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The Ultimate Vegetable Container Gardening Guide for Beginners: How to Grow Healthy Vegetable & Herb Gardens in Small Spaces & Containers (FREE BONUS): vegetable gardening, herb gardening

by Chloe Maelle

Learn How to Start a Container Garden Right Now!

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Say hello to the green thumb in you! Growing your own vegetables does not mean you have to have a big backyard. In fact, you can grow them straight from containers.

You can always start small by growing your most favorite vegetable and herb. Eventually, you can expand your little container garden and fill up whatever available space you have with fresh and healthy veggies and herbs.

Here is a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

  • Planning your Container Garden
  • Choosing your Vegetables and Herbs
  • Preparing your Tools and Supplies
  • Start Planting!
  • Maintaining and Harvesting from your Garden
  • And much, much more!

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Start your Container Garden Now!

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How To Make Handmade Soap: Beginers Guide To Luxurious Natural Organic and Herbal Soap: Soap Making, How To Make Soap, Soap Making Books

by Karen Cicero

Soap Making For Beginners

Unfortunately today we are slammed with chemicals. Weather they be in our food, drugs, or clothing, just about everything you can think of, including the “soap” we use for our sanitary needs, are loaded with cancer causing synthetic chemicals. Organic soaps are available on the market, but unless you’re rich you’re not going to afford their high prices.

This guide is filled with useful knowledge about natural and organic soap, their history and contains some of the best organic soap recipes you can make at home easily. And for a fraction of what it would cost you in the stores, you can be on your way to making homemade soap from scratch in no time. You will love these organic soap recipes.

This guide is a no nonsense approach and contains easy to follow instructions from beginners to advanced soap makers. This is a fun craft to do with your kids as well. These soaps make great gifts for friends and family. Get on the train and get into this growing trend in the craft world

Weather you are making soap to avoid chemicals or just for fun this guide will set you on the right path. Learn the most common tips and tricks and what type of equipment you’ll need to succeed.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What’s in Your Store Bought Soap?
  • Making Your Own Soap is Easy (Brief History of Soap Making)
  • Common Soap Additives
  • Common Equipment and Supplies
  • Melt & Pour Method
  • Hot Process Method
  • Re-batching/Milled Method
  • What is Castile Soap?
  • Much, much more!
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Rustic Homes I Built w/ Chainsaw – $10 sf!!

by Dennis Hooker

I built 3 Rustic Homes for about $10 a square foot – and a chain saw. By pictures and brief narrative I take you through houses that I – a non-carpenter – have designed and built. Three friends saw my houses and have ventured to build their own. A bonus feature in the book is a log house built by a friend from trees just above the cabin. I have built 3 houses, re-built several more, re-built and lived on three large boats – and continues to use rustic techniques – my main tool being a small chainsaw.

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