Free humour Kindle books for 20 Sep 14

Fun Games for Car Rides

by Matt Panta

You have probably faced it many times, kids and adults will get bored on a road trip, the destination is still far away and everyone is tired of staying on the car.

The big question is – “Are we there yet?”

This book is one solution to that problem, a small collection of games and other tips to spend the time in the car.
Keep your passengers entertained and choose a page of this book to keep you all happy and talking.

You can read about small games that everyone can play, while keeping an eye on the landscape, games that will get the attention of everyone attention and will get the boredom out of the car.

Most of the games are easy to play and no need to use any material.

The goal is to spend quality time in family and friendship. These games have a winner to keep the players interested. It is not a serious competition and the only goal is to have fun.

The driver may participate in the games, but never deviate the attention from the road and should drive defensively all the time.

How To Choose The Fastest-Line: At The Store, Drive-Thru, Gas Station Or Wherever- Learn To Get The Hell Out Of There Fast! (HOW TO CHOOSE THE FASTEST LINE Book 1)

by Matthew Medina

This book contains simple step-by step techniques and formulas that will help you “get what you got to get” and get the hell out of there- FAST! Whether you are at the supermarket, gas station, or even the DMV – you can learn to identify, and therefore avoid, choosing to stand behind potential line slowers. HOW TO CHOOSE THE FASTEST LINE provides hundreds of tips that will help you avoid many of life’s all-to-common line choosing mistakes. I will discuss many well-known line-choosing fallacies (e.g. “choose the line containing the â??fewest’ shoppers” fallacy) and how to avoid falling prey to them.

However, just knowing that people such as “coupon ladies,” “single men with beer,” and “hot check-out girls,” exist – do not necessarily help you save time. HOW TO CHOOSE THE FASTEST LINE teaches – how you can use some of these most vile time suckers (coupon ladies etcâ?¦) to your advantage. The most important aspect of learning to choose the fastest line is for one to understand the “Dynamic Combination Effect.” Your line-clogging foes (and potential allies) do not act alone. I teach how the various line-cloggers and line-movers (e.g. “Old Couples,” “Mandies,” “Justice-Seekers,” “Transvenders” AKA ‘line-switchers,’ etc…) must be considered acting together. Even a “coupon lady,” under the just the right circumstance, can be your ally.

The Secret Book Of Genesis:God’s Lawyers Draft (Now With 12% More Blasphemy)

by Taylor Smoke

The Secret Book of Genesis: Gods Lawyer’s Draft is most amazing archeological find since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947. The manuscript was discovered in 2011 and has just now been fully translated. A law clerk found the document in an old file room on the hundred and twelfth floor of a Manhattan high-rise used by many of the biggest New York City law firms. The Secret Book of Genesis is written in in Biblical Hebrew upon ancient parchment. The scholarly consensus is that it is in fact an authentic draft of Genesis Chapters 1-30. This version of Genesis appears to have been written by God’s lawyer and contains some startling insights into the early practice of law.

Das Letzte Wort; or, The Final Word

by Christopher Gabriel

A trip down the rabbit hole of madness, conscience, guilt sex and the arrogance of academia without leaving a cluttered office.

People of Few Words – Volume 4

by Swan Morrison

People of Few Words – Volume 4 is the fourth collection of work by contributors to the Short Humour Site from across the world. It contains one piece of 500 word ‘Short Humour’ by each of fifty writers, together with a brief biography of each writer.

What Ever Happened to Summerville I-IV: Excerpts From Flash Master

by Joel Stottlemire

Master of Flash Fiction, Joel Stottlemire’s humorous homage to Golden Era Comics. Excerpted from “Flash Master.”

Can You Call Yourself a Real 5 Seconds of Summer Fan?: Test Yourself with this Interactive Quiz! – Vol.3

by Selby Husock

Are you ready to have some serious fun?

Get ready for a sleepover of a lifetime!

Strap on your seatbelts and get ready to LOL, ROFL, and LMAO all the way into the night with your friends because you haven’t seen anything like this!

1. Where is their favorite place in the world?


B. Australia

C. Spain


2. Where did the guys think of the name 5 Seconds of Summer?

A. They used Google

B. At house party

C. In high school

D. Their friend suggested the name

3. Which one of these movies does Luke love most?

A. Shrek

B. Toy Story

C. Finding Nemo

D. Monsters Inc.

Read this HIGHLY addictive 5 Section eBook to test yourself and your friends!

It’ll be a sleepover you will NEVER forget!

Download now and start playing in 30 seconds!

Block Game Design Guide: Tips and Tricks for Building Anything in Block Games

by Zack Ellington

Ever wanted to become the best builder on your server?

With this action-packed guide you’ll get everything you need to know to build amazing structures in any block game.

In Block Game Design Guide: Tips and Tricks for Building Anything in Block Games, you’ll learn how to:

– Cover all your bases and make sure you are completely protected in Survival and Multiplayer
– Design awesome structures in record time
– Choose blocks and materials that go together
– Use blocks in new ways to create some crazy blocky additions
– Create Devices in Multiplayer and Automate Your Fortress
– Be Completely Hidden so No One Can Find Your Base

You’ll learn all this and more in this Guide.

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