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At the Gates of Madness

by Shaun Meeks

At the Gates of Madness is a collection of short stories by Toronto writer Shaun Meeks. Walk through the gates and see a man facing his mistakes in “The Edge of the Abyss”, a lonely man sits on Halloween waiting for his strange “Treats”, a woman finds out that ‘You Can’t Always Run Away”, two men face the end of the world in “When the Darkness Came” and a son faces his father’s sins in “The Creek”. Through the gates you will find stories full of demons, revenge, fear and sometimes even hope.

Devil’s Catacombs

by Will Overby

It waits.

They came for adventure – a day of exploring the caverns and underground vistas of an abandoned tourist trap known as The Devil’s Catacombs.

But something waits in the permanent night, something that knows their weaknesses, their desperation. Something primordial that can manipulate their minds and distort reality.

Suddenly lost in a world of silent darkness, five friends struggle against an unknown horror that feeds off their fear and grows stronger as it consumes them one by one. To see daylight again, they must summon the courage to overcome evil – including the demons within themselves – and fight their way to the surface.

Or die trying.

Dreams upon Awakening

by Tyrion Nirankar

In a Castle surrounded by high walls, none ages, none dies, none wonders what may be the meaning of their empty lives, untilâ?¦

The rose garden drying up is but the first omen of momentous changes.

Lon discovers a secret passage underground, but it leads only to a mysterious closed, keyless door on which these words are inscribed:




Dreams Upon Awakening is a collection of short stories which will guide you, dear Reader deeper and deeper into the mysteries of life, uncovering veil after veil of illusions until you are confronted with a reality impossible to grasp with the naked mind.

Mr. Mann: The afterlife and times of the Devil’s Acquisitor ad Infinitum

by John Byron

My name is Marten Mann. I work for the Devil, or The Prince of Lies, as you people are so fond of calling him. Yes. You read that last line correctly. I am employed by the Powers of Evil as Acquisitor Ad Infinitum. Catchy, huh? To put it in simpler terms, I am a broker of sorts. You know, the guy who finds out what it is that you want the most. I make it readily available to you for a price. I think we all know just how costly that one thing that you think you need so much can be. Which is why I urge all of my clients to choose wisely.

Whisper In The Pines

by Donald Wells



In 1959, a woman was found lying on the bank of a Pennsylvania river. She was nude, strangled and left for dead.

Doctors soon realized that the woman was in a coma, they also discovered that she was pregnant.

John Harmon is that woman’s son, the miracle baby born to a mother who would never know him, never hold him.

He has searched most of his life to discover his mother’s identity and to find the person who assaulted her.

His only clue is a black & white photo found clutched in his mother’s hand.

After decades of searching, he’s finally led to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey where he will not only discover his mother’s identity,

but will also unearth her killer and face death square in the eye.

DONALD WELLS is the author of numerous novels and short stories, including THE REYNOLDS FAMILY SAGA and the TAKEN! SERIES OF SHORT STORIES.

Magick: A Horror Novel


Based on real events and placesâ?¦.

â?¦a haunted house on the shore of Loch Nessâ?¦

â?¦a bloody history of death and slaughterâ?¦

â?¦a demonic ritual summoning the Princes of Hellâ?¦

Four friends visit Boleskine House, former residence of the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, in search of its macabre atmosphere. But they are unprepared for the supernatural forces that grow in power and intensity, driving them to the brink of madness.

Frenzied animals, insect swarms, loch-bound monsters and visions of gore assail them as the present blurs with the past, with no prospect or escape through the shrouding fog or sanctuary in the sinister village on the edge of the loch.

Their friendship is torn to shreds as long-buried tensions stretch to breaking point, leading to death and betrayal, as they are forced to unravel the obscure Abra-Melin Ritual, delving into the mysteries beneath the mountains and in the depths of the loch itself.

Will any of them survive three nights enduring the horrors of Boleskine House?


by El Mac

New Salem’s authoritarian zealots appoint two young men to roles as deaconsâ??morality police–unaware that the men share a dark, forbidden secret. They are in love.

The voice of their god pulls the newly appointed deacons out of the closet and into the public eye, with promises of something they can never have in New Salemâ??at least while alive. Burning with faith and unrepentant passion, Lukas Wrestling Smythe and Matthew Righteous Journey Mortensen are caught committing unnatural acts, arrested, beaten, starved, tried, convicted and executed for their sodomite crimes. Ain’t love grand?

But death isn’t the end.

It’s just the beginning.

For Lukas and Matthew, and their world.

The Travelling Man

by Matt Drabble

Matt Drabble is a name that will one day be as widely recognized as Stephen King & Dean Koontz” - READERS FAVORITE
If you are looking for a classic tale of horror then you’ll never ever be disappointed in Matt Drabble’s writing. He knows creepy and he writes it very well.“ SAGE ADDERLEY
Its dark subject matter, creepy terrain, a highly developed and complex cast of characters, and a thundering crescendo all make for a spectacular novel of horror and suspense“ HOGWASH
If you’re a fan of Stephen King’s Needful Things then you have to get this book“ Zombie Girl Shambling Blog
Fans of suspense & mystery thrillers will love The Travelling Man”
The Traveling Man was probably one of the best horror books I have ever read… if you don’t mind a good scare, this story is for you!“ The Book Adventures of Emily Blog
from the award winning & best selling author of “Gated, Abra-Cadaver, Asylum – 13 Tales of Terror and After Darkness Falls comes a new journey into horror. 
Matt Drabble also has a highest Amazon Horror Author Ranking of 5th.

The small desert town of Granton is a typical slow boiling pot of unfulfilled hopes and dreams. Every hard working day is much like any other here where little ever changes.

Sheriff Cassie Wheeler runs a tight ship in the tradition of her late father. There is little serious crime to trouble her department, save for the local miners’ occasional rowdiness after payday.

But Granton has its share of secrets hiding behind twitching curtains and small town folks often have the biggest of ambitions.

Now the long dusty road into town has brought with it a stranger. A man of elegance calling himself Gilbert Grange has arrived. He brings with him a bag full of dreams and a silver tongue of promise. He can give you whatever you desire, all you have to do is sign on the dotted line.

The residents of Granton are about to discover that dreams can come at a terrible price, and you should always be careful what you wish for.

also available:
Gated I & II a UK Horror Chart #4 best seller

Asylum – 13 Tales of Terror is an Amazon US Horror Chart #5 best seller, voted #5 on The Horror Novel Review’s Top 10 Books of 2013 and is a 2014 Readers Favorite award Finalist.

Abra-Cadaver 24 years ago they locked him away. Now something’s heading home with a whole new bag of tricks Winner of an Indie Book of the Day award.

After Darkness Falls – Volumes 1 & 2 - a new horror anthology collection

you can find more information:
Twitter: MattDrabble01
Facebook: matt.drabble.3

The Remover Parts 9-15

by Kenneth Kohl

Christian Carmack is a vampire experiencing a mid-life crisis. He still has an unhealthy attachment to his long-dead wife, he is struggling with his faith, and he is dealing with a mental illness.

There comes a time in every vampire’s life when he begins to question his choices, doubt his past actions, wonder what mistakes he will continue to make in his future. Most vampires come to terms with who and what they are, but every once in a while one slips through the cracks. A vampire who goes mad and ends up running loose like a kid in a candy shop. The most dangerous type of vampire there is – perhaps even more feared than a Nosferatu – is a rogue.

So, how does one deal with a rogue? He must be disposed of. The question is “How do you go about hunting the most perfect hunter that nature has ever produced?”

Christian finds himself asking that question along with anotherâ?¦ Is he the hunter, or the prey?

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