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My Name is Marnie

by Tracy L Carbone

After the brutal, senseless murder of her husband, Marnie Clifford tries to pull the threads of her out-of-control life back together. She flees from her painful past and looks to start a new life in a small, ramshackle but affordable cottage in a remote idyllic New England town, in hopes of finishing out her pregnancy in peace. But something isn’t quite right with her new home- not with the cottage itself and its vague familiarity; not with her new neighbor, a disheveled wild-eyed man with a limp and questionable motives; and certainly not with her unsettling visitorâ?¦a silent, restless, and very dead little girl. As the spectre’s visits become more and more frequent, Marnie begins to unearth the horrible secret of the cottage. A secret better left buried deepâ?¦


“As enthralling a spectral mystery as anything written by Jennifer McMahon, with My Name is Marnie not only has Tracy Carbone risen to the top of my writers-to-watch list, she has also ensured I will never look at dolls or apples the same way again. This one quite literally had me double-checking the doors and windows before bed, and I’m still not quite recovered. A well-written and unsettling piece of work that gets my highest recommendation.”

– Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning

author of The Turtle Boy, Kin, and Jack & Jill.

The Cabin on Grey Lake

by Robert Dean Hall

The burning desire to get away from it all will soon become the desperate need to escapeâ?¦

Randy and Nicole Henderson would both admit their marriage has been anything but a bed of roses. Randy is obsessive-compulsive and Nicole has problems with fidelity, but until now, they’ve never been able to go their own separate ways.

Wanting to give their three daughters a final quiet family weekend before they file for divorce, The Hendersons set out for their vacation home on the shores of an idyllic lake in the Appalachian Mountains. However, the weekend is anything but peaceful.

Their oldest daughter winds up in the emergency room, then their middle daughter has a strange nightmare. The final straw comes when Nicole has her own nightmare and wakes to find evidence the youngest daughter has been roaming in the forest during the night, even though there is no plausible explanation for how she got outside.

Upon returning home, it dawns on Randy that strange things have been happening at the cabin since he began visiting there with his parents and brother as a child. The latest weekend, bad as it was, only hints at the climax that will reveal why the place is called Grey Lake.

Bite Size: A Short Story

by John D. Harvey

Crunch is always hungry. A massive and mean homeless man, Crunch wanders the streets trying to survive while accumulating a hatred for all those around him.

While it has always been easy for him to victimize the weakest of the street dwellers, the normal folk like you and me have always been beyond his grasp. Until one day he finds a way to punish everyone who deserves his wrath ranging from the poorest to the most privileged.

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the way found him … and he has perhaps bitten off more than even he can chew.

The Wind’s Dark Moan

by J.L. Aarne

Dan has always liked winter and it seems like the perfect plan to go for a hike one frigid day. Then it starts to snow and before long, Dan is lost in a blizzard. Lost, but not alone. Something else is out there, an uncanny and impossible creature that turns out to be very real after all.


by Julian Falotico

A fake psychic is forced at gunpoint to lead a father in a search for his son who was kidnapped earlier that day.

Brian Miller is a fake psychic with local notoriety for being a real psychic. He answers a late night knock on his door. James Carter is standing in his doorway, grief stricken; his son had been kidnapped on his way home from school earlier that day and he asks Brian for help in locating him. Brian who avoids any real test of his psychic ability tries to humor James and get him to leave the job to the police. James has another idea, he pulls a gun and forces Brian to help.

This begins the journey of Brian and James as they drive through Staten Island and into Queens in search of James’ son.


by David Adams

Most skeptics, rationalists, atheists and freethinkers do not believe because the various God-claims of the world, made by dusty books dragged out of the Middle East, because they have not met the burden of proof.

But what if someone found a book that contained within true scientific foreknowledge? Something that was not just evolutionary with regard to our knowledge of history and archaeology, but revolutionary? Something that presented evidence — hard evidence — that someone, somewhere, knew how the future was going to happen before it happened?

What if that book foretold the dusk of humanity, the end of our light?

A 3,000 word short story.

Amidst the falling dust (The Green and Pleasant Land Book 2)

by Oliver Kennedy

Patrick Redmayne lived to see beyond the end of the world. Along with hundreds of others survivors, he clings to life aboard a ship in the North Sea. When a foraging mission comes up Patrick volunteers. He hopes that the mission will give him the chance to find out what happened to his family during the dark days of civilisations demise. Patrick and his comrades make their way across northern Britain. Their journey rapidly turns into a fight for survival, encountering things that normally hide in the deepest, darkest nightmares. Emotions and sanity are pushed to the limits but one mysterious signal presses them on in a search for salvation, a search for hope, a search for an answer. This is the second volume in the Green and Pleasant Land series and follows on from the 5 star rated Old World.

Eh, Zombie: Stories set in Hugh Howey’s world of I, Zombie (I, Zombie Fanfiction Book 1)

by David Adams

“Canada will NEVER be a safe haven for zombies. EVER.” – John Baird, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, 2013

There are so many things worse than death. Let’s explore some, shall we?

As inevitable as birth, death is just another part of life. No more malicious than the sunset at the end of a day. It isn’t some evil bogeyman that preys upon innocent mortals who would otherwise live forever. All good things must come to an end.

But what if they don’t? What is life continued as a rotten parody of its previous existence, left to jerk and move, their mind a driver unable to drive stick?

Dive into this confused mish-mash of stories set in Hugh Howey’s world of I, Zombie. Enjoy the comedic, the horrific, the stupid and the insightful.

Still not fit for human consumption.

THE EDGE OF THE COUNTRY and other stories Expanded Edition


This is the expanded edition of Trevor Denyer’s highly praised short story collection, covering the horror and dark fantasy spectrum. Some of the praise for the original trade paperback:

“Poignant, atmospheric and immensely satisfying.” – Terry Grimwood


“People are haunted by memories of the past and premonitions of the future as Trevor Denyer’s finely-crafted prose invokes captivating images of poignancy.” – Gareth Jones

“Enjoy this unexpected bonus, a baker’s dozen of memorable tales.” – Allen Ashley

“Denyer understands the subtle secret (too well kept) that the purpose of words is to communicate, never to decorate. These stories each go like sharp arrows to the targets of their messages, evoking the mystery, sadness, wonder and fear of all our lives. Life is short they seem to tell us, good fortune and health tenuous, but the sheer beauty of the journey, though interwoven with horror, always wins out in the end and makes existence worthwhile.” – Douglas Thompson

There are 18 stories and 2 poems in this collection:


The Edge of the Country



The Silent Hours

Killing Devils


Event Horizon

Too Close

Old Slowbones

The Special Place

A Place for the Dying


Falling Asleep

A Rose From Elvis

Fading Stars


Turning Point

Dead End

The Aftershave of Dreams

The original introduction by Allen Ashley and an author’s introduction to this edition are also included, together with 20 illustrations, mostly full colour.

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