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Buddhism for Beginners: Learning and Practicing Buddhism in Daily Life

by Lily Homer

Learning and Practicing Buddhism in Daily Life

Buddhism religion is based on helping individuals overcome affliction and uncertainty of human survival through the abolition of desire as well as ego. Buddhists call this achievement the state of nirvana or the peace of soul. The religion itself is tolerant, but – on the other hand – no criticism or suggestions of reforms are accepted. The belief system is focused around meditation.

Discover More About Buddhism

In this book “Buddhism for Beginners”, you will discover and learn how to practice Buddhism in daily life. You will concepts, lessons, and practical steps of Buddhism.

Here is The Preview Of The Book

“Buddhism for Beginners” contains the following information that you should learn:

Chapter 1: An Overview on Buddhism

Chapter 2: Concepts in Buddhism

Chapter 3: Seeing Life In A Whole New Light Through Buddhist Meditation

Chapter 4: Buddhist Meditation Concepts and Practices

Chapter 5: Nine Ways on How to Practice Buddhism

Chapter 6: 15 Life Lessons from Buddhism

Chapter 7: Common Questions Beginners Have on Buddhism

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Mending the Heartbreak (The Highland Stones Book 1)

by Stephanie Comalander

Adeline Bruce is a small town girl with dreams that will take her to exotic foreign lands in search of human history and artifacts. She embarks on a journey to Scotland where she learns more of her heritage as a descendent of Robert the Bruce as well as an opportunity to study with world-famous archeologist Dr. Matthew MacStone.

Hadrian Balliol is a mysterious native Scotsman who has a destiny to fulfill. A member of the House of Balliol, he seeks out certain artifacts that will unify Scotland and make his home country finally free from English rule.

Join Hadrian and Adeline as their destinies intertwine on a journey of love, lust, danger, and mystery along the shores of Scotland.

A Man Called Jim: A Story of Love, War and Redemption

by Gerald Wayne Primm

A profoundly moving story about life, hardship, war, addiction, and triumphant love. A Man Called Jim incorporates poignant stories of life, much history of the twentieth century, search for meaning, and final redemption. Although shorter in length than Primm’s debut novel, Memories of Alix: Tales of a Culture Long Gone, it has the same ability to grip the reader and move him from page-to-page, in anticipation of the next scenario of life. Several who previewed the book made comments such as “Once I began readiing it, I could not put it down,” “A great read; Primm is a master story teller,” and “The book moved is a moving story of a man, set against the backdrop of rural Arkansas, World War One, and the Prohibition era.”

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