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Night Terrors II: An Anthology of Horror

by Lawrence Conquest

Just when you thought it was safe to crawl back into bed . . . we’ve got a new set or terrors! If Night Terrors made you pray for dawn, Volume II will send you into total madness. Step inside the secret chambers of the Vatican and experience the dark side of the papal elections. Meet people only a mother could love; listen to the dead speak, and even more disturbing, hear them cry. Discover the darkness that lives inside the hearts of man, and hide from other worldly tormentors . . . and, if you manage to wake up after these night terrors . . . you’ll wake up dead!

Tales from David Bischoff, Jason V Brock, Maria Alexander, Christopher Hawkins, Desmond Warzel, Lawrence Conquest, Brod C. Hodson and many others.

“In conclusion, various , good new authors to watch and an interesting imprint to which we’d better keep an eye on in the future.” British Fantasy Society

“Overall, one particular strength of “Night Terrors II” is that the writers all understand the importance of atmosphere, creating a sense of dread through character, setting and language, rather than leaning on gore. There are some shocking jolts and graphic violenceâ??the authors don’t shy away from itâ??but they are just that, punctuations within an already well crafted motif of terror.” – The Horror Review

Southern Hunter

by Dangerous Walker

Australovenator: a carnivorous dinosaur indigenous to Australia; trans: Southern Hunter

When teacher Chris Thompson finds footprints in the bush outside of town they seem to be the impossible, dinosaur footprints. Fresh dinosaur footprints.

As impossible as it seems it is the only explanation for a number of recent deaths and disappearances. And so joined by paleontologist Dr. Jon Woods and crocodile hunter, Clive Turnbull, Thompson heads into the bush to hunt the Hunter.


by Alan Riehl

The first story, LEVELS, is about a young man named Clifford who was abandoned by his family and adopted by a man who abuses him physically and mentally. Clifford soon meets his only friend in Cornelius Calhoun III who teaches our Clifford laughter for the first time. Clifford’s new friend takes him on a ride of vengeance and pleasure that changes everything, as he learns that maybe his friend isn’t everything he appears to be. (Christian Fiction Mystery)

THE NATIVITY follows Jennifer McCabe who’s faith is tested by having to endure in a few years what most people face in a lifetime. Every Christmas holds a new tragedy for the young girl. Will she be able to keep her word to her Father and finish building the life size Nativity scene in her back yard before the next Christmas? Christian Fiction

LABELS is a very short story that lets us see through the eyes of a serial killer justifying the need to eradicate all that is beautiful. That which has been labeled “beauty” by the killer, must be destroyed. The killer describes beauty as “labels” produced by the media and peer pressure. The insane plan of carnage must be carried out to satiate the hatred of all that is beautiful. (violence)

Labels has been accepted for submission in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest!

THE WAR is another very short story where it appears an age old one-sided war could be taking a turn as one brave soul has a plan to find a way to strike back once and for all. 

MYTH CATCHERS is the longest of the stories at around 42 pages. This is the precursor to the series I am planning. Ten year old Curtis Armstrong can’t understand where his Father went to so many years ago. The only thing that his Mother still has is an old pair of pants of his Dad’s. Curtis’ sister is infatuated with Unicorns and has her entire room decorated with the little creatures, which irritates him to no end. Strange things start happening around the Armstrong household after Curtis finds the pants. Unicorns of his sister’s that he sells at a garage sale return with no explanation and destroyed figurines are found undamaged. Curtis starts school and even meets his nemesis, Darla, when things really start going crazy. Is it his new found imagination or is there really a Unicorn now standing in his closet wearing his Dad’s pants and speaking perfect English? (Fantasy/Children’s)

The Ennin Mysteries: The Village of the Dead

by Ben Stevens

***The Ennin Mysteries: Collected Series 1 – 5 (25 Stories) MEGAPACK*** NOW AVAILABLE

An innkeeper has been arrested, accused of the mass-murder of his customers.

Ennin, however, is convinced that the real killer – or killers – inhabit the caves which lie outside of this lonely coastal village.

But in order to try and ‘flush out’ these killers – and thus save the innkeeper from execution – Ennin realizes that he will have to act as ‘bait’…

This is the 26th Ennin Mystery.

Amazon reviews for ENNIN (various titles)

‘…Once you start this, I’m betting you won’t be able to set it down until you finish it…’ Judy

‘…A fascinating crime-mystery book… The author weaves intrigue, subterfuge and cunning into a very enjoyable story…’ J. Cepeda

‘…In the tradition of Holmes and Watson, transferred to Japan… Historical setting and cultural background are excellently researched…’ D. Werdin

‘…Wonderful… Like a Japanese room arrangement with clean lines keeping clutter to a minimum…’ AcerAcer

‘…Ben Stevens is masterful. I can’t wait to read his next set of stories…’ Kindle Customer

‘…This Japanese detective is a fine addition to the burgeoning field of Asian historical detectives which began with Judge Dee (China) and runs through I.P. Parker’s Akitada…’ Mcb.

‘…If you like the Akitada books, you will enjoy this….’ Mamakile

‘…The Sensei is a brilliant detective. Ben Stevens, as always rocks. He’s one heck of a storyteller…’ Lisa

‘…Atmosphere, poetry and menace… Conan Doyle-ish…’ ThisandThat

‘…A feudal Japanese Sherlock Holmes… This ever-evolving excellent series… Vivid imagery and graphic detail which are a trademark of this writer…’ Deborah Chaytor

‘…Try it… and like it… I don’t look for mysteries from the middle ages, even ones set in Japan, but for some reason I love this series… Well-written…’ Amazon Customer

‘…The story develops wonderfully…’ Dave. N

‘…Loved it!… Simply amazed… I thoroughly enjoyed this read…’ Edwina Callan

‘… Cleverly written and filled with facts regarding old Japan…. Very similar to Holmes and Watson…’ Eileen Sedgwick

‘…Good job. Very enjoyable…’ Sid

‘…Entertaining read with Holmesian overtones, but very different setting…’ Gerry H

‘… If you like the Akitada books, you will enjoy this…’ Mamakile

‘… I loved this… Very finely written…’ MaidenStull

‘…A prime example of deductive reasoning, set within feudal Japan…’ Jennifer

‘…Ennin and his faithful servant are the Holmes and Watson of the East. The mysteries are well plotted. Sesshu is the Moriarty of the piece. If you are a Sherlock fan you should like Ennin…’ Amazon Customer, NJ United States

‘…I hope to see more of these types of stories…’ Kris Patterson

‘…The mysteries are intriguing and unusual… Couldn’t put the stories down… Well worth the price…’ Jay Gold

‘…Good book… the story takes you back in time…’ Santex

‘…Delightful short story… Enjoy!…’ PeaTee (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

‘…Atmospheric, intriguing and entertaining… feels as if it is both contemporary and traditional. A rare achievement…’ Kenny51

‘…Interesting… I enjoyed the puzzles set…’ Pixie

‘… I will keep ordering these as these are the kind of stories I like…’ Ralph A. Lanham

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