Free religious fiction Kindle books for 22 Sep 14

Judgment Day (Short Story)

by Gregg Bell

“Pick it up and enjoy the short, dark tale of relationships gone wrong…horribly wrong.”â??Leesie (Amazon reviewer)

Raymond, an ex-Marine, slaved his life away, working three jobs to give his wife Caroline everything she wanted. He gave her twenty years of his life, three beautiful daughters, a house in the suburbs and a carâ??and she gave him the news she’s got a new boyfriend. Now she’s coming over to pick up something she leftâ??and Raymond’s ready for her. Oh, is he ready for her.


Judgment Day is the twisted tale of two deeply conflicted spouses and infidelty and the extra insanity that occurs when you mix in religious fundamentalism. It shows that what a person gets is not always what they deserve. And what they deserve is not always what they get. It shows that in every life comes a Judgment Day.

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