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Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free Throws

by Janette Rallison

Josie loves hottie Ethan Lancaster, the captain of the basketball team, but she never can do or say the right thing in front of him. So how can it be fair that Ethan is only interested in her best friend, Cami, when Cami isn’t even trying for his affection? Or is she?

Cami dreams of winning her basketball team’s coveted MVP award, and earning the chance to take the court during a special halftime demonstration with WNBA star Rebecca Lobo, but her best friend, Josie, is a better player. So how can it be fair that Josie is a shoo-in for the honor if she is barely interested in basketball in the first place and isn’t even trying to be the best? Or is she?

Told from two points of view, this novel of freshman life, love, and the pursuit of free throws displays the same delightful humor as Janette Rallison’s other comedies

The Ghost Creeper (Minecraft Halloween Story) (Book 3)

by Andrew J.

Steve plans to build a home on the mountains in the middle of nowhere. While he is there he finds out he isn’t alone.

White Hart (White Hart series #1)

by Sarah Dalton

Mae never asked to be craft-born. She never wanted that burden.

The realm needs magic again, and the the King of Aegunlund has been waiting for the first craft-born girl to marry his son, Prince Casimir.

In Mae’s town of Halts-Walden, the ambitious miller claims his daughter Ellen is craft-born. Mae knows this is a load of hogwash, but she’s glad Ellen will have the unfortunate pleasure of becoming queen instead of her. All she has to do is sit back and wait until Casimir and Ellen are married, then she will finally be free of the threat of her fate. But on that day an event so shocking and terrible occurs that Mae finds herself entering the neighbouring cursed forest on a quest she never thought she’d have to follow.

Join Mae as she rides her white stag through the Waerg Woods with a pampered prince at her heels. She’s out for revenge and nothing, no one, will get in her way.

Ideas for Valentine Boxes (Cute Valentine Gift Boxes)

by Emma Stones

Valentine boxes

Valentine day is coming! This book will show yo many ideas of the valentine gift boxes. You can make them for your lovers and they will definitely love it! There are many styles of valentine boxes you can do. Don’t miss!!

All Fall Down

by Amber Dyehouse

Pete returns home early from a weekend camping trip only to find his longtime girlfriend, Katrina, entangled in a passionate romp with another man. Unable to control his actions, Pete brutally ends the lives of both Katrina and her new lover. Shocked by what he has done, Pete stashes the bodies and escapes back to a small college town in Illinois to try to recapture normalcy for himself. The quest proves to be more difficult than anticipated, though, after he crosses paths with a breathtaking young freshman, Tali, who quickly falls head-over-heels for him. Add a strained friendship with Tali’s roommate, Jess, to his increasingly stifling inward struggle to forget the past and move on, and Pete can’t seem to catch the break he needs. He surprised himself in the past by releasing an evil that he didn’t know he had, but can he surprise himself again by conjuring up enough positive strength to escape the torment of his own mind and become the person that his new friends need?

The Crimsons and the Violets

by A.M. Reuben

Welcome to the island of Quilemoyena. Every day, a ritual takes place at the Sacred Heart, the site of the great volcano at the centre of the island. Ten people from the rural Violet race are sacrificed daily for their blood which is needed to nourish the planet. Nobody has contested this system which has been in place for hundreds of yearsâ?¦until now.

Elias String (a Violet)

Whilst walking through the forest one winter’s day, String comes face to face with a goddess. When his day to be sacrificed comes a few days later, he shocks everyone, both Crimson and Violet, by protesting. The events of that fateful day will have immeasurable consequences in the months to come.

Hero Zora (a Crimson)

Despite her privileged upbringing and marriage to the Chief Officer of the Sacred Heart, Hero Zora finds herself alone and destitute. She is thrown out into the street by her husband after she gives birth to a baby of mixed race: a Brownborn.

Calex Maro (a Crimson)

Shipwrecked on the island of Quilemoyena at the age of eleven, Calex was brought up by Violet farmers. Now, at seventeen, it is time for him to leave the countryside and reintegrate into the world of Crimsons. Calex is confused and afraid of the future but little does he know that soon he will play a part in something of the utmost importance.

Come on a journey to a richly imagined world inhabited by two races with very different roles to play, ordained by the very nature of their blood. Fantasy, romance and adventure interweave as the troubled teenaged protagonist Calex Maro finds himself embroiled in a dangerous mystery, leading him to the realm of the gods themselves.

A thrilling, heartfelt story that builds up to a grand climax; all about growing up, accepting responsibility and finding your place in the world. With its unique idea and vision, The Crimsons and the Violets is exhilarating, suspenseful and utterly unputdownable.

Kindle Self-Publishing

by Bernd Schaudinnus

Launching your books and marketing them would not require a huge investment too. Here is a guide you can use to get started.

sex astrology

by Maria Wilkinson

Sex Astrology

Are you an astrology enthusiast with a heavy interest in the zodiac signs? Do you have a daily ritual of reading your horoscope? While there are some skeptics, many agree that horoscopes can be extremely accurate and reveal some interesting information about our daily lives.

Astrology & Sex are closely knitted to each other as it is quite often said and believed that sun signs determine the sexual desires

with this ebook:

complete astrological sign men in sex

complete astrological sign women in sex

complete astrological sign in sex

50 Extreme Animals! 25 Desert Animals & 25 Polar Animals – DOUBLE PACK. Amazing facts, photos and video links to some of the world’s most awesome animals. (25 Amazing Animals Series)

by IC Wildlife

IC Wildlife and IP Factly present… OVER 30% Off!!! With this Special DOUBLE PACK – A Wonderful Gift for Children!

This Extreme Animal Double Pack Includes:
25 Desert Animals
25 Polar Animals

Amazing facts, photos and video links

Aimed mainly at the 8+ age range, it’s a fun and exciting way for newly and not so newly independent readers to find out more about animals. Books by IP Factly have been #1 kindle bestsellers because they present animals in a fun and entertaining way – mixing facts, photos and video clips.
IP Factly’s Amazing Animal series has been designed to encourage and bolster independent reading.

Accompanying webpages with video clips

This book provides fact after fact for information hungry children to tell family and friends, and even has accompanying webpages with video clips of all the animals in the book.

It makes learning fun and gives a real reason for children to want to read by themselves. Kids will love discovering animal facts to share and enjoy.

The Amazing Animals range encourages children along the path to truly independent reading and learning.
See for yourself by clicking on the front cover to look inside the book.

This book is great for newly independent readers and not-so-newly independent readers alike. Difficult words are explained and fascinating facts are explored.

Video Links

The animals are accompanied by pictures and facts plus video links so children can learn more about the creatures and how they behave.
The video links mean children come back again and again, naturally developing their reading and learning skills.

Reviews for other IP Factly books

5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous Little Book By Spudman (Pasadena, MD United States)
This review is from: The 25 Weirdest Animals in the World!
I downloaded this book on a whim and am glad I did. The animals featured are fascinating, as are the accompanying photos. I really like the links to videos at the end of each segment.
Readers learn the habitat, diet and description of each creature. Young readers will certainly enjoy this book. Even this older reader was entertained by it.

5.0 out of 5 stars My son loves this book! By K. Smith “Taaa!” (St. Louis, MO)
This review is from: 25 of the Most Poisonous Animals in the World!
This book is really cool. It is part of a series of books 25 of the most _______ in the world. It gives a great description of the animal, what it does, lives, eats, ect. But at the end of each animal, there is a link to click on and it will take you to a webpage with videos of the animal. My son will read this book and watch the videos for hours on end. This is a really great education tool. The concept is fabulous! I highly suggest buying this book for your kiddo. My son and I have so much fun watching and reading this together. You or your kid will not be dissapointed.

Animals included in 25 Desert Animals

Arizona Blond Tarantula
Burrowing Owl
Desert Bighorn Sheep
Desert Crocodile
Desert Iguana
Desert Tortoise
Dorcas Gazelle
Elf Owl
Gila Monster
Greater Roadrunner
Red Kangaroo
Red-Tailed Hawk
Rock Hyrax
Texas Horned Lizard
Turkey Vulture
Water-Holding Frog

Animals included in 25 Polar Animals

Arctic Fox
Arctic Hare
Arctic Tern
Arctic Wolf
Bearded Seal
Beluga Whale
Canada Lynx
Killer Whale
Polar Bear
Red-Throated Loon
Rock Ptarmigan
Rough-Legged Buzzard
Snow Bunting
Snow Petrel
Snowshoe Hare
Snowy Owl

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Under the deep ocean: Scorpionfish – from ugliness to beauty

by Cherry Blossom

Are you interested in marine life? Do you appreciate a good sense of humour? Do you want to discover something you never knew before? Here is the answer to your three “yes”: a book on marine life, written from the point of view one of the Scorpionfishes with a good sense of humour; full of interesting facts and colourful pictures. Have a good laugh!

Hyperbistableron One: In space no one can hear you play the bagpipes

by MM Drott

Is it a black hole? Is it dark matter? No, it’s Hyperbistableron.

â??You just can’t get anywhere interesting without it!’

â?¦ as the advert says.

No longer quite himself, Hercules Lokshard II has returned to Earth after a rather long absence. He suspects that buried somewhere is one of the most valuable things in the known universe – Hyperbistableron. Something he is not alone in searching for. The others doing the searching are not at all nice. Try not to run. They like it if you runâ?¦

Minka and I have got caught up in his quest and the true scale of life in the galaxy is now being revealed to us. There’s rather a lot of it. It’s all rather odd. We will never be the same again. Why us, you may ask?

Best wishes,


A Sci Fi, comedy adventure story that addresses the subject of time travel – confirming that it is impossible – and travel throughout the galaxy – confirming that it is horrible. It also addresses the subject of the galaxy being full of highly intelligent life of which the human race does not qualify. Humans think otherwiseâ?¦ but they are wrong.

Dietary Guidelines for the Prevention of Cancer: Towards a Cancer-Free Tomorrow

by Earl Edgardo Alonzo

This book provides a recommended nutritional guideline for cancer prevention. The acronym that sums up the book is C A M B U F – Canned, Alcohol, Moldy, Burned, and Fruits and Vegetables. Find out how this acronym may help in preventing cancer.

Harold the Pea

by Kim Johnson

Harold the pea must find who he truly is… by comparing his color to other fruits!

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