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Evidence Unseen: Exposing the Myth of Blind Faith

by James Rochford

“I had been searching for an apologetics text that lays out the evidence in a way I could explain it to a non-Christian. This book is it! Thorough coverage of the evidence, excellently documented, and piercingly convincing.” (Dr. Rosemary J. Averyâ??Weiss Presidential Fellowâ??Cornell University)

As Christians, we shouldn’t be defensive about our beliefs, but we should learn to intelligently defend our faith to those around us. In Evidence Unseen, James Rochford offers accessible and careful thinking on the current popular attacks against the Christian worldview. In Evidence Unseen, you will find:

– Solid evidence for why belief in God is both reasonable and logical for thinking people today.

– A response to the New Atheism (e.g. Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens).

– Counterarguments to the claims of popular biblical critics (e.g. Bart Ehrman, Elaine Pagels, etc.).

– How biblical prophecy predicted Jesus of Nazareth centuries in advance.

What Christians need today in apologetics is clarity and accessibility. With simple and direct language, clever illustrations, and a down to earth approach, this is the book to give to a spiritual seeker or a skeptic; a doubting Christian or to study in a small group.

Islam: Enemy at the Door (The Islamorealist Series Book 7)

by Martin Reott

“ISLAM: Enemy at the Door”, by Martin and Patricia Reott reveals the complete truth about Islamic plans for the USA.

This report is a warning to every American of how devious and deadly this enemy we are facing really is.

Do you really believe that Islam is a “religion of peace”? Do the ongoing jihadist attacks around the globe make you wonder just how peaceful Islam can be?

By explaining and clarifying the need for Americans to learn the truth about Islam, the authors tear away the fictitious label, “Religion of Peace”, that Islamists have been claiming.

Why Are Americans at Risk?

Because the majority of Americans don’t speak or read Arabic, they are at a disadvantage in learning what Muslims and their religious books actually mean. Also, Americans have never been exposed to a religion that is so political in nature.

Islam is NOT just going to a mosque to praise Allah. It is learning that Islamic law, called sharia law, directs every part of the lives of practicing Muslim, personal and private.

Going to the mosque includes training for how to overcome the “enemies of Islam”, either through violent or non-violent means.

To Muslims, sharia law comes before the law of any country they are residing in.

Why You Should Read This Book!

By clearly defining some of the Islamic words and teachings that have been given double, or fictitious meanings, by double-talking individuals, Martin & Patricia Reott help ordinary Americans understand the real plans that Islam has for the USA, and the world.

Do you know and understand:

  • What the terms taqiyya and kitman mean?
  • Did you know that the Qu’ran teaches Muslims to only pretend to be friends with non-Muslims?
  • Did you know that the Qu’ran teaches Muslims that they are superior to every other person?
  • Did you know that the Qu’ran tells Muslims they must convert or kill every infidel?
  • Did you know that every non-Muslim is considered an infidel?
  • Did you know that the ultimate goal of Islam is to rule the world for Allah, converting or killing any who object?

Straight-forward and plain-spoken, this report makes it easy to see where patriotic Americans are being lied to and taken advantage of.

Is it too late to save America and our personal freedoms?

Is there anything citizens can really do to stop the onslaught?

Get Your Copy Today!

It’s time to get yourself and your loved ones prepared for what has been happening and what is coming. Every patriotic citizen should read and share “ISLAM: Enemy at the Door” and discover the truth about Islam, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!

Scroll up to get your own copy and discover the truth about Islam and Islamic goals to conquer the USA TODAY!

Get your copy of this information-packed report today and learn more about “Islam: The Enemy at the Door”.

Branded: The inside story of a game-changing Belgian election campaign

by Erik Saelens

In Branded, Erik Saelens, strategic director of Brandhome, describes the course of the N-VA campaign in the run-up to the mother of all Belgian elections on May 25, 2014. His personal account offers a suspenseful and above all disconcerting view from the inside of how opposing forces in the media, politics, culture and business actively worked against the N-VA, against Brandhome and against Saelens himself. In the face of these powerful crosscurrents, the N-VA nevertheless went on to achieve unprecedented electoral success and set new standards of political marketing and communication in Belgium.

Ecocinema and the Evolution of the Documentary Genre: From The 11th Hour (2007) to The Age of Stupid (2009) and The Cove (2009)

by Sufi Mohamed

Climate change continues to be the source of inspiration for filmmakers. Ecocinema is a film art form that manifests in both fiction and non-fiction with the purpose of educating and disseminating environmentally conscious messages through the use of film. The primary persuasive strategy adopted by ecocinema documentaries is the fear appeal; however, fear appeals require astute attention to their conditional elements and are a challenge for documentarians. This essay distinguishes between the holistic and individualistic ethics, as well as the problems of anthropocentrism. In addition, understanding the tactics used by each ethic provides a framework for analyzing ecocinema. Using three ecological documentaries: 11th Hour (2007), The Age of Stupid (2009), and The Cove (2009), this essay describes the faults in fear appeals and an alternative strategy eco-documentaries can adopt to empower audiences to take proactive action to protect the climate. This essay argues that ecocinema, as an art form, needs to be understood firstly in context with its origins, ethos, the execution of their messages using fear appeals, in order to contextualize the evolution of the documentary form leading to the creation of an ecocinema documentary trend that reflects the growing environmental urgency. In the end, this essay seeks to establish a theoretical framework for deconstructing ecocinema.

I wanted to thank Chandra, Efrain and Royal for their wonderful contributions. I also want to thank Frank Eyeson for his continued support and for the work he’s put into this issue. It’s been a pleasure to write about The 11th Hour, Age of Stupid, and especially The Cove. These are but a few environmental films that we’re seeing today and I suspect that there will be more like them in the future. For now, we can take pleasure knowing that such conscious minds exist to help us get through our impending ecological disaster.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, it’s a great honor and pleasure! We hope you join us for our next edition!

Retaking America For Christ

by Hermann Schachtschneider

A vision and plan to create a grassroots Christian political party to field candidates for American public offices at every level of government.

This document is a 34 page essay.

The majority of Americans call themselves Christians. But if you look at the laws, policies, and regulations that come out of OUR government, they can seem surprisingly unchristian. Somehow, between the votes of the people and the actions of our elected officials, somewhere between the collection of taxes and the administration of our government, somehow in the complex workings of local, state and federal politics, the needs and wishes of the American people are going unnoticed and unfulfilled. Our government is not working for us, and often seems to be working against us and against some of the principles that we hold most dear.

The two dominant political parties have let us down. We can do better.

In this essay, Hermann Schachtschneider offers a simple plan for Christians to retake America, and restore Christian values to our government at all levels – local, state and federal.

As he tells it, launching our own nationwide political party could be as easy as wearing an American flag lapel pin to church, talking to some friends, and joining an email list.

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