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DIY Household Hacks: 101 Proven Household Hacks to Increase Productivity and Save You Time, Money and Effort

by David Stone

Discover proven methods, steps and strategies to make cleaning your home faster, easier and with fewer chemicals!

This book will help you become a better housekeeper! Instead of spending lots of time and money on cleaning products full of chemicals, you will learn tips, tricks and recipes that will make your home spotless and an environmentally friendly place. By using this book, your cleaning life will be more efficient, safer and less time consuming!

These days there is no real need to spend large amounts of money on cleaning projects, use piles of chemicals or spend hours laboring to have a clean home. A few tips and tricks make a huge difference. Using natural cleaners whenever possible can save you money; is more effective and much safer than using harsh chemicals.

Our houses have to be cleaned, there is no doubt, and cleaned fairly regularly. Regular cleaning keeps our homes in good condition, our families healthy and creates a happy environment. Using the best tips and tricks, along with time-saving methods can make this chore much easier. When you use natural, safe products and easy cleaning methods, every member of the family can partake in keeping the homestead clean and healthy!

Some of the â??Hacks’ you will Learn about in this book:

How to clean your dishwasher, coffee Pot, blender, cast iron pan, wooden cutting boards, electric grill (Foreman Style) as well as oven burners naturally

How to clean granite, stainless steel and soiled cabinets without toxic chemicals

How to keep glasses sparkling without residue

How to make a natural tub and tile cleaner

How to prevent mirrors from fogging up

How to prevent mildew on shower curtains

How to easily and quickly unclog drains and toilet

How to kill mildew naturally

How to make your own deodorizing discs

And Much Much More!

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The Herbal Remedies And Essential Oils For Beginner’s Box Set – 2 In 1 Herbal Remedies + Essential Oils For Beginner’s Box Set (Herbal remedies, Herbal … Oils Basics, Essential Oil Book 3)

by Lillian Hall

Herbal Remedies And Essential Oils For Beginner’s Bundle

2 In 1 The Herbal Remedies And Essential Oils For Beginner’s

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Organic, holistic medicine are not at all new; these are medicines that have been in use for thousands of years for they offer safer remedies to lots of common ailments and to top them off, they are natural. Most of the herbs are home-grown and you cannot miss others in their kitchen.

This information can be used as a tool to improve our daily lives. Like what essential oils do. Essential oils are compounds that come from plants, trees or herbs that has medicinal properties. Not to mention their own distinct scents. It can relieve us from physical aches and pains, mental stress and psychological situation.

Check Out What You Will Learn After Reading This Book Below!!

  1. Essential Oils Purposes
  2. Essential Oils Recipes
  3. Oils Benefits
  4. Essential Oils Protection
  5. Natural Cure
  6. Herbal Medicine
  7. Natural Remedies
  8. Organic uses of Herbals
  9. Herbal Benefits
  10. Efficient Ways Of Herbal

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Essential Oils: Secrets Of Essential Oils And Aromatherapy For Beginners: 30 Recipes To Rejuvenate Your Skin, Improve Your Hair And Relax Your Body And … For Beginners, Aromatherapy For Beginners)

by Lisa Johnson

Wow, 30 Recipes To Rejuvenate Your Skin, Improve Your Hair And Relax Your Body And Mind

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Are you tired of using different body creams that never give you that smooth skin or those pain killers and sedatives that never seem to relax your body and mind or are you looking to improve your hair using natural methods? If this is your predicament, then this great book, packed with loads of valuable information, brings you the solution you have been looking for. This all natural solution will help you rejuvenate your skin, improve your hair, and relax your body and mind. You can always find what works for you from the 30 unique, yet simple recipes outlined in the book.

The recipes are easy to prepare at the comfort of your home and uses readily available natural ingredients from your local groceries. That in itself, gives you the peace of mind to achieve your health goals. And that is not all, the fact these essential oils need to be used with other carrier oil add to the health benefits. Have you ever enjoyed a fresh cut of mint? If you have, then you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These oils usually give plants their distinctive smells as well as offering plants protection against predators. Essential oils are crisp and clean to touch and are usually absorbed immediately into the skin. This not only rejuvenates your skin, but brings out a breath-taking aroma that you can fondly identify with.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

What Essential Oils Are and How To Use Them

Safety Precautions To Learn When Using Essential Oils

Essential Oil Recipes To Relax Your Body And Mind

Essential Oil Recipes To Improve Your Hair

Essential Oil Recipes To Rejuvenate Your Skin

Why Should You Buy This Book?

If you are looking for a book that will help you to Rejuvenate Your Skin?

If you are looking for a book that will Improve Your Hair?

If you are looking for a book that will help you Relax Your Body And Mind?

If you are looking to de-stress and feel great?

If you are ever find yourself looking or not knowing what ingredients or oils to use?

Then you need to grab a copy of “Essential Oils – Secrets Of Essential Oils And Aromatherapy For Beginners: 30 Recipes To Rejuvenate Your Skin, Improve Your Hair And Relax Your Body And Mind” right Now! Because Lisa Johnson, will reveal to you the recipes you need in a simple and easily. Take a step to a better you and download this book now!

Bonus Chapter 1 – Essential Oils 101


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Deck The Halls: How to Make a Christmas Wreath

by Nancy Alexander

Deck The Halls is an Instructional Christmas Wreath-Making Book.

Nancy planned, took many close-up, color photos, and wrote precise instructions as she created this gorgeous Christmas wreath. She then wrote “Deck The Halls”, which equips and encourages you to find your own uniquely different style.

To find your style, it is imperative that you first learn the basics of wreath design. Nancy’s goal and desire is to equip you with these basics in addition to all you need to assure your very first wreath will be as breathtaking as this one.

She will teach you these basics, along with all tips, ideas and a technique, she alone, has developed during her close to thirty years in the floral & home décor industry. You can be assured that a professional with many years of experience is teaching you to do it the “right way”.

A beginner with no experience to a professional designer will benefit from this beautiful, well-written, and easy to follow book.

Nancy starts with a Christmas Green base. She then adds many loops and curls of a beautiful Christmas ribbon in addition to extra Christmas and everyday greens.

Nancy is known for her attention to her fine details in each and every one of her designs – and her Christmas wreaths are no exception – they are SPECTACULAR!

Nancys instructions teach you how to securely attach a pick to a stem, make sure your “critters” such as a birds, ladybugs, nests, & bird houses are anchored securely. And she certainly does not leave out how to tie a beautiful single, double, or triple ribbon bow for which she is so well known.

Nancy is delighted to be able to share with you her tips and secrets. She is sure that “You Can Do It”, which you now hear so often as her encouraging tag line.

(3 Book Bundle) Homemade Soap For Beginners & Homemade Liquid Soap For Beginners & Homemade Body Butter & Lotion For Beginners (How to Make Soap)

by Anna Ward

Book 1: Learn How To Make Soap

With this book you will learn:

  1. How To Make Homemade Soap
  2. How To Make Soap From Scratch
  3. Organic Soap Making
  4. Cold Process Soap
  5. Hot Process Soap
  6. Melt and Pour Soap
  7. Soap Making Safety
  8. How to Add Scent to Your Homemade Soap
  9. How to Add Color to Your Homemade Soap
  10. How to Add Extra Ingredients to Your Homemade Soap
  11. Soap Making Allergy Considerations
  12. How to Adjust Your Soap Making Batch Size
  13. How to Create Your Own Organic Soap Recipes
  14. Over 10+ Soap Making Recipes You Can Create Right Away

Get Started Making Homemade Soap Today!

Book 2: Learn How To Make Liquid Soap

With this book you will learn:

  1. How To Make Homemade Liquid Soap
  2. How To Make Liquid Soap From Scratch
  3. Organic Liquid Soap Making
  4. Liquid Soap Making Safety
  5. How to Add Scent to Your Homemade Liquid Soap
  6. How to Add Color to Your Homemade Liquid Soap
  7. How to Add Extra Ingredients to Your Homemade Liquid Soap
  8. Liquid Soap Making Allergy Considerations
  9. How to Adjust Your Liquid Soap Making Batch Size
  10. How to Create Your Own Liquid Organic Soap Recipes
  11. Over 17+ Liquid Soap Making Recipes You Can Create Right Away

Get Started Making Liquid Homemade Soap Today!

Book 3: Learn How To Make Body Butter & Lotion

With this book you will learn:

  1. How To Make Homemade Body Butter & Lotion 
  2. How To Make Body Butter & Lotion From Scratch 
  3. Organic Body Butter & Lotion Making
  4. Body Butter & Lotion Making Safety
  5. How to Add Scent to Your Homemade Body Butter & Lotion
  6. How to Add Color to Your Homemade Body Butter & Lotion
  7. How to Add Extra Ingredients to Your Homemade Body Butter & Lotion
  8. How to Adjust Your Body Butter & Lotion Making Batch Size
  9. How to Create Your Own Organic Body Butter & Lotion Recipes
  10. Over 10+ Body Butter & Lotion Making Recipes You Can Create Right Away

Get Started Making Homemade Body Butter & Lotion Today!

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Children Picture Book : Animals Tails (Great Book for KIDS) (Great Bedtime Story)

by Dan Jackson

Animals Tails is not “JUST” a Book. It’s really a good book.

This book describes animals and what they do with their tails. Join us and meet the Elephant, Giraffe, Fox, Cats and more.

The book is a great book for kids to read alone or with their parents.

The book contains great animals tails pictures.

Great book for KIDS

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Small Garden Ideas For Growing Vegetables:An Introduction To No-Dig Gardening Techniques Including Raised Bed Gardening, Square Foot Gardening, Straw Bale And Container Vegetable Gardens

by Norman J Stone


The ability to grow vegetables in small spaces is something that has enabled just about everyone to live a healthier lifestyle – and save money – by creating micro-gardens for vegetables even if they stay in an apartment block!

In this book you will find an introduction to 4 of the most popular techniques in use at the moment, that has enabled this ‘gardening revolution’ to really get a hold and take back some control from the superstores.

What You Will Find In This Book..

Raised Bed Gardening: One of the most popular techniques today that offers tremendous crops with the minimum of effort. One of the great no-dig options available to the gardening enthusiast.

Square Foot Gardening: This technique is particularly aimed at growing a great crop of mixed vegetables in limited space, throughout the growing season. A concept first coined by Mel Bartholomew back in the 80’s, this intensive vegetable gardening idea is a real winner.

Container Gardening: Perhaps you have no space for either Raised Bed or Square Foot gardens? No worries – Container gardening means that you can grow your own veggies even if you only have a sunny window area or patio!

Straw Bale Gardening: This fantastic concept differs from the rest in that you have virtually no soil or compost to buy. Once your straw bales are set up and primed, they are ‘ready to rock’ and the results can be pretty spectacular! Definitely a Top Contender for the best of the ‘Small Space Gardening idea’ awards!

How to Compost: 76 Composting Tips for the Organic Farmer

by J. T. Harmon

Are you tired of taking out bags of trash every week with the knowledge that they’ll just get sent to fill out the already crowded landfills?

Not only can you lessen the amount of trash you produce, you’ll be able to produce incredibly fertile soil that you can use to grow your own organic fruits and vegetables.

In this book, you’ll learn:

– How to Create an Efficient Compost Pile
– The Top 4 Methods for Composting
– Common Composting Problems
– A List of Compostable Materials
– Amazing Ways to Put Your Composted Soil to Good Use
– How to Maintain Your Compost Pile
– Top Composting Tips

Honey Wonders: cCuring Infertility, Amazing Facts, Different Types, Healing Powers,Health Benefits and Delicious Recipes made with Honey (Benefits of Honey)

by Yasir Chohan


After reading this book, readers will come to know about the different facts about honey, its types, uses and different recipes for using honey as your daily diet.

Which type of honey is best for you?

There are different types of honey available in the market from different sources. You can make your pick according to your taste and purposes. Some honeys are best for culinary purposes while others are better for therapeutic purposes. To get the best type of honey suited to your needs, you should read this book. You will get to know about the different sources that honey can be obtained from and what are the different uses of those different types of honey.

Different Health uses of honey:

The importance of honey cannot be denied. From the historical days, it is used to treat different diseases. This eBook will guide you regarding the different diseases that honey can treat and it will teach you how to use honey in those diseases. The different properties of honey help in combating different diseases. You can also consult your doctor for starting the herbal treatment with honey along with your conventional treatment with drugs.

How can honey be used for beauty purposes?

The use of honey is not confined to health diseases only. You can also use it for a number of beauty purposes too!

Delicious Recipes of honey:

This book is not confined in providing its readers information about the uses of honey and facts of honey, but it also provides you with different delicious recipes. These recipes can be made for yourself and for your kids. Honey keeps you full of nutrition and it keeps you away from diseases. To find out more, you’ll have to read the book!

Curing Infertility

This book also discuss in detail about the impact of honey in infertility so you will get informative secrets to use honey to cure infertility.

About The Author

Yasir Chohan is new Amazon author. He has spent years researching the miraculous benefits of honey, and now he has written a book â??miracles of honey’ to share his knowledge with other people. He lives in Reisterstown. He loves to gives advice regarding herbal uses and different home remedies to treat your minor problems

Get this eBook:

This is a very informative eBook and you will not regret spending your time and money on this eBook. It will keep you engaged in its informative content. You can enjoy reading it with your coffee.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll up and to buy this book now. And once you read it, do not forget to give us your reviews about this eBook and tell us, did the mentioned tips work for you or not. Did you like the recipes? Did you feel the difference in your health after regularly consuming honey as mentioned in this eBook? Do keep us updated with all these answers. You reviews are highly appreciated.

Improve Your Social Skills

by Daniel Wendler

Improve Your Social Skills is a comprehensive, practical guide to social skills. It explains the core principles of social interaction in clear, easy to follow lessons. In it, you’ll find detailed blueprints for basic skills like conversation and body language in depth, as well as clear explanations for complex topics like empathy, making friends, and dating successfully.

I wrote Improve Your Social Skills to be the guide I desperately needed during my own social struggles. Growing up, I was the most socially awkward kid you would ever hope to meet. But when I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in high school, I realized that my social problems were caused by a lack of social skills, not by some inherent flaw in my character.

After my diagnosis, I studied social skills for more than a decade. On January 1st, 2012, I launched to share what I’d learned with the world. Hundreds of thousands of people visit the site every year, and I’m excited that even more might benefit from the Improve Your Social Skills Kindle book.

The guide you’re about to read is a compilation of the social principles I’ve learned during my lifetime of personal social skills study, as well as the techniques I developed while offering hundreds of hours of social skills coaching. These principles led me to a life full of close friendship, satisfying connection, and tender romance.

I believe that you, too can live a life full to the brim with friendship, connection, and love. I wrote Improve Your Social Skills to help you believe it, too.

How To Protect and Defend Your Home From Disaster

by Greg Nelson


Living in the current climate is very scary.At any moment disaster can strike.This book is an all inclusive guide which will give you step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your house for any natural disaster.This book is a must have for any Prepper.So what are you waiting for? Scroll up and grab your copy now! You owe it to yourself and your loved ones!

Note:This book is authore by the famed Prepper expert Greg Nelson,Greg is the author of Survival Techniques,and How To Survive An Economic Collapse,both books are Amazon best sellers.

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