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Good Debt, Bad Debt and a Better Way Forward

by Steven A. Markowitz

There are two basic financial approaches running a business: either on what it earns or on debt. The former is basic: create a product or service with value and sell it intelligently. Then, reinvest profits for growth. The latter involves leveraging the cost of debt on customers to finance growth.

In capitalism, excess corporate debt should be tempered by the implied threat to investors that comes from bad decision-making. However, when investors believe they may be bailed out during downturns, capitalism fails and feeds greed.

This book is about a real business that for over seven decades succeeded without resorting to excessive debt, resulting in a positive outcome for investors, employees and a local community. It is a story of how a small organ builder in Macungie, Pennsylvania, USA introduced digital sound technology to the world in 1971, decades prior to CDs and MP3 players. It is also a story of a company that has maintained its manufacturing in the same community since 1953. This same company then successfully diversified into the data communication field, growing that subsidiary’s sales 20 times and thriving even as the industry melted down shuttering many competitors. These successes were made possible because of prudent financial management.

While debt has damaged companies, communities and even countries, the financial services industry profits by marketing leverage. This book shares real-life pitfalls of dealing with that industry and the inability of the judicial system to hold it accountable. Sworn testimony is used to show incompetence and a cover up.

How To Find Your Talents: Simple Ideas for finding your talents and strengths (How To eBooks Book 12)

by HTeBooks

LEARN TODAY: How To Find Your Talents and Strengths

“How to Find Your Talents: Simple Ideas for Finding Your Talents and Strengths” is a simple compendium that is written to help out individuals who have not found out their talents and gifts yet.

The tips presented here are very simple to follow and the simplicity of the suggestions will give you more motivation. You will not have any excuses not to follow the tips presented here.

This collection presents ten chapters reinforced with examples and key points.



  • Stop Making Excuses
  • Know Yourself
  • Do a Bit of Self-Affirmation
  • Listen to Others
  • Understand and Practice the Art of Solitude
  • Recognize and Develop Your Talent
  • Believe in What You Can Do
  • Give Everything Else a Try
  • Step out of Your Comfort Zone
  • And Much More


How To Simplify Your Life: Simple ideas for simple living (How To eBooks Book 8)

by HTeBooks

LEARN TODAY: How To Simplify Your Life NOW!!!

In this twenty-first century, we seem to be losing control over our personal and professional lives. There seems to be not enough time to accomplish everything. Stress mounts daily, keeping up with the status quo becomes impossible, and life is just what you think it should be. This seemingly never-ending rat race has people yearning for a simpler, more meaningful way of life, and it is for these people that this eBook is written.

If you are looking for a change in your life, simplifying it can be the answer. “How to Simplify Your Life” is a simple process based on ten key ideas which each chapter presents. If you want an uncomplicated life, apply the principles that branch out from each key idea.

Additionally, this eBook provides many tips and techniques for simplifying specific areas in your life, from effective attitude change to simplified shopping. You can use these tips to work for you immediately. We’ve also included some time-honored principles that have served as good, solid advice for generations. This advice, along with the principles of simplifying your life, might seem deceptively simple. But they are powerfully effective when practiced consistently.

Whether you’re intent on climbing the corporate ladder, whether you want to find a way to play more golf or make love more often, or whether you’re deciding to raise a family, this eBook will help you find your focus, develop a plan, and simplify your life. Put these ideas to work and you’ll find that you have the time and energy you need to make your life whatever you want it to be.



  • Systematize Your Home
  • Manage Your Papers
  • Organize Papers and Possessions
  • Simplify Your Shopping
  • Eliminate Clutter
  • Prioritize the People in Your Life
  • Prioritize Things to Do
  • And Much More


The 7 Immutable Laws Of Fast Wealth Building: How To Get Rich With Speed By Applying The Laws Of Fast Wealth Building And Its Principles To Your life

by Omar Johnson

Many people aspire to build wealth but a great deal of them will fall short of this much desired goal. In most cases, it’s not because of a lack of drive or ambition but simply because people lack the true knowledge of not only how to build wealth but how to build it fast. They are constantly bombarded by the senseless propaganda spread by the “get rich slowly gurus” who advocate that in order to build wealth you have to:

– Save money from a paycheck

– Pay yourself first

– Clip coupons

– Be frugal

– Live below your means

– Do what you love to do and the money will follow

The shocking reality is that you can’t build wealth this way because these tenets have absolutely nothing to do with wealth building. And if you believe that they do then you have been brainwashed to believe that income from a job equals wealth. It doesn’t! You also have been brainwashed to believe that saving money from your paycheck and putting it into in a bank that pays less than 1% interest and living below your means will allow you to create and build wealth. It won’t!

However, what will allow you to build wealth and allow you to build it fast is knowing and understanding the actual laws of wealth building and its associated principles then applying them. In his book entitled The 7 Immutable Laws of Fast Wealth Building author and serial entrepreneur Omar Johnson gives you the information that is necessary for you to put together your plan for wealth creation, wealth multiplication, and wealth preservation, the three cornerstones of fast wealth building.

The Plight: An Actionable Resource for Overcoming the 29 Life and Business Challenges of New and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

by Timothy Frie

You know that you have great ideas that have the potential to have a positive impact on people. Almost every second you spend away from your computer, you’re fantasizing, planning, and thinking about that thing that is going to be a big part of your legacy. And even though you know that there is a possibility that you might fail, you still want to do it anyway.

But it’s hard.

The people that you love and support might not have as much enthusiasm for your ideas as you do — they don’t see what you see. You see people doing something so similar to what you want to do that you begin to wonder whether or not there is room for you. While the thought of sales, marketing, building a website, and (finally) having the opportunity to tell people that “it” is here is exciting — all of that also scares the hell out of you.

Because you’re uncertain since you have more questions than answers. Where do you start first? What should you focus on? How do you stay motivated when everyone around you doesn’t believe as much as you do? Do you need a lawyer? (And what do you need from them?) Who should you follow or hire? (And even more importantly, who should you avoid?) What is the best way to do that thing?

Gain practical insight on 29 of the most common challenges in life and business of new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

It’s The Plight of an entrepreneur — the seemingly overwhelming polarities between good and bad, failure and success, negative and positive.

The Plight is not a story book with case studies or success stories meant to motivate you, nor is it a summary of ground-breaking research on the science of productivity and grit of entrepreneurs.

The Plight is concise, actionable, and practical insight that you can begin to use right now to overcome your challenges, gain clarity, feel more confident, and make the best decisions.

The Plight provides you with real-life perspective on 29 areas of life and business that have proven to be the most challenging areas for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. You will gain insight on how to:

  • Recognize fear and uncertainty as a signal to “GO” — not stop
  • Deal with not having enough “time” to do what people ask of you
  • Build a business and brand that is always elevating you and the people you serve
  • Stay motivated and inspired even when you feel hopeless
  • Implement strategy and systems that are most optimal for you
  • Create a brand platform that connects with people and creates conversation
  • Find and work with people that are passionate, supportive, and beneficial to you

… among the other technical areas of running and starting a business while simultaneously dealing with the challenges of modern-day society and life as an entrepreneur.

Download The Plight now.

Being Coached: Group and Team Coaching From the Inside

by Ann Deaton

Have you ever been coached? In a group or in a team? If you could observe a group coaching session, would you get the full picture? Being Coached is not a how-to manual, nor is it narrowly focused on the role of the coach. In fact, the coach’s touch is light. Breakthroughs occur when leaders are in the middle of leading, engaging in peer coaching, or even in quiet reflection. Written from the multiple viewpoints of eight leaders in a group coaching program and six executives on a leadership team, Being Coached illustrates how creating a learning community promotes growth by making space for vulnerability and risk-taking. Simply put, it answers the question, “What is being coached like?”

The Extra Lazy Project Manager: Celebrating 5 amazingly successful years of one of the best-loved books on project management

by Peter Taylor

Welcome; you are warmly invited to join me for a celebration of a major milestone in my life – 5 years ago I submitted the manuscript for â??The Lazy Project Manager’ to my publishers and the whole â??Lazy’ journey began for real.

This book revisits ‘Productive Laziness’ and aims to fill the gaps in the original book with new ‘Lazy’ thoughts and ideas as suggested by you, the readers, and brings you up to date with everything to do with The Lazy Project Manager.

How To Influence People: Simple Ideas For Improving Your Persuasion And Communication Skills (How To eBooks Book 2)

by HTeBooks


We are all in need of effective communication and persuasion skills.

Communication and persuasion skills are essential whether you are in business, sales and marketing or politics. You need them for your professional, social and personal life. Strong bonds and sturdy relationships are built on communication. And your ability to negotiate is constantly tested in everyday life.

People influence each other every single day. We are filled with emotions, opinions and ideas and it is in our nature to feel compelled to share them. But it is not just about expressing such thoughts and emotions. We also have to think about the best way to approach other people.

Each of us is unique in our own ways. We have many differences. And if we focus on those differences, we will never be able to move forward or even live together in harmony. Although we may have a few similarities, we have to bank on those because those are essential in building a harmonious life together.

But why do some people seem to be more effective than others? Do you ever wonder why some people seem to always get what they want? What makes them different?

Skills are not things you are born with. These are things we can all learn. So, if you feel like you are not a great communicator or think that you have zero persuasion skills, you have to stop fretting. You can harness these skills.



  • Leave Your Worries and Fears at the Door
  • Learn to Listen
  • Be a Storyteller
  • Establish Your Credibility
  • Create Urgency
  • Build Rapport
  • And much, much more


Amazon Goldmine: 20 Ways to Maximize Your Amazon Income

by Ted Heywood

Amazon Goldmine – is the ultimate guide to maximizing your income on Amazon. Are you tired of your 9 -5 job? Do you want to automate you income? Do you want to receive check in your mail with out any effort?

Amazon Goldmine contains TOP 20 ways of making money on amazon. The best part is you can implement them RIGHT NOW! Stop giving away your life to corporations and begin realizing your true potential TODAY.

Network to Increase Your Net Worth

by Toni Coleman-Brown

So you think you know everything you need to know about NETWORKING? Well, think again! This book wil blow you away with its content and shatter every misconception that you’ve ever had about the art of networking. You will learn some valuable tips and discover several “tweetable” quotes from the 30 women who contributed to this book. each of them have increased their bottom lines through networking.

Have you ever attended networking events in the past only to discover that you don’t know what to do once you get there? Or have you ever just abandoned the idea of attending networking events at all?

Well, each of the 30 authors of this book have unique experiences when it comes to networking, but one thing is very clear – each of them have increased their bottom lines by practicing what they preach. As they all tell there stories and networking tips you will learn how friendships and partnerships have been created all through the art of connecting with others both online and offline.

You will discover the art of social networking, networking in person, and networking on popular business websites like Linkedin.

Each chapter will pull you in and will teach you something that you never knew about networking. You will discover just as the title suggests how to network to increase your net worth.

Book contributors include:, Alice Herman, Audrey Reed, Cathryn Clarkson Finley, Cathleen Williams, Darlene Aiken, Cee Cee Caldwell-Miller, Chikeola Karimou, Genevieve Kumapley, Greta Douglas, Jayne Rios, Jeselle Eli, Julia D Shaw, Kendra R. Gainey, Kim McCarter, Kioshana L LaCount, Kristi Ballard, Lucrece Augusma, Marsha Graham, Mindy Barnett, Polly Hadfield, Rhonda L. Moore, Rogernelle Griffin, RoseMarie Couture DeSaro, Shannoya Fellows, Taylor Stephens, Tanesha Williams, Toni Coleman-Brown, Valerie C. Wells, Wendi Caplan-Carroll

Networking is one sure way to increase your client base and your overall sales. It is an art that everyone should master. Take time out to download this book today. You won’t regret that you did.

50 Best Ever Completely Sexist Compliments For Alpha Males

by Mike Francis

Individuals vary in the degree to which they produce humor in their daily interactions with others. Most of us enjoy the positive emotion of mirth so much that we highly value those individuals who are especially good at making us laugh. These are the people that we often describe as having a “good sense of humor,” and they tend to be particularly sought out as friends and romantic partners.

What our kids learn in school about success and money

by hochpluseins

What our kids learn in school about success and money.

Rent Out Your Old Residence? (Financial Latte Book 2)

by Joseph E Poff CPA CGMA CITP

‘Rent Out Your Old Residence’ is another installment in the ‘Financial Latte’ series and is written by Joseph E Poff, CPA, a seasoned Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with lots of information and insights to share from his 30+ years of financial and business experience.

This book covers in about a half hour some of the key concepts to consider regarding the renting of your current residence when you buy a new home and compares it to the more traditional approach of selling your old home.

From Joe’s experience, homeowners often assume they need to sell their old home when they buy a new one – and in some cases they are right – but, often they are missing a very good investment opportunity.

Joe explains some of the key issues in this decision. He also explores cases where individuals have already rented out their previous residence and perhaps didn’t realize what they had started – nor how to really account for it and report it. He gives insight on this common situation.

In a nice, easy to understand format, Joe goes over some of the key points of renting out your old residence – looking at each part of the process from consideration, implementation to the ultimate future sale. Don’t blindly make this decision – at least give it some consideration and perhaps enhance your future financial security.

Have a ‘Financial Latte’ with Joe and have him shed some light on various aspects of rentals and see if you would like to ‘Rent Out Your Old Residence’.

Be sure and check out Joe’s other books in the ‘Financial Latte’ series – with topics currently available covering ‘Your House Purchase – the Process’, ‘I Want to Sell My Business’, ‘Easy Receipt Keeping’ and ‘Control Your Money – the First Steps’.

How to not make Costly Mistakes Day Trading Forex: Best Tips to be Consistently Profitable Daily

by Joseph Richards

Read this Joseph Richards book on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

If you are brand new, have no experience yet and are lost as to what to study for trading Forex this book can give you an idea. This book details the critical mistakes all brand new traders tend to make upon first entering the Forex trading business. If you are already successful in your investing and trading this book will not be of any use to you. It is written for brand new traders who have zero market knowledge.

If you are completely brand new I encourage you to pay close attention to what is written here and then make sure not to do these things. You want to be successful right? Don’t make the same mistakes that everyone else is making and you have an edge right there.

There are no shortcuts in this business, and the education part of it is no different. By not doing the missteps that are detailed in this book, you can greatly reduce your learning curve, time-wise, and also reduce the likelihood of losing money when you start out in the live markets using real money.

You must put in the time and effort if you wish to be a successful market participant. Learning to drive your own money train down the golden tracks to your bank doesn’t have to be difficult.

Click on that Orange button in the upper right of this page and get started learning today!

How to Get the Job You Want

by Christine John

How to Get the Job You Want is a practical guide which provides you with the tools you need to find a job that you enjoy doing. The job market is very competitive and you need to have the right tools to stay one step ahead of all the other candidates in order to land a great job. This book is the solution to your job hunting needs. This comprehensive guide gives you great advice to assist you with your job search and is suitable for those who want to change their careers and for those who just graduated from high school or college.

This simple step-by-step guide will show you how to:

1. Find job vacancies

2. Create a professional-looking CV

3. Write a cover letter

4. Complete an application form

5. Prepare for a job interview

6. Complete psychometric tests

7. Answer common job interview questions

8. Handle job offers and rejections

We spend so much of our lives at work. Wouldn’t it be great if you enjoyed the work that you do? So don’t waste another minute. Discover how you can get a job doing what you love with this easy to read guide.

Not Today!: How to survive active shooters and other attacks in the workplace.

by Nicholas Hunter

Statistics for 2011 show that over 4,600 people died in work related incidents and that about 10% of these deaths were workplace homicides. This book has one goal–to help you stay out of that 10%!

Violence in the workplace is an issue of growing concern to many and this book explores various aspects of that problem. But, more importantly, it offers numerous specific ideas and examples based on the real-world experiences of the author and others. While candidly admitting no book can offer all the answers (or even ask all the questions), Nick’s conversational writing style engages the reader encouraging them to think and plan. He explains the critical importance of planning for and surviving the first ten to fifteen minutes of the typical attack. Sections include discussion of preparation such as putting together a “go bag” with key items, thoughts on improvised weapons, and the basics of traumatic wound care.

Believing that attitude is one of the keys to survival, Nick works to give the reader confidence by guiding them through planning and preparation. Should the unthinkable happen, that attitude can strengthen your resolve to make sure that, while everyone’s time eventual comes, that time is “Not Today!”

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