is an ideal project with which to get involved. Not a week passes without a new occupant arriving, meaning you will have many opportunities with animals!

We need your support by buying this book so we can achieve the goals set out, our target is to sell 100,000 books.

Delicious diabetic chicken cookbook: Nutritious diabetic friendly chicken recipes

by Kristy K

When diagnosed with diabetes, there are many foods choices and cooking ways to consider. You don’t way to eat anything that will trigger high blood sugars.

There are many ways you can cook chicken without it becoming harmful to your body. I will be sharing with you some of the recipes I enjoy.

Drone University

by John Glover

This book makes it easy to design and build your own drone. The book breaks down all the required and optional components into six easy to understand sub-systems; Airframe System, Radio Control / Autopilot System, Power System, Camera System, Power System, Ground Control Station, and the Drive Train System. Other chapters will provide flying tips, check lists and a many surprises in-between.

tl;dr – It’s an A-Z guide of the drone’s systems and a guide to make your own autonomous airplane or multi-copter, and includes DIY recipes, tips and etc.

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