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Jump: The Fallen: Testament 1

by Steve Windsor

They took everything Jake Blake cared about. Tonight, they want everything else.

** From bestselling Author Steve Windsor **

Seattle. One man is trapped on the roof of a tall scraper downtown. Six angry agents are threatening to “remand him to Protection.” Jake knows that means he’ll be tortured and killed. Every citizen knows that.

Hiding and on the run for the past two years, for Jake, it’s the end of the lying. Now, there’s only one easy way down off this scraper, and getting captured and killed â?¦ isn’t it.

Welcome to a world where freedom means a person still has the power of choice. But most of those choices are between bad and worse.

The citizens of the future have assured their security â?¦ by giving up just about every freedom they ever had. And they also gave up the only means they ever had to resist.

There are no more guns in Jake Blake’s version of eternity, buried or otherwise. And if there are? If a citizen decides to dig one up? Well, they might find themselves trapped between the “heaven” of a quick and easy death and the “hell” of a long and torturous judgement.

Because, as Jake likes to say to anyone who will listen to one of his rants, “Sooner or later the boot finds its way to everyone’s neck.”

But tonight is citizen Jake Blake’s sooner, and this time â?¦ the neck under that boot is his.

Revenge for the daughter they took. Right now, it’s about as tall an order as the top of this scraper. But depending on the last decision he’ll ever make as a manâ?¦ Jake doesn’t know it yet, but the fate of this eternityâ??the one where he’s standing on the ledge of a forty-eight story buildingâ??hangs in the balance.

In and out of reality and nightmare, in the end, Jake must find his own absolution. His own faith.

But no matter what happens next, if he doesn’t figure himself out, humanity has one day left.

The first in THE FALLEN series

JUMP is a fast-paced, action-packed psychological thriller that explores the accepted beliefs of religion and reality against a backdrop of tyranny and dystopian existence.

“A 21st Century version of 1984 â?¦ only worse.”

“You will root for the bad-guy.”

THE FALLEN series of books in order:

  • JUMP, THE FALLEN: Testament 1, a Thriller Novel
  • FURY, THE FALLEN: Testament 2, a Thriller Novel
  • FAITH, THE FALLEN: Testament 3, a Thriller Novel
  • DOGG, THE FALLEN: Testament 4, a Thriller Novel
  • HOLE, THE FALLEN: Testament 5, a Thriller Novel
  • BURN, THE FALLEN: Testament 6, a Thriller Novel
  • LIVED, THE FALLEN: Testament 7, a Thriller Novel
  • LIFE, THE FALLEN: Testament 8, a Thriller Novel
  • RAIN, THE FALLEN: Testament 9, a Thriller Novel
  • SALVATION, THE FALLEN: Testament 10, a Thriller Novel

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Chase’s Return (Clear Creek Series # 2)

by T. E. Killian

Another uplifting Christian novel series from the author of the Sycamore P.D. Series and the Crowley County Series.

Clear Creek Series

Chase’s Return – Second in the Series

Chase Devereaux turned away from God when he lost his wife to cancer two years ago. Now he’s trying to be both father and mother to his teenage sons.

Tiffany Cameron was married but her husband ran off with another teacher ten years ago. Now she only has her cat Garfield who not only rules the house but Tiffany too.

Chase seems to come out of his fog and notice Tiffany. But how can he do anything about it since he’s her boss? One of his teachers has accused him of sexual harassment. With that charge looming over him, he turns to his best friends Hunter and Ryan for advice and support.

Tiffany finally realizes that she is attracted to her principal but she doesn’t know what to do about it. Then her mother is diagnosed with breast cancer. She turns to her best friends Sabrina and Candy who comfort and encourage her with their prayers.

Everything else goes on hold as murders begin to happen in this peaceful little town and Tiffany suddenly becomes the prime suspect.

Is their faith in God strong enough to bring Chase and Tiffany together among all the chaos and keep each other safe in the process? Can Chase ever return to the man he was before?

– Look for all the books in the Clear Creek Series

1. Ryan’s Ruin

2. Chase’s Return

3. Hunter’s Revenge (Coming Soon!)

– Look for all the books in the Sycamore P.D. Series

1. Lost Memories

2. Accepted Memories

3. Resolved Memories

– Look for all the books in the Crowley County Series

1. No Easy Solution

2. A Better Solution

3. The Only Solution

4. Another Solution

Granted Redemption: The Northern Lights Series

by Katie Mettner

Psalm 23: Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of deathâ?¦..

A lifetime ago Grant Harris was an Australian surfer at the top of his sport, until one wave changed everything. Fifteen years later, Grant has become bitter, lonely, and disillusioned. Hoping to jump start his career he accepts a position in Duluth Minnesota, with no way of knowing how quickly his life was about to change.

A lifetime ago Carla Coffers was a runaway teen with no family, no money and no hope for a future. Fifteen years later, she’s a successful business woman as owner of Carla’s Kinky Café, on beautiful Lake Superior. Her friends think she’s got it all, but Carla still yearns for the one thing she never had.

A cup of coffee, a car, a confession and a cross come together to grant them redemption from their past and hope for the future.


by Andrea Garth

Fom Royster is just like everybody else, but there is one exception–she’s not everybody else. Join Fom as she grows through Christ and discovers herself, other marked individuals, and the world as the rapture nears.

The Sword Saint

by Sean Kelley

Taka is a young fisherman on a remote island and he fears that his legacy will be as unremarkable as his current station in life. Everything changes when he happens upon a beautiful High Priestess from across the seas. She comes bearing terrible news, and speaks of an evil sorcerer who has taken an entire island in his grasp. When Taka decides to come to her aid, he is thrust into an adventure beyond his wildest dreams. The two are soon joined by a pompous prince and a bombastic pirate girl and together they make up a ragtag group, apparently the only group that is determined to root out the evil that is ready to consume the world in flames. But what can just four people do to surmount an enemy so powerful? Furthermore, what can a mere fisherman do to save the lives of those he cares about? Taka cannot prevail as he is, he must become something else. There is only one option: he must search within himself and find the courage that defies all understanding. Taka must become a legend. Taka must become a Sword Saint.

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