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Vitamin D Explained: The Incredible, Healing Powers of Sunlight

by C.K. Murray

“D-ficiency” is a GLOBAL PANDEMIC

Nearly 1 billion people across the world suffer from vitamin D deficiency. And most of them have no idea.

Fortunately, the power is ours. Science now shows that virtually every common health problem afflicting our globe is dramatically reduced by getting optimal levels of the sunshine vitamin D. High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, allergies, depression, and even cancer can all be treated through Vitamin D. Getting enough vitamin D is the key to healthy, happy living.

The Incredible Healing Powers of Sunlight

Put bluntly, sunlight is incredible. And by getting enough of that wondrous sunlight, we can all unlock its incredible healing powers. But there’s more to the vitamin D solution than just getting enough sun exposure. Countless people with vitamin D deficiency are clueless. And even worse–they’re making every wrong decision.

If you or somebody you know wants to overcome vitamin D deficiency, beat depression, lose weight, and enjoy the vitamin D solution, there’s only one way to do it…

Secrets of the Miracle Vitamin

To protect ourselves against dangerous vitamin D deficiency, we must learn the secrets of the miracle vitamin. We must understand how the right vitamins and supplements, combined with the perfect lifestyle, natural vitamin D, and the vitamin D diet, can optimize our health and permanently ward off common health problems. Not to mention, the prevention of chronic diseases!

So what are you waiting for?

“Vitamin D Explained: The Incredible, Healing Powers of Sunlight” covers everything you need to know about getting enough vitamin D and beating vitamin D deficiency. If you’re not getting enough, if your sun exposure is down, if your diet is wrong, if vitamins and supplements alone won’t bring you the solution you seek, then it’s time to take action!

Start the healing today…


Chapter 1 – What Exactly Is Vitamin D? — Everything you need to know about natural vitamin D, sun exposure, and your body’s processes

Chapter 2 – What’s Holding You Back? Reasons You Aren’t Getting Enough Vitamin D — Getting enough sun exposure, eating the right diet, and taking vitamins and supplements are only part of the solution.

Chapter 3 – Why You Can’t Afford to Wait. Symptoms of “D-ficiency” and How to Treat Them — Vitamin D deficiency is extremely pervasive. And destructive. The health effects are widespread. Know what to look for and how to treat it.

Chapter 4 – 12 Amazing Medical Benefits of the Sunshine Vitamin — You have no idea just how incredible the incredible healing powers of sunlight and vitamin D3 really are…

Chapter 5 – Eat Up! Sun-Rich Foods that Fuel the Fire — The vitamin D diet is part of the vitamin D solution! Know what to eat and how to eat it.

Chapter 6 – Optimizing Your IntakeĆ¢??Supplements and Blood Levels — Vitamins and supplements are sometimes essential for getting enough vitamin d and fighting off vitamin D deficiency. Know your body and your intake. Get Informed.

Chapter 7 – The Skin Cancer Scare — Getting enough vitamin D3 is necessary for healthy living. But is sunlight really as bad as they say? Learn the facts.

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Bipolar Disorder: a student’s guide

by Dr. Jerry Kennard

In this subject guide, Dr. Kennard provides a concise and informal introduction to Bipolar Disorder. The Guide is a development from previous work entitled, ‘Bipolar Disorder: a short introductory guide’, aimed primarily at those newly diagnosed with the disorder, their friends and relatives.

The intention then, as now, is to provide a concise easy-to-read introduction for people who want something more than a leaflet or a webpage, but less than a formal textbook. In this student’s guide, more detail is provided as to the description, diagnostic criteria and explanations for bipolar disorder.

There was a time when the study of mental health was confined largely to students of psychology, medicine or nursing, or those involved in social care or health-related occupations. Today the message is finally filtering through that mental illness is extremely common and is not something to be feared or hidden away.

Many students from non-health backgrounds are now interested all aspects of the human condition. Perhaps because of a term paper, examination or project, they are looking for a suitable way in to some of these potentially difficult and confusing topics. This Guide provides sufficient detail to answer your most pressing questions about bipolar disorder, its diagnosis, characteristics and treatments. For students, it provides a general introduction in its own right, or a suitable platform from which to take their investigation to deeper levels.

Dr. Jerry Kennard is an author, psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He is a former healthcare professional and academic who now writes regular Expert blogs for on a variety of mental health issues.

The God Particle Bible

by Michael Mathiesen

The God Particle Bible will take you on an adventure in Science where they have proven the existence of God. Not only has Science proven the existence of God in the manner of the discovery of the God Particle, but they have shown us how God works his miracles in our daily lives.

This book is for anyone who has ever wondered why major events take place in their lives for which there seems to be no explanation. The explanation is clear now thanks to the discover in Geneva Switzerland in 2012 using the most expensive scientific apparatus in history, the Large Hadron Collider, to discover the God Particle. God is no longer just a myth and part of a mythology, no longer is God based on fairy tales, or stories in children’s books. God is now based on the best Scientific exploration that is possible using the human mind.

This book, authored by noted Science Fiction writer, Michael Mathiesen is the first of its kind to describe not only how God works, but also where God lives. The author presents us with an entire new form of “Technology” that anyone can learn to use to exploit the greatest Force in the universe, to alter one’s fate or change their own destiny as well as the destiny of our entire civilization. The “Force” mentioned in Star Wars actually exists. It has now been proven to exist. The God Particle Bible is the first primer on how to use ‘The Force’ to benefit the individual life as well as the life of the planet and all future generations.

Apiculture & the Honey Bee

by Dr. Girish Chandra

Bees visit flowers, collect nectar and convert it into a golden-yellow aromatic viscous fluid called honey, which is aptly called the “liquid gold of nature”. Honey bee workers possess remarkable ability and stamina to collect nectar and pollen from flowers and convert it into honey and bee bread. To make 500 grams of honey, bees have to extract nectar from more than 4 million flowers, for which they have to make about 50,000 trips of the foraging area of 5 km radius, which would come to roughly 5 times the circumference of earth. Workers of a single bee colony collectively make approximately 2-3 million flower visits in a day.

This book contains topics, including the species of honey bees, The biology of the bee, social structure of a bee hive, anatomical adaptations in bee castes, honey making by workers, honey bees as pollinators, the language and communication of bees, honey bee predators, products of apiary, honey bee diseases, and bee keeping in India.

Chapped Lips:Chapped Lips Remedy: Natural ways to Cure Dry,Chapped,Cracked and Peeling lips with Homemade Remedies (severe chapped lips causes & Cure)

by Yasir Chohan

Effective ways to cure your chapped lips

Readers will get information about chapped lips, causes of chapped lips and how to avoid them with different ways to treat your severely chapped lips in this eBook.

Why you should treat your chapped lips at home instead of using balms?

This is a very common problem asked by the people, who are suffering from chapped lips that is why they go through the ordeal of reading a book based on home remedies. They think that there are cosmetic products available in the market, which saves their time and energy. But, to their great dismay this is not so simple. Cosmetics are not as effective as they seem. What makes home remedies better? The answer to this question is mentioned in this eBook in detail with reason.

What are the best home remedies for treating severely chapped lips?

You can find many home remedies for treating your severely chapped lips from the internet. But, the main factor which makes this eBook worth reading and differentiates it from all the other information provided on the Internet is that the information provided in this eBook is that all the remedies mentioned in this book have been tested and verified by my team and me. This book is a product of extensive research, and thus it provides effective solutions.

What you can do to avoid the getting chapped lips?

There are different causes of chapped lips; you can prevent yourself from this problem by different ways. These ways are mentioned in this book in detail. The different causes and how to avoid this causes can protect your from chapped lips problems.

Results of chapped lips treatment:

The different ways to make homemade lip balms are mentioned in this book. By regularly using these homemade lip balms makes your lips smooth, softer, pink in color and kissable. Now, you don’t have to worry about wearing makeup and avoid going to a party because of your horrible looking swollen lips.

Benefits of home remedies for chapped lips repair:

Home remedies can cure the dry and chapped lips condition at home without any trouble and in a few minutes. How to apply them is mentioned in the eBook. These home products mentioned in this book for your benefit do not cause any side effects or addictions; you can use them without any worries. They are very simple and they will not cost you a lot of money.

You should read this book for getting all the information about the chapped lips and the 10 best home remedies to treat them.

About The Author

Yasir Chohan is a new Amazon author with his book effective ways to treat chapped lips. He lives in Reisterstown. He provides insightful counseling regarding herbal uses and home remedies to treat your minor problems at home. He wrote this book because he himself suffered from chapped lips for a prolonged period, and after he figured out effective ways of curing this condition, he feels it is his duty to share this knowledge with others who are facing the same problem.

Grab a copy of this book for yourself as soon as possible:

You will not regret spending your time and money on this eBook. It will keep you informed and engaged in its content. You can enjoy reading it with your coffee.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll up and to buy this book now. And once you read it, do not forget to give us your reviews about this eBook and tell us, did the tips mentioned in this book work for you or not.

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