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Frustration Unleashed: My Husband’s Rich Friend (Wayward Wives Series Book 1)

by Tammy Lacey

Rachel’s once-passionate marriage stands on the brink as her impotent husband drifts further away every day. When her husband’s wealthy ex-army pal visits for the weekend, she struggles to resist her long-neglected wild side. Under siege by his confident flirtation and even more competent hands, Rachel’s frustration boils over.

Desperate to scratch the itch, she’s ready to bring that fire back to her husband. Ready to do anything to unleash her man’s wild side.

Ready for everythingâ?¦ except for what she unleashes.

This steamy romance contains detailed sexual scenes, including role play and light bondage, that some readers will find graphic. This is intended for an adult audience only.

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by gregory s dew

Two professional drifters, Nick Du Monde and Haggard Burns, are on the lam from anything resembling gainful employment. With a carte blanche credit line (drawn on fraudulent documents) the duo has fled life’s traditional trappings and now drifts from continent to continent in their quest for the purest elixir on earthâ??the Nectar. So far their three year safari has delivered them to some premium firewaters. From libations laced with thermal tubeworms to spirits distilled with reptilian scales. But have any of them been the true Nectar? In their insatiable haste to rest that question, they forge onward despite mental and physical capacities that have been withered by epicurean excess. Ultimately, they awake after a drunken blackout only to discover they’ve somehow arrived at a small coastal village saturated with an entire subculture of roving bohemians just like them. It is here with these like-minded vagabundos and amid this crease of terra incognita that Nectars of other persuasions threaten to derail their intoxicating safari, or, at least, completely redefine it.

Illiterate Sophism

by M. R. Lang

Illiterate Sophism is a collection of short, speculative fiction and free form poetry. Six word stories, pirate girls, Evil Santa, the most awesomest man in the world, taco stands, a goat, the end of the world, the great Jesus heist… Everything you didn’t know you’d love is included.

Journey (If Where You’re Going Isn’t Home Book 1)

by Max Zimmer

Journey, recipient of a Foreword Clarion Five Star Review, is the first book of the coming-of-age trilogy If Where You’re Going Isn’t Home by prize-winning short story writer and author Max Zimmer.

Spring of 1956. Shake Tauffler hears a line of music on the radio of a cattle truck and discovers his dream to play jazz trumpet. His family is moving one last time – from a southern Utah ranch to a town outside Salt Lake – on his father’s quest to bring his family from Switzerland to the heartland of the Mormon church. In two months, when he turns twelve, he’ll join his buddies on a shared journey through the ranks, rituals, lessons, and duties of his father’s take-no-prisoners religion. At the same time, armed with a used trumpet and his bike, he’ll start another journey, on his own, to a place whose high priests aren’t his father’s friends but the negro greats of jazz, men he’s supposed to believe are cursed but from whose music he learns everything he dreams of being.

Shaded with Huck Finn and James Dean, Shake Tauffler is an American kid we all recognize, a kid who responds to bigotry, abuse, hypocrisy, and even death with courage, humor, heartbreak, often pain, and always wonder. His rites of passage are keenly drawn and vividly familiar. But his ten-year story of growing up Mormon in America takes us to an altogether different place. Lyrical, rowdy, unflinching, Journey follows Shake across the first four years of his ten-year search for the clarity and flight of a trumpet line to lift him like a steel bird out from under the iron sky of his faith and guide him to sexual, moral, and musical consciousness. It is a search that resolves – for now – in startling and extraordinary tenderness.

Michael Strong, literary agent and co-founder of Zola Books, describes the book this way:

“Max Zimmer has written The Great American Mormon Novel. For decades, readers have depended upon a few extraordinary writers to understand fully what it means to be an American – Philip Roth, Julia Alvarez, Ralph Ellison, Erica Jong, John Updike. Zimmer has added a critical new dimension to our shared national understanding of who we are and how we got here in this sweeping narrative. Twelve-year-old Shake Tauffler’s decade-long journey through the Mormon Church and beyond will resonate with all Americans who ponder their soul and place in our changing national portrait.”

Fort Erie

by Inge Moore

Leaving the Alberta prairie and her painful past three thousand miles behind, Lucky begins a new life at an Ontario race track, carrying a secret she must protect and memories too terrifying to face.

Struggling with half-suppressed memories of abuse, she strives to start a new life in Fort Erie.

Other stories featuring Lucky available on Kindle are LUCKY and THE CROW AND THE DWARF.

RACING ON A WIRE, a novel about Lucky’s life, is now available.

For more stories by Inge Moore, check out: Reflections and Accidents, A Collection of Short Stories; and As Crazy As You, A Collection of Short Stories, both available on Kindle.

The Haunting of Priscella Wayclocks

by Mike Broemmel

The Wayclocks Institute for the Feeble Minded … Abandoned, except for Priscella Wayclocks, the daughter of the hospital’s founder.

Lonesome vine grew into the brick, tendrils actually stabbing into the stone of the building that once housed the Wayclocks Institute for the Feeble Minded. The Wayclocks Institute nestled between two rises of the Massanutten Range of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. A rutted, rarely used pea gravel road rounded through a woody expanse to the clinic.

The Wayclock Institute closed its doors nearly twenty years earlier, the building itself all but abandoned. Only Priscella Wayclocks, the daughter of the clinic’s founder and later its chief administrator, remained on the premises. Silver haired and with a stooped gait, Priscella Wayclocks stayed in the same apartment in the medieval looking structure in which she was raised. Indeed, Priscella spent all her life in the same space. Her only companion, of such, was a feral cat that haunted the building like a faint spirit.

Artists & Models: 3 BOOK BUNDLE: Artist’s Models. A Model Threesome & Party For Three.

by Rose Blume

Illustrated novella.

A likable threesomes. Three short stories about a FMF trio.

An artist and his models. Two near look-alike girlfriends seek a gift for each other as they plan a private party, initially for two. They decide to employ an artist to paint their portrait.

Mature readers.

Only Rupert has many arts besides painting.

Get in the Mood and Enjoy!

Grab a copy today.


by J.S. McInroy

Mary Devstenia, is recently returned to Troy, New York from her Army Reserve deployment in Iraq, during which time she was involved in the shooting-deaths of an Iraqi family, including their small daughter. The effects of this incident are most profound, and Mary soon finds herself descending into an emotional Hell of her own creation. Her invisible wounds perhaps are mortal.

Wounds includes a free sample of J.S. McInroy’s full length novel, Army Girl.

Emotions Poetry: Uncertainty

by Hattie Spiritweaver

There are many days when we have mixed feelings and emotions. We may not always feel up to par and feel confused about relationships and who we are. This is a collection of poems to express emotions where we are uncertain of what to do or expect from life.

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