Free world literature Kindle books for 22 Sep 14

Straylord: A Feel-Good Romantic Comedy

by Nathan Bamford

An effeminate guy meets the perfect girl, but the only way he can get close to her is to become her gay best friend.

From customer reviews –

“Loved, loved, loved it!”

“A delightful novel.”

“The whole time I was reading I could picture the movie.”

Eldon, a naturally effeminate guy, meets Lorna, the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, Lorna thinks he bats for the other team. Not only that, she’s way out of his league. And she has a boyfriend.

So Eldon settles for being her gay best friend, and resolves to keep his hetero self in the closet. But he struggles to hide his feelings from her, all the while dealing with Lorna’s attempts to find him a man.

Then he discovers that her boyfriend is a figure from his past who knows the awful truth about him…

The Queen’s Cipher

by David Taylor

รข??The truth is so hard to tell, it sometimes needs fiction to make it plausible.’

Award-winning investigative reporter David Taylor blends fact and fiction, suspense and satire into a vividly imagined novel in which an Oxford don uncovers a conspiracy of silence over the authorship of Shakespeare’s plays. The ingenious codes and ciphers of a medieval German monk disappear after his death only for one of his number codes to surface in an Elizabethan spy’s eye-witness account of what the Virgin Queen was doing behind closed doors.

Centuries later, research fellow Freddie Brett deciphers this long-forgotten report in Lambeth Palace Library and finds himself following a trail that leads him to the very book that established the Stratford actor’s credentials as a playwright and to a shadowy scientific brotherhood that treated drama as a form of mass communication. In unravelling this mystery Brett encounters not only academic opposition but an unseen enemy who will stop at nothing to possess the personal testimony of the man behind Shakespeare. As he races across Europe in search of such a prize, Brett’s life is in danger. But he was to know the full story. Even if it kills him!

The Queen’s Cipher is an extraordinary book; a highly entertaining detective story that challenges conventional history.

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