Free politics and current events Kindle books for 22 Sep 14

Does A Gender Wage Gap Really Exist?

by Mark Mullen

Do women earn less than men for doing the same work? I don’t know. Neither does the White House, Congress, economists, or women advocate groups. The truth is researchers fail to examine the right data

Scorpio and Leo: Lovers at Heart or Friends Forever? (Sun Signs Scorpio Series)

by Rosemary Breen

Scorpio and Leo: Lovers at Heart? Friends with Benefits? Or Friends Forever?

Utopia The end of money: Essay on conscience-fiction

by Gilles Beaupré

This book is the result of my reflections, travels and a search for the cause of humanity’s poor life on earth. I wrote it with compassion for my fellow men and I hope it acts as an eye-opener. I have come to the conclusion if Money is not the root of all evil it assuredly is an excellent means to divide us, to make us compete with one another and develop selfishness, classes and wars. Evil or not, we have gotten so accustomed to living with it, imagining life without money is not easy to do.

Nevertheless, one has to remember everything starts with an idea, and this idea of a free world has to travel from mind to mind until enough men and women agree to mature towards Utopia.

When this society will be achieved, it will be the resurrection of humanity because to change the set up of life it’s to change life itself. To change life is to change man and to change man is to change the world.

Get O.L.D

by Bill Bracco

This books is based on principal and practice of observing listening and not judging. This book is written by a man who has allot of life experience, Bill Bracco.
Thank you Bill Bracco for giving this work to the world.

THAT WHICH REMAINS: The True Nature of Ghosts and Hauntings Revealed (That Which Remians Book 1)

by P. McGill

In “That Which Remains,” the “Tank” combines logic and simplicity with cutting-edge science to deliver a powerfully cogent argument that explains the self-evident cause for the pervasive belief in ghost and haunting phenomenon, as well as the factually incomplete and logically skewed skeptical debate that has attempted to refute its existence for over 160 years. A revolutionary approach that literally -solves- one of the most ancient mysteries of the human experience, long believed to be unsolvable!

Story of Puskas and his Team: The Zenith & Decline of the Hungarian Golden Team

by Kalman Toth M.A. M.PHIL.

The Hungarian Golden Team dominated world football (soccer) from 1950 to 1956. Its story is told with interviews, analysis and 120 photos.

Sixty years is a lot of time. Social systems, big ideas, countries, and even empires shine and fall during this time. Among those who are in high positions, many feverishly try to leave a positive lasting impression on posterity, but so few people succeed in doing this. Because we, ordinary people, who do we like to remember? As the citizens of the ancient Greek city-states considered their triumphant athletes to be heroes, so we also feel that the elite athletes who ascended among us are our own.

The triumph of the Hungarian Golden Team on the grass belongs to everyone, as everyone also experiences defeat as being a bit of their own. The fate of the Hungarian hero is tragic. No matter how close the light would shine before him, he stumbles at the very last step of his triumphal progress and in the end, he can not withstand those forces that shape the world. After a score of 6:3 achieved at Wembley Stadium, the original home of football (soccer in USA), a fallen nation that was humiliated multiple times could taste greatnes, uniqueness and invincibility again. Sixty years ago in Bern, Switzerland we could already feel the world famous victory as our own. That in the end it did not happen like this, that the crowning did not take place, we are looking for its causes to the present day. We are looking for it, because we, who were there on the field or were just listening to the broadcast on the radio, for us it still hurts that we did not become world champions. The sixteen-thousand inhabitants of Solothurn in Switzerland were also looking for its cause, who grew fond of the Golden Team who were living and training there during the three weeks of the World Cup. There is no other such lucky city in the world. The teams of Solothurn could play twice with the Golden Team.

The establishment of the Golden Team can be traced back to the Peace Treaty of Trianon. In 1920, the leaders of the Horthy government defined physical education and sports as priorities in the reconstruction of the nation’s soul, as the punitive treaty imposed severe restrictions particularly on politics, military affairs, and on aviation. By 1936, Hungary became a sports superpower; Hungary finished third in the Berlin Olympics medal table. In the 1938 FIFA World Cup, Hungary finished the second. The brutal communist dictator Rákosi(responsible for murders, tortures, imprisonments, forced relocations) and his gang also recognized the potential for propaganda in sport, so the sporting superpower position of Hungary was maintained also under the auspices of the communist dictatorship. Hungary finished third in the Helsinki Olympics in 1952. Shortly after in 1953, the Golden Team defeated England, the birthplace of football. The Rákosi regime stole football from the club system, so the Golden Team came to and end in 1956 together with the communist dictatorship. After 1956 the communist Kádár (responsible for the execution by hanging of around 500 young revolutionaries and freedom fighters) regime still continued, even if at a lower level, to use football for propaganda purposes, so the Hungarian football suffered another setback in the 1980s, when the communism of Soviet origin collapsed.

The story of the Golden Team became one of a golden age which is lost forever, interwoven with legends. Does that age have a real message for today’s football players and sports enthusiasts? Can we, the few survivors say anything relevant to the athletes and fans of another age? This book brings back a legend trying to look beyond it. How did the Golden Team travel by international airplanes? What kind of hotels did they live in? Did the elite athletes appreciate their privileged life, when the average person lived in poverty, without passport, western visa and western currency, often having been terrorized?

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