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Lucy Wagner Gets In Shape (Lucy Wagner–Book 1)

by Claire Matthews

What people are saying about “Lucy Wagner”:

“Lucy Wagner Gets In Shape has an enticing premise – food and women and getting in shape and can be satisfying for those who are looking for a ‘lite’ romance.” IndieReader Review

“I got a real kick out of this novel. The first person narrative is REAL and the heroine is witty and honest. Her friends are fun (the kind of friends I wish I had), the banter made me laugh, and the love story…I could feel it.” Bookbabe…Book Hits and Misses

Lucy Wagner’s ready for the future-her career’s on track, and her relationship with Paul, her pediatrician boyfriend, seems headed for the alter. But when Paul reveals his infidelity, Lucy must pick up the pieces of her love life. Will training for an Extreme Adventure Race with her best friends Jen and Will help her rediscover her confidence? Or will she fall short of the finish line?

Inside Breaking Bad: How Vince Gilligan created Walter White and sent him straight to Hell

by by Marsha Scarbrough

Get the inside story of Breaking Bad!

Go behind the scenes!

Visit the set! Eavesdrop in the writers’ room!

Walter White was born in the twisted mind of writer Vince Gilligan. Here’s the story of Gilligan’s inspiration and the creation of the groundbreaking series.

An abridged version of this story, which was published in the Summer 2011 issue of Written By: the magazine of the Writers Guild of America, west under the title “Do Inhaleâ??Mr. Chips Goes to Hell: How they make Breaking Bad hurt so good,” won First Place in the New Mexico Press Women Awards.

Now, for the first time, readers can get the whole, uncut story.

Steve and The Withered Illusions: Minecraft Novel Book (with Bonus Illustrated Pictures)

by Melvin Kameron

Steve and The Withered Illusions “Remember this kid,” Steve lifted his right knee. “This,” Steve coiled his leg towards him. “Is!”

Steve stopped. The opponent crossed his arms on his face to guard himself. “This is what?!”

Steve turned his face to the audience. “Doby! What’s the name of this village again?!”

“I don’t know!” Doby faced the man beside him on the bleachers. “Chief! What’s our village’s name?”

“Uhâ?¦ Hmmâ?¦ I don’t know. We just call it the village,” the old man answered.

“It’s the Village, Steve,” Doby shouted back to Steve.

“What?!” Steve sighed. “Whatever,” Steve faced his opponent. “Clench your teeth, kid.”


Steve kicked the man’s nuts.

It has become a tradition that the village where Steve lives hosts a monthly tournament to test the mettle and strength of all of its inhabitants – including the ones outside the village. However, with Steve’s presence, nobody has ever taken the infamous victory cookie that the village chief baked with pure love for the tournament’s winner away from him.

And as usual, Steve punished all the people who joined. He gave them no mercy – even if the opponent was a newbie or a veteran, the only thing that won’t get chastised by Steve’s fist of fury is their pair of socks, which always come off flying.

This time, unfortunately, a mysterious man appeared and challenged Steve. He showed him foreign powers that the village’s hero has never been seen before. And the following events led him to a journey to the far south together with his adorable sidekick, Doby.

Check out the preview of this book for you to know what you are getting. Sheer awesomeness and unmanly giggles are guaranteed. Click the book’s cover icon on the top of this page to see the eBook’s preview. Give it a try, and be immersed in the world of the almost lunatic hero, Steve.

The Checkered Field

by Mark Butler

The characters of the world’s most popular board game are brought to life in this epic short-story by Mark Butler! Whether you’re a Chess lover or just like battlefield violence, this tale is right for you!

The Whites and Blacks are trapped together on an island. Between their Kingdoms is the Checkered Field, the fabled place where mighty warriors rise and fall. When the Whites make the first, aggressive move towards the center of the Field, the Blacks must respond or perish. What follows is a classic battle of wits, savagery and the indomitable will to win.

If you like short-story violence and the brilliancy of classical Chess, then you don’t want to miss this board-game brought to life by the mind of Mark Butler! It’s an original masterpiece!

Necronomiku: Part Deux – Toad Craters in the Void (75 Heinous yet Affordable Haikus!)

by Bad Robot Basho

The sequel to the Necronomiku, originally written on a series of napkins but now available in E-Book form!

Don’t miss it! Very affordable and delicious!

Yo Mama So Old Jokes. Yo Momma So Old! (Yo Momma Jokes – Best of Book 3)

by Yo Momma

Yo Mama So Old Jokes by Yo Mamma!

Funny ‘Yo Momma So Old’ jokes

Never be short of a ‘Yo Mama Joke’ again with this huge book of Yo Mama So Old jokes.

Here’s a few to get you started…

Yo Mama So Old…

Yo mama so old, she went to an antique store and they wouldn’t let her leave. 

Yo mama so old, they moved her out of the retirement home and in to the museum. 

Yo mama so old, her birth certificate is written in Roman numerals.

Yo mama so old, when she farts, dust comes out.

Yo mama so old, she took her drivers test on a dinosaur.

Yo mama so old, when she was young rainbows were black and white.

Yo mama so old, she got her bible autographed.

Scroll up and click “buy” to start enjoying the ‘Yo Mama So Old’ jokes Now!

Captive Audience: a LIAR Inc. Novella

by Jolynn Hart

Captive Audience

I needed a job, so when I was offered the position as the receptionist at Lowman’s International Assets Recovery Inc., I jumped at the paycheck like a starving cheetah on a three-legged zebra. How was I to know the craziness that would ensue? How was I to know the politics in that office were more cutthroat than in the nation’s capital during an election year? How was I to know that one bad day would have us being held hostage by (armed) gunmen, or that it would be a toss-up as to who the police would need to rescue most – the hostages, or the hostage-takers?

Captive Audience is the first novella of the LIAR Inc. series. (Oh yeah, and it has some bad language, too. I mean, it’s a stressful situation, what did you expect?)

Lightning Bugs

by Leonard Stegmann

Remember catching lightning bugs on a warm summer night? Where have they all gone? (Humor nostalgia/550 words)

Sid And Arthur’s Steampunk Adventure Part 4 (Only When I Arth 18)

by Stephen Jennison-Smith

Sid and Arthur continue to mess around in the world of Lizzie McBean. That’s right, they didn’t die at the end of the last chapter!

What you shouldn’t do at school: silly rhyming book for children

by Joshua McManus

A funny, silly rhyming picture book for children, wonderful illustrations to have your children laughing, all the weird and wonderfully strange things children shouldn’t do at school. “Don’t do a headstand on a chair. Or ride on the back of a grizzly bear.”

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