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German: Learn German In 10 DAYS! – Effective Course to Learn the Basics of the German Language FAST (Learn German, German, Learn … Italian, Language, Dutch, Germany,Communication Skills)

by Patrice Lowe

Learn German in ONLY 10 DAYS. Have Your Second Language NOW

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Language is one of the most ingenious inventions of mankind that evolved through time. It separated us and left us above all the other creatures in this world. It enabled us to communicate effectively, reflect and dream about a more learning a new language and actually practicing it helps our brain to be sharper and wittier. Not to mention that this brain activity slows down brain aging and even helps prevent Alzheimer’s diseases. Being multi-lingual, aside from being really cool gives you more opportunities to conquer the business world as well as to understand the traditions and culture of that particular country you’re trying to study. Just imagine the people building the Tower of Babel before time, after they were stripped with understanding they wander around, quarreled with each other and the tower never came to its purpose as language become the very medium of how we express ourselves, it is very vital in our well being and relationships, not just to other people but to the world that we live in as well.

As the cultural presence of Germany was greatly felt since the ages especially at the height of the World War 2, variations of the German language has been created over time with their neighboring countries like Switzerland and Austria, with over 120 million speakers in over 8 countries in the west, German Language has become a linguistic prerequisite as one of the most important languages in the European Union.

In business, German language is a must and is being used by businessman and associates from the biggest financial capital cities in the west- Main, Vienna, Dresden, Berlin, Bamberg, Graz, Leipzig, Munster, Munich, Linz, Salzberg, Stuttgart, Innsbruck, Luxemburg, Cologne and their other neighboring cities and counties. On the other hand, in cultural perspective, the German Language has etched its letters in the history when it was used by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Gustav Klimt and Johann Goethe in their way to virtuoso as well as by Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein and many more scientists and artists that was expressed their crafts through the language and shaped their respective fields through their genius over time, securing Germany a seat in the G8 summits as one of the most powerful countries in the world.

This book Consists of Simple Chapters

  • Why You Should Learn German
  • Greeting and Guide
  • The Basics
  • Verbs and Variations
  • Adjectives and Adverbs
  • Numbers!
  • Progress Check
  • Useful Phrases for Everywhere
  • Much Much More !!

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Travel Guide Box Set #5: The Best of Beautiful Greece For Tourists & Greek For Beginners (Greece, Greek, Greek for Beginners, Learn Greece, Greece Travel … Greek, Greek Language, Greece Attractions)

by Getaway Guides

Travel Guide Box Set #5: The Best Of Beautiful Greece for Tourists (The Ultimate Guide for Greece’s Sites, Restaurants, Shopping, and Beaches for Tourists!) & Greek for Beginners (The Best Handbook for Learning to Speak Greek!)



Greece has always had a charm that enchanted the world since the ancient times. The birthplace of Greek mythology, ancient Greek civilization, and Greek philosophy, society and culture, this country has greatly influenced both the ancient and the modern world.

This country is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It has numerous ruins and archaeological sites, which gave modern societies a glimpse of how complex and advanced Ancient Greek society really was. These were proof that they had far more superior technologies and way of living than most parts of the world during the ancient times. Some of these sites are believed to be where Greek myths came to life. Tourists and academics alike flock to this country to study and marvel at these ancient sites.

Another attraction in Greece is the food experience. Traditional Greek cuisine is world-renowned for its exotic, exciting, and interesting array of food flavors, tastes, and textures.

From salads and dips to main courses and desserts, the Greek gastronomic experience is an adventure all its own.

Because of its location in the Mediterranean, Greece is also host to some of the world’s most wonderful beaches. Greece is truly blessed with pristine waters and fine beaches, the best that nature can give.

Here Is What Is Inside…

  • Locating Greece
  • Ancient Sites in Greece
  • Greek Dining Experience
  • Shopping in Greece
  • Greece’s Famous Beaches
  • Much, much more!

Learn Greek:

Greece is said to be the birthplace of the Western Civilization and the Greek Language dates back to 1400 BC and is currently spoken by over 13 million people worldwide. Aside from those who live in Greece, Greek is also spoken by some people in Albania, Cyprus, Armenia, Romania, Georgia, Israel, Southern Italy, Brazil, Argentina and Austria, among others.

With Greece’s colorful history comes a colorful language that’s truly worth learningâ??and that’s what you are going to experience right now. While it may not be as easy as other languages to learn, it is still very useful especially if you find yourself in a Greek-speaking country. It’s just respectful that you learn different languages so you can easily converse with different kinds of people.

With the help of this book, learning to speak Greek wouldn’t be as hard as you think it is.

Start flipping the pages and be fluent in Greek in no time!

Here Is What Is Inside…

  • The Greek Alphabet
  • Basic Phrases
  • Getting a Room
  • Getting Around
  • Food and Drinks
  • Shopping Around
  • Other Useful Words and Phrases
  • Romantic Phrases
  • Much, much more!

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A Couple Go Backpacking: Travel Adventures of Mike & Rachel

by Michael Chivers

This is a real life adventure of a couple who go backpacking around the world. Mike & Rachel visit 10 countries including China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia & New Zealand.

NEW ZEALAND – Travel Adventures – 23 days on the North & South Islands

by Greg Hung

Former Vancouver, Canadian IT manager turned world explorer takes two separate trips to the North and South Islands of New Zealand sharing in great detail through words and imagery the adventures and lessons learned. The first 18 day trip takes us to such places as the Coromendel, Rotorura, the popular Tongariro Alphine Crossing, Christchurch, Queenstown, Milford Sound, and Auckland.

3 years later Greg leaves his job and sells his possessions friends and family behind for a second solo filming journey that takes him to Auckland for 5 days. He stays at a waterfront paradise at the Te Atatu Peninsula with locals to experience life as a local and tap into their knowledge and explore local destinations such as Muriwai beach, Piha, and Waiheke Island. Greg’s quest for the best view of the city takes us to the former grass covered volcano of Mount Eden. His hunger for food and nightlife take us to Auckland’s waterfront.

If you enjoy adventure, food, nightlife, nature, discovering local gems and a good story this book is for you.

Get inspired, learn, and join the the journey.

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