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Practice Your Spanish! #2: Reading and translation practice for people learning Spanish (Spanish Practice)

by Sam Fuentes

This book is not for beginners. It is for anyone learning Spanish or who wants to improve their Spanish language skills. The idea is simple: lots of bilingual texts (Spanish-English) to practice reading comprehension, plus exercises to translate single sentences from English into Spanish.

Everything is in Spanish and English, so exercises are useful to readers of different levels of ability in Spanish. However, the book is aimed primarily at high school and college students of Spanish, or anyone else who has already acquired a working knowledge of the language.

There are five units in the book, each one offering a mixture of single sentences and longer texts. Every example of Spanish is followed (usually on the next page) by a translation into English. This allows readers to ‘click’ through as much material as they want, even if it’s just a sentence of two at a time.

This book is not a textbook and contains no grammar exercises! It is an additional resource to help learners of Spanish improve their language skills. However, the texts themselves contain a wide variety of grammatical structures, tenses, and set expressions in Spanish. The vocabulary is also rich and varied. But don’t worry if you don’t understand everything–a full translation into English is just one click away!

A note on the translations: we have tried to provide good, straightforward translations of all material in this book. But remember that there are potentially many ways of translating any sentence.

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Beyond Classroom Management: Building Your School-Wide Discipline System

by Laurie Boyd

By the third school year of her first teaching job, Laurie Boyd had lost complete control of one high school English class.

“I did not know how to manage my classroom or discipline teenagers. I took their playful and disruptive behavior personally. Even though I knew my content and could deliver an effective lesson, I was miserable as a teacher. Believing I was not cut out for the classroom, I was relieved when the district dissolved my position, due to staff reductions, at the close of that school year.”

Fifteen years later, Laurie accepted a long-term substitute teacher position, the fourth in a sequence of substitute teachers, who had been run out of a hard-to-staff, urban middle school by the extreme misbehavior of the students.

For three years, first as a sub and then as an English teacher at her first school, Laurie learned that a clearly communicated, fair system of procedures, routines, rules, and consequences regulated the behavior of most of her students. She learned to implement her system consistently and without rancor or frustration, no matter what. She survived power struggles and learned to take advantage of teachable moments about behavior as well as academics.

Eventually, Laurie became principal of that middle school. A critical core of caring, committed faculty members helped her to reduce the number of their school’s student suspension days from 4,000 to 400 in three years’ time and to transform the climate of their school. Laurie’s staff built many life-altering partnerships with their students over the next several years.

When she was moved from that school to another district middle school, Laurie interviewed her new teachers about what they thought their priorities should be for the coming school year. Nearly every teacher wanted her to focus on student behavior. When school started that August, Laurie was surprised by the “us-against-them” climate between youngsters and adults in the building. The kids seemed to be largely unmoved by the communication and actions of the grown-ups. The two populations seemed to move in parallel universes.

Laurie built on her experiences of developing a system of disciplinary support for her new school. She became very explicit with her expectations for teachers’ implementation of their system, more routine with her monitoring of their performance, and more immediate in her response to teachers who struggled with discipline. At the same time, she began to create specific protocols for her staff to use in addressing certain student profiles, such as the student who refuses to work. She and her staff created separate programs for students whose chronic misbehavior would otherwise result in long-term suspension or expulsion.

University programs and district professional development programs do not adequately prepare school administrators to lead in this area of schooling. And yet, student misbehavior and lack of administrator support are among the main reasons that teachers leave the profession. School leaders cannot afford to operate as if only a few kids misbehave, and only infrequently. Teachers need comprehensive, knowledgeable, effective support from administrators in order to ensure a productive learning environment in their school. It does not just happen on its own.

Any leader who recognizes the need for increased structure and a working system for his or her school will find help in this book. Any teacher who is trying to find his or her way to more effective classroom management, and who needs support for developing effective discipline structures will find help in this book. School teams who are developing components of a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) plan will find help in this book.

In Beyond Classroom Management, Laurie Boyd makes a strong case for her philosophy about student discipline: If we care, we discipline – kindly, firmly, and consistently. Discipline is love.

What Did You Say?

by Chris Gardner

A simple and easy to read aid to good English Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation.

Leading to Reading: Improve Your Reading Skills (Sunday Targets Book 5)

by Jennifer M Ryan

This book is for parents. Reading is such an important skill that you can’t afford to ignore it. Or, leave it to the experts – teachers.

Reading starts long before children get to school. The more activities, games and reading children can do before they start formal learning, the easier it is to begin reading.

This E-book is the first in my Parents Series set in the Sunday Targets Series.

A Big Life in a Small House: 101 Ways to Save Money and Pay off Debt by Living a Minimalist Lifestyle

by Jeremiah Byron

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How to Succeed at University in English: A guide to studying at university in English when English is not your first language.

by John M. Andre

Studying at university is difficult enough but when you study in a second language, you have additional challenges.

This book is designed to help students who are studying at the university level, in English, but are not native English speakers. Topics include:

� How to show understanding

� How to write critical analysis

� Common assignment types

� Common task verbs

� How to give a good presentation

� Getting strong letters of recommendation

…and much more

If you want to improve your academic performance at university and you are studying in English, this book will help you.

Rice Play: 25+ Learn & Play Ideas for Colored Rice

by Nicolette Roux

This color rice book is an amazing resource with over 25 activity and craft ideas for toddlers featuring great photos, easy to follow instructions, a NO-FAIL color rice recipe PLUS each idea can easily be done at home!

SMOKING KILLS: Stop smoking immediately. Learn a few things that will make you throw cigarettes

by Sem Kolovski


1.5 billion people in the world smoke cigarettes.

That’s a lot of people and if you are reading this you are also among them.

stop it right away, start living healthy.

Breathe healthy.

Only you can help yourself.Look to others who have stopped smoking, now living healthy and happy.

Stop smoking immediately.

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