Free religious fiction Kindle books for 23 Sep 14

The Sky Is Falling

by Michelle Kidwell

On 9/ll Saundra must come to terms not only with what is happening to a nation gone crazy but she must also come to terms with her own personal loss. On that day she looses her leg, after her ex husband runs her over repeatedly determined to kill her. She survives but not unscathed…

You Only Live Once!

by Lakisha Johnson

An encouraging word for our youth, teenagers and young adults as they journey through this thing call life. A few doses of devotion for those who may be in need of a little guidance and support. This isn’t a how you should live guide or a book on what’s wrong and right but it’s simply a little encouragement for the rough and rushed times of growing up.

The Vision (The Dream Saga Book 2)

by Tyler Scott Hess

The Second Book In The Dream Saga Trilogy By Christian Fiction Author Tyler Scott Hess

What Can You Do When Your Plans Fail?

With a fresh start on life and a newfound faith in Christ, Timmy receives a vision from God, giving him the idea to remodel an old fire house into a new church. In this sequel to The Dream, Timmy must learn how to live the Christian lifestyle while restoring old relationships and building new ones, even when events don’t go according to plan.

Continue The Story That Began With The Dream

A dramatic series of Christian Fiction novels that started with Timmy Emerson’s epic escape from society, progresses with the Vision, a thought provoking pursuit of the Christian faith that sees a man face his fears and develop his belief system.

This captivating real world look into the mind of one Christian’s walk with God will move your thoughts and emotions while considering concepts that affect your every day life and relationship with Christ.

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