Free non-fiction Kindle books for 21 Sep 14

Surviving Off the Grid: Energy, Food, Economy: A Guide for Beginners

by Jenn Meyers

Going off the grid doesn’t have to mean packing up your family and moving to the hills where there are no neighbors within shouting distance. You can reduce your dependency on the fragile systems and still live in suburbia. This quick guide will give you some beginners’ tips for leading a life that is more independent from these three basic systems : energy, food and economy.

Natural Relief for Menopause: Real Help for Hot Flashes, Insomnia, Anxiety, Weight Gain and More

Sure, menopause is a normal part of agingâ?¦but it is a misery for too many women — due to the hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, brain fog and/or hard-to-escape weight gain. Natural Relief for Menopause puts relief 100% within reach. Here are dozens of proven, natural treatments from the leading women’s health experts, includingâ?¦

– The worst foodsâ??and the bestâ??to cool your hot flashes

– The secret to midlife weight loss

– What you don’t know (but should) about hysterectomy

– Why women don’t sleep wellâ?¦and drug-free ways to get the rest you need

– Natural remedies to prevent and treat osteoporosis (and why drugs are not the solution!)

– Quick cures for vaginal dryness.

– Best-researched herb for reducing hot flashes and night sweats

– The good news about “brain fog” and menopause!

– And more

The editors of Bottom Line/Health have brought together top experts from such renowned institutions as University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, The Endocrine Society, Harvard School of Public Health, Gaylord Sleep Center, University of Rochester Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, University of Michigan Medical School, New York Medical College and Penn State Universityâ?¦as well as leaders in the field of natural medicine. Menopause doesn’t have to mean misery. The easy-to-implement strategies in Natural Cures for Menopause will let you embrace this next stage in your life as a new beginning.

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