Free historical fiction Kindle books for 21 Sep 14

Ariston: A Stranger’s Promise

by Bryan Andrews

A Stranger’s Promise is a heart-pounding thrill ride, that follows Ariston, a gladiator with a mysterious past who fights for his life in and out of the arena. This is the first installment of the serial series and runs roughly fifty pages. Equal length installments will be released monthly to continue the adventure.

At the turn of the second century AD, Imperial Rome stands at the zenith of its power. Trajan’s conquest of the Dacian King Decebalus has made him beloved by his subjects. The emperor returns to Rome to celebrate with the largest collection of gladiatorial games ever held. The citizens rejoice in anticipation of a celebration unlike anything the empire has ever seen.

But not all are so happy to see Trajan return. In the shadowy games of Roman politics there are factions lining up against the emperor and an unlikely gladiator finds himself at the heart of plot that could topple Rome itself. The lines between friend and foe blurs as Ariston finds himself falling deeper into the tangled web of Roman politics. His only guide is the enigmatic African slaver who purchases him and trains him for the games. Ariston must untangle the threads of conspiracy that bind the city, if he is to survive the bloody coup to come.

Low Winter Moon.

by Justin Leigh Day

Low Winter Moon is an original and exciting novel that takes the wolf legend from dark folklore and gives it a new beginning by twists and turns until the very last.

Feudal oath of fealty

“I promise on my faith that I will in future be faithful to the King, never cause him harm and will observe my homage to him completely against all persons in good faith and without deceit. To govern the land under his rule, defending it from his enemies and wolves.”

Winter ~ 1108AD

It has been forty-two years since the haphazard arcing trajectory of a single arrow changed the course of English history. One arrow, amid the thousands that fell that fateful day to pierce the will of an exhausted English army, embedded Norman steel into the eye of an embattled king. Forty-two years of turmoil into which a succession of Norman dukes and kings have laid claim upon English soil and English men.

The struggles of succession to consolidate crown and country have settled on Henry I, King of England and the conqueror’s final heir. In the breath betwixt the rise and fall of monarchs there is time to rest in peaceable England.

Yet, there is no rest for the wicked, and in a corner of rural England there is a blot on the landscape; an infection that bites deep into the impoverished soul of the benighted county of Winchcombeshire, that no amount of Norman steel, English yew or Christian prayer has yet been able to remedy.

Into the furnace of Winchcombeshire’s inferno rides Garrett Hengist, celebrated for his skill with the bow and the renown of his tenacious character, many only know him as the รข??Hunter’. Together, with a priest and a shepherd, the huntsman will seek out the inhuman terror that stalks the edge of nightmare, subjecting the people with a fear provoking malaise. If this ill-fortune cannot be remedied then the Baron cannot keep his feudal oath to the King and the demesne of the shire will cease to exist. Maybe this time the Hunter will prove medicine enough – for Winchcombeshire it is kill or cure.



Have you ever felt ‘too big for your boots’? Well, back at the start of the 17th Century, nine feet three inch, John Middleton (aka The Childe of Hale) definitely had a leaning this way. On top of these doubts about his differentness, the gentle giant had the massive worry of being ordered down from Liverpool to The Court Of King James in order to take part in a wrestling contest against the monarch’s unbeaten champion….. I know who I’d be putting my money on!

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