Free literary fiction Kindle books for 20 Sep 14

Chasing Dragons

by Thea Atkinson

(Originally Titled Anomaly)

Relapse can be addictive

J doesn’t need rehab. He’s well clean of the hard stuff, the soft stuff, and the things in between that helped him bury his fear that he isn’t entirely comfortable in his own skin. Except that now he’s gone into the wrong bathroom again and a gang of thugs has decided to beat the freak out of him. Plus, he’s left to brood in his apartment while he convalesces, listening to the newborn next door wail through the walls at regular, insomnia-producing intervals. He’s not sure how much sobriety a man can take.

Then the wailing stops, and that silence grows even more deafening than the whispers of craving. In an uncharacteristic and almost irrational fear for the infant’s safety, J pulls himself from his bed to investigate only to discover a drug addiction more tormenting than his own, one that will threaten his sobriety, his identity, his fragile sense of self.

Last Monsoon

by Simone Severine

An erotic novella about seduction and loss….

Gemma, a young English woman traveling alone through China meets Peter, an American. They begin a torrid affair that consumes them both. But while Gemma is honest, Peter is harboring a terrible secret.

Walking Back From Key West

by Jose Pasqual

No One Ever Really Leaves Key West.

In a hotel, on the northeast side of Key West, Florida, Erin Hardinger is beginning spring break without her medications. For the first time in more than a decade, she is seeing the world without the pharmaceutical filter that her mother placed on her as a child.

Beneath the surface of the mundane and absurd fixtures of Key West’s tourist trade, a world of the living and the dead confronts Erin at every turn. The torn edges of perception and reality soon spill over into the lives of her companions and strangers; a crooked doctor on the run from the mob, the panic stricken wife of a retired optometrist, and a group of college students all find the edges of their reality blurred. Is it Erin’s awakening that is causing this, or is it the hotel, or is it Key West itself?

The Funeral Cortege

by Jackie Coupe

You don’t know what’s around the corner, you are minding your own business and then everything stops. A small but satisfying piece of oddity. Enjoy.

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