Free literary fiction Kindle books for 21 Sep 14

If I Had Known Then…: A Brief Encounter for the modern age.

by Sam Taylor

Eve and Kate knew each other 10 years ago. Eve was still married and Kate was a girl who worked in a bar. Eve fell for Kate in a big way, but was certain that Kate didn’t even know she existed.

They meet again 10 years later; a chance encounter on an ordinary day. Eve is out now and living with her partner; Kate has a Civil Partner and a son. Eve discovers that Kate felt the same way all those years ago and they are both forced to confront the truth that those feelings live on even now.

This novella is a Brief Encounter for the modern age.


by Jackie Coupe

A Victorian style tale of haunting and loss in a small village that is slowly being consumed by the other side. Only a few people remain to pass on the tale before they too meet their awful fate. A timeless piece that delivers a shiver as well as a touch of old style English.

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